I love my parents, just like my parents have loved us.


When we fell to the ground, they paid warm arms and careful care;

When our dental dental language, they give encouragement and expectation;

When we go out to study, they hide their unity and worry;

When we encounter setbacks, they do their best to help us solve difficulties;

When we got married and born, they took care of the next generation without complaining;

They are our parents. After they pay for us, they are old, they are not moving, the only expectation is that their children will go home more. In the autumn and winter season, the leaves floating, the weather is getting colder, the parents far in their hometown, how want to get the care and warmth of their children. But we often go home because of work busy, occasionally go back, and come to hurry, innocent stay. Maybe you have a lot of reasons, the unit has a job, and there is a child in your home needs to take care. However, when we regard the child as a baby in your hand, what is the year’s parents?

Whether we are ignored by our parents, parents are asking for us, still hanging, don’t love us less because of our ignore. Father and mother pay for no regrets, is we? Do you realize that the old parents really want to calm down to you, but you always have a hurry. Do you think that there is a lot of time with your parents, these things can stay in the future? However, do you really have the parents? Remember that the US president said in the inauguration ceremony. I have a saying: “I am very happy to be elected president. I regret that my mother can not see this day.” The merit is full, but I can’t share the joy with the favorite people. How much is the sigh of the president? The voice of the child. One writer said that the children of the world truly understand the depth of the fathers, always after the father left. Therefore, this is always a pain point for children to regret.

Our concern is far from the parents, and our parents have loved us. When I had a parent, my parents ‘hands were cradle, smiles with us; parents’ smiles are bright lights, take us forward. Parents’ love is a candle that is never going out, and it is warm to illuminate our life. Parents’ love is sometimes as soft as geese, let you have no stress, but sometimes he is more than Taishan, which is your warm Harbor you can rely on. However, I don’t know when, the white hair has quietly climbed the father’s horns, and the mother also likes to seek his son. Yes, as our growth, parents began to gradually go, it was when we gave them more care. Love your parents, just like your parents love us.

We should be happy, because the parents have a chance to let us pay for them, then we use the “love” heart “to feed” old people. Don’t be small, don’t ignore the fine feelings of your parents, parents are actually needed to take them like a child. So, I often share some good news with them, even if it is a little achievement you have, they will be very pleased; how many more time goes back to see them, even if you are a simple walk, they It will also be very happy; more taking them to go to the hospital medical examination, you can do a little prevention, you can make them to keep healthy; do you do something to do, although it is not necessarily delicious, but you can make them exposed the world The most brilliant smile. What we can make, try to make your parents enjoy it, in the future, even if the parents are not in the world, we also ask, after all, we can think of it.

Friends, cherish and parents every day, with grateful, inclusive, filial piety, and love to love them, let regrets are no longer happening, and have a happy old age to make all efforts!

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