Who is the risk of being a small widow? It is also necessary to keep the cigarette without cigarette.


Weibo netizens broke a group of photos, a man in the photo in the home guardrail, very leisurely, many netizens worried that their security issues, but there were netizens ridicule: This is the danger of life, the fear is easy. Can’t swallow!

Miaofeng Mountain monk: This lady has risks the risk of small widows to keep the cigarette


China Wedding Expo Tianjin Station: Baked a meat, give a wife, she played Zaikou …

Like the Ting’s McDull Rabbit: Air Garden … Is it a bad bottle of wine?

Send a big star star Pista, I am a sponge baby: you will become a meat.

Zi Devils _kivi: The focus is because the National Games, the roadside barbecue is all given. .

QQQQQQQ Wang Qi: It is easy to swallow in terrorism


Cold and empty: I am not safe, I have a fire from the third floor, and I haven’t hurt, it is best not to hang.

Jiangshi Yun_56459: Danger! If you are not worth it!

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Qiqi editor Wang Hao