Mijia vertical heater release: 399 yuan, support infrared induction automatic alignment


Previously, Mijia launched the rice family’s skirt electric heater E and Mijia desktop heater two winter artifacts. Now, the rice has once again released a winter new product – Mijia vertical heater, priced at 399 yuan.

Compared with the previous Mijia desktop heating fan, this brand new Micjiaotian heater has a larger volume, suitable for placing on the floor. In addition, its power is also higher, and the Mijia vertical heater can provide a strong power of 2100W, thanks to the built-in brotherent semiconductor ceramic PTC heating body, which can make hot air.

Another major feature of Mijia vertical heater is to support infrared sensing, which can be given to the wind according to the user’s location, and people go to it, it is very convenient. In addition, Mijia vertical heater also supports two air blowing modes for selective angles and custom air supply ranges.

It is worth mentioning that in order to meet the needs of users in different scenarios, it also provides intelligent mode (whole house intelligence heating), hot air mode (cold and strong warmth), sleep mode (bedroom low noise warm), natural wind mode ( Cool air blowing) and five modes of warm air mode (thermal insulation temperature heating). At present, the heater has been placed in Xiaomi and will be sold on October 16.