Zhong Chuhong did not wear a skirt, and tabbed the top of the top of the trousers.


# What to wear today?


# 变 美 百科 全 # #

# 穿 红 黑 #

The fashion aesthetics of hundreds of charters is that there is a capacity to control a variety of items. Girls can become like dressing


At this time, you need to choose a suitable top and put it. Many girls will ignore it under the match.


If you can take good pants, you can better show

Stylish tension

I want to know more about the matching method of pants, let’s take a look at Zhong Chuhong’s trousers.

Zhong Chuhong’s trousers

Zhong Chuhong did not wear a skirt, as charming, tabbed in the top of the top, and the clothes were very good. For girls, when they match in important occasions, they will consciously want to choose a



Because the skirt is very convenient, there is no need for a lot of items to cooperate.

In numerous skirts, if you can do unique, don’t wear a skirt, choose to match your pants, may make people feel impressive, choose the same truth as the pants and skirts, to see the right


as well as

Suitable color system.

Although Zhong Chuhong is full, it is still fascinating, and the charm is not affected by the age. Pants have a variety of styles and

Multi-type version,

More ladies and can show your body, you can consider driving in a piece of trousers, and the junior pants itself can show your big body.

The upper body is confident, you can choose


It’s more powerful, I feel that my body is not a very good girl who can go to put the pants.

The waistline is improved.

Designed with high waves.

Tube top

The biggest advantage of tube top-pants is to show the top and pants, and go to the dress.

easy and convenient

The advantages. A very confident girl who is very confident in his chest and neck can try to try to tissue the designer.

Sexy and charm.

If it is a single piece of tube top, then the part of the neck will inevitably feel empty, and can be appropriate to add a style of style. Or choose a big in the waist position

Element embellishment

It also makes a single product look

Very rich




Tube top piece of pants plus cloaks is

Very avant-garde

, The version of the cloak can take into account the tones of the same color system as the jumpsuit, carry two items

Set of matching


Black is not any element of the cloak


, With a black tube top piece pants that can be used to present a whole

Diablo style features

Cloak has in the neck

Fine outline

, Can act as a good necklace, the design of the big cloak is very prestigious, this can choose according to its actual height

Suitable length.

Conventional suit pants

For professional girls, the trousers in the suit cannot be lacking in life and work, and the routine version of the trousers are straight down, in the category of trousers.

Very wild


When choosing and conventional suit pants, you can take into account the top with color, you like a mature and stable girl to choose

Dark blue system.

The deep blue hanging strap and dark blue mesh are combined, the effect is

Design of two-piece set,

While having a sense of layer, it seems to be the whole person.


Very advanced

Girls who like retro essential feelings can try to control the Magnification of the Maga. The part of the micro lam is part of the legs below the knee, the part of the thigh is



If your thigh lines are not very smooth, it is not recommended to choose such pants.

The micro-leg pants will be more suitable for the girls in the calf, because the style of the micro-leg can make a portion of the calf

Hidden effect

. if


Black pants

Can be matched with a black top, a set

Mature woman

The temperament is coming.


It is the style of the decision and affects the style of the style and the style of decision and affect match. If your top version is a large-scale design, then your pants can choose

Pattern version

. The design of the pants is more suitable for pear shaped body, thigh hip lines


, Exactly part of the ankle

Paleating line

It will appear that the whole person is very delicate.


The color system selected by the pants is best to choose the basis.

Wild design

Recommended black lines, can be equipped with solid color jackets, or


Fancy elements match.

Pants color system recommended

The color of the trousers is more recommended to


The black system is the preferred color, followed by the white system, and the brown system.

When you match the color system, you should follow and top


, Fancy dress, such as golden, you can match one

There is a little more than any element that is embellished with a pants with elements.

Hundreds of feelings.

About the match of pants is over, the girl who likes is boldly try.




Black pants