Pay tribute to this group of ecological guards of “animal spring”


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On 12 October 202, at the 15th Conference of the Biodiversity Convention, China announced to the world: officially established Giant Panda National Park. The park is across Sichuan, Shaanxi, Gan 3, with a total area of ​​27,000 square kilometers, and there are 1631 wild big pandas. Among them, the area involved in the broad-class district has a total of 868 square kilometers, all in Qingchuan County.


In Qingchuan County, this 868 square kilometers of Guangxi area include Tangjiahe National Nature Reserve, and Dongyanggou and Maozhai Nature Reserve, a total of 50 wild giant pandas in this place. In the past 35 years, this area has been guarded by a group of “ecological guards”, they are the Qingchuan County Public Security Bureau Forest Police Brigade. On January 10 is the Chinese People’s Police Festival, today we turn your line to them.

Qingchuan County’s wild animal plant resources are extremely rich, and the local people even gave a special name to the protected area called “Animal Chunxi Road.” There are more than 3,700 kinds of wildlife plants. Except for the giant panda, there are 22 national-level protected animals and 5 national level protection plants, including more than 2,300 torquee, more than 1200 “Sichuan Golden Monkey”, more than 2,000 Zhu Tong and more than 2,500 red taps. The rich animals and plants will bring some unscrupulous 觊觎 from time to time, and the crime of fighting against the wild, involving forestry is an important responsibility of the forest police.

Winter is the peak period of anti-stealing, and the reporter follows one of the police officers and goes to the Tangjiahe core protected area to carry out patrols.


Li Jiapeng is 50 years old and is the office of the Office of the Forest Police Brigade of the County Bureau. He is very familiar with a grass on the Tangjia River. On the way to the core protected area, Li Jiapeng introduced the history of the Tangjia River, the anecdote, and his familiar landscape and herd. He said that everyone is called “Animal Chunxi Road”, because the country-level protected animals that usually see them are easier to see here, the only suspense is a few. It is said that Li Jiapeng discovered the national secondary protected animal Tibette.


Li Jiapeng Guarding Tang Jiahe has been in 27 years. He told reporters who lived in 39 big pandas. The wild giant panda is known as the “hermit”, usually shuttle in the jungle of more than 200 meters above sea level, has a great range, it is difficult to see. But some animals, he is as good.

The Tangjiahe Nature Reserve is 40,000 hectares, of which the core area is 27,000 hectares. The Qingchuan Sen Police will jointly patrol a patrol every month, and the time is short for two or three days. The main purpose of patrol is to check if there is a trace of human activities in the core area, whether there is a stealing hunting, and theft.


The car is not a road to the most intimate, and the police here is here to share with the staff of the protection area, let’s take a break, organize the essential outdoor equipment, then walk along the beast and walk into the mountain. In order to reduce people-oriented activities, the original residents of the core area have all moved, and the local people have risen to the scenic spots. While the income is substantial, the protection of Tang Jiahe has entered a benign circulation. Today, this core area has not been tragic in addition to everyday patrol personnel. In order to avoid attacks from wild animals, they need to be team trips every time they patrol.

In the inspection, the police stopped to observe the footprints and feces of animals from time to time, and Li Jiapeng judged according to the fresh feces of this group, and the national level protected animal torque loo should be nearby. Li Jiapeng told reporters that the torque loo looks warm, actually is very wild, and its body weight can reach five or six hundred pounds. When the protected area is suddenly hit when it encounters it, not to mention the forest area Black bear wild pigs frequently. For them, the danger is still in its second, walking in the depths of 10 tens of thousands of hectares, mobile phones have not been signals, and everyone can only expect each other in a few days, this loneliness and loneliness can only experience it.


Last year, in order to further strengthen the protection of the Giant Panda National Park, continue to combat the forestry, involved in cross-regional rogue, Qingchuan County Public Security Bureau and the adjacent Gansu police and Shaanxi police, successfully built cross-regional joint defense mechanisms, in each year Winter forest fire prevention and stealing hunting period, organize inter-regional joint defense interaction, interoperability, jointly maintenance of border wild animal resources. I believe that under these “Ecological Guardians” continues to pay, it will eventually become more movable plants.