distressed! Wear your baby, have you used the method?


Every mother has this distress, dressing your baby, like a hit, even sweating, good hard.


This is just spreading the clothes, there is already climbed to the bed, or think that you are playing with him, not worthy, the mother is busy. So dress your baby, be sure to pay attention to the skills.

Every mother has this distress, dressing your baby, like a hit, even sweating, good hard. The sequence of dressing in the newborn newborn is to wear a pants.

Let your baby lying flat on the bed, check if the diaper needs to be replaced, so you can avoid the baby in the process of wearing clothes, you can wear clothes.

First, pullover

1. Fold the top along the neck into a circular shape, extend the two fingers from the middle, open the top, then from the baby’s head. In order to avoid the head, the baby is fear because of the shackles, and the mother wants to talk to him to distract his attention.

2, wearing sleeves. First, put a sleeve along the sleeves into a circular shape, mother’s hand passes from the middle, holding the baby’s wrist, pulling the baby gently pulling it, the next sleeve is on the baby’s arm, then in the same way Wear another sleeve.

3, finishing. One hand lightly lifted the baby, and the other hand pulled the upper.

Second, wear pants

1, first put the trouser leg into a circle shape, mother’s fingers are wearing the baby’s foot wrist, pulling the feet into the past.

2, wear two trousers, lift your baby’s legs, pull the trousers straight.

3, picked up the baby put the jacket on the pants and put the clothes flat.

Third, connecting

If it is a lunar coat, you should first unlock all the buckles, let the baby lay flat on the clothes, the neck to the position of the collar, then use the same way with the same way into the baby’s arm and legs.

Pay attention to the baby when wearing clothes, you must be gentle, you have to carry it in the direction of its limbs and activities, can’t take hard, thus hurt your baby.


Tips: What questions should you pay attention to when dressing your baby?

1. It is necessary to get it if necessary. If your baby often spits milk, you can give him a big bib, or use a wet towel to do partly clean in the dirty part, no need to replace it every time.


2, before putting the clothes to the baby’s head, mother should first pull the neckline, avoid the clothes of the baby and nose. At the same time, in order to avoid the pull, the baby is fear because of the shackles, you can talk to him to distract his attention.

3. When wearing clothes for your baby, it is best to choose a flat place and prepare some entertainment toys or light music. At the same time, it is necessary to turn the time to dress the baby, become the time of parent-child talks or games.


4, the temperature of the baby room should be kept at 22 to 24 degrees Celsius, the temperature of the baby living room should be maintained at 22 to 24 degrees Celsius, and the humidity should be kept at around 60% to 65%. The room temperature can affect the baby metabolism and blood circulation. Excessive high can cause fever; proper humidity makes people feel cool and comfortable, breathing is smooth, not conducive to dust floating.

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