New fixtures OUT! Have this artifact, healthy life


I have just been prepared for the beginning of the year, and I will put the housing in my household. But ordinary racks can only put some clothes, zero-bit, and it is not very functional! So some friends have considering changing this ordinary rack!


So what kind of kind is able to replace this ordinary rack? I have to say this kind of practical home artifact, providing more possibilities for life! In fact, it is an electric heating towel!


Maybe the northern friends have not felt the weather in the south! Especially in the March March of the year, it is an irritated plum season. It is not unbeaten in the balcony. It seems that there is no way to see the air in the room in the indoor, there is no way! Of course, this is not more free!

Drying for a long time, the smell of the mildew is not strange, and the faintly covered the summer sweat, and there is no next fast drying will always be stinky, have been stinking, seriously reducing the quality of life! Not only the clothing wearing, the closeness of the clothes will not do, and the phenomenon of long phenomena, with oil, tired, tired towel, really became the “a bright landscape” of the bathroom!

The closed environment is more embarrassing, don’t say a clean friend, normal small partners will be disappointing! Such a sewer has led a series of problems such as wall molds and water leakage in the bathroom in the eaten bathroom.


Then the electric hot towel rack is better than the ordinary college!

I. Dry / Sterilization

Various harsh weather (plum rain season, typhoon weather) can dry towels, bath towels, clothing, close clothes, socks, etc. The various molds brought by the poor weather can be done, the sterilization rate is as high as 99.99%, and the drying time is reduced to improve the overall living level.

Second. Disinfection / storage

3 seconds extend the child lock button to open the disinfection mode, usually do not use daily necessities, wall hanging design does not occupy position, multiple design is more novel and creative according to the needs of the home! The frame has IPX4 waterproof function, and the longer life is more peaceful. Installed in the vicinity of sitting near the pool, is sterilized, cost-effective!

Third. Auxiliary function

The winter is not as good as the winter in the north, although the temperature in the northern winter is relatively low, but it is really nothing more than the wet winds of the South, even more cold than the north!


The north can have a floor heating equipment, and the southern is really not enough! Especially the moment of washing the body, the hard border is too uncomfortable! If you use electric hot towel to dry clothes and towels before bathing, you can solve this small problem! It’s too much to use the bathing.

IV. Select function

Electric torque racks set with temperature and time can have clean and soft towels and clothing, bringing more convenience to life.

5. Bathroom environment

Clean and tidy clothing, soft and comfortable towels are placed on high-profile electric hot towels, the whole elegant, and adding light luxury alone to enhance life fun.

Such a practical electric towel rack, more features and uses than ordinary racks, but also unfortunately get more and more families! Take care of your family, more peace of mind and rest assured!