How should I choose in the Spring Festival of the Spring Festival in 2022, three major driving recorder brands measured


In the Spring Festival in a month, the holiday is not going home or travel, and the friend who chooses the self-driving method is not in a small number, and the driving safety problem is sure to be in the first. In the way, once you encounter unclear, the driving recorder is the most powerful evidence. Now there is a five-flowers in the market, and the price is also uneven. What are the differences on the purchase recorder, today I share some of the experience of purchasing recorders according to personal experience, give everyone a Spring Festival travel purchase record Make a reference.

Many people don’t know much about the recorder. I don’t know which brand should I choose. In fact, I personally feel that it is not the least least because I have a 360, staring at the shoot, 70 Mai and other brands. The quality of the recorder, the brand is not defined. It is not necessarily the quality of brand products that is high, and the probability of quality problems in electronic products is still relatively large. It is like our car friends, some people are using a brand of The record instrument has been very good for a few years. It is recommended to other riders. Others buy it goes that there is no problem. After all, the recorder is more complex electronics, and the use of the car is used in the car. In the car, the average level of the industry is as high as 3 ~ 5%, and there is a ingredient in this. No brand dares to guarantee the product without a rework.


The current recorder is more common, 360, HP, staring, Lingxia, Haikang Wei, Jiedu, Papago, 70 Mai, Yun Road, Qiang Ji, Xing Kwei, etc. When choosing, you can more compare several brands, please consult the customer service. By chatting with customer service, you will find a lot of things. This brand of customer service is generally won’t go. Even if there is a problem, it is also more worry, very There is less, I have consulted a lot of brand customer service, I personally think that the customer service is more professional, the pride, Xing Kui, Yun Road, these three brands are mainly foreign markets, and the products are high-end routes. The price is slightly more expensive, and domestic sales is generally not high, but the service is really good, and there is any problem.

Many people choose to have a driving recorder, they think that the difference is almost the price, the better the function, but in fact, the driving recorder is mainly recording, providing important vouchers in key moments, except for clear and stable, many additional additions The function is not used, the machine function is large, the higher the rework rate. Like some brands propaganda supports the ADAS function, it is only a head,


This feature is not 100% accurate in the current technology, and the error is very large. Most people buy recorders are for “anti-toll” and “define traffic accidents”.

Select a simple recording function, then it is enough to match the WiFi function,


Don’t use some merchants to exaggerate publicity to choose a recorder that is not suitable.


In fact, driving recorder products pay attention to practicality and durability, the higher the parameters, the better. Like a lot of business advertising publicity pixels 12 million pixels, 1800W pixels, 2400W pixels? This is completely misleading because they may be static effects, while driving is dynamic shooting, at all do not reach this pixel. Canon SLR is only 1800W, and it is top-level, tens of thousands of pieces. There are hundreds of recorders that are not possible. It is entirely impossible to spend hundreds of money to buy thousands of professional cameras.


The current driving recorder has been upgraded to 4k 2160p, but there is still a 720P-resolution product, and the recommendations are not considered. The mainstream common resolution is 1080P, 1296P, 1440P (2k), 1600P, and 2160P (4K). Although the 1080P is already sufficient for usual use, the personal suggestion is still 1440p, as such a driving recorder can reserve more image details while the image quality is higher. It is recommended to choose a driving recorder before and after, because

At present, 60% of traffic accidents are related to rear-end, recording before and after

You can record more pictures. When you encounter the rear-end or when you are tailing, you can also get effective videos, of course, according to your own actual preferences.

What are the model models on the market?

Like recorder, the update is relatively fast. It is recommended to choose the recent styles that have just been listed. The new style hardware is often more mature and stable. What kind of style after 2020, I am here Summarized, a total of 17 models. From the perspective of the price, the mouth is the highest price, followed by Papago D5. From the time of the listing time, Haikang Wei C8 is the latest, in October, the R1PRO of the cloud road is launched in August.


In this 17 recorder, it is screened according to the resolution. In fact, there are 11 recorders to support 2160P resolution, including Hongji DR900X, Yun Road R1PRO, Papago D5, 70 Mai A800, Jiedu D390, DingwiT A8 is Support double-lens, and Haikangwei C8, Haikang Wei C6S, Papago S36 4K, staring at MINI5, 360 K980 is a single lens.

Support 2160P resolution recorder actual shooting effect, today we have selected three recorders that support 2160p resolution to be a contrast, two of which are single-lens, respectively, Haikangwei, C8, staring MINI5, The double lens selects cloud road R1PRO.


Let’s first summarize the parameters of the three driving recorders, you can look at it simple comparison.


Hikvision C8 and Yun Road R1PRO are the style of 2021, belonging to the latest model, while staring at MINI5 is the 2020 style. Inside these three products, Yun Road R1PRO hardware uses a joint NT96670 with GC4653, staring at MINI5 is the use of Haisi Hi3559 with Sony415, and Haikang Wei’s C8 hardware details are not clearly marked, we said the other two Configuration, Zi Zi NT96670 and Haisi Hi3559 is also a popular domestic chip in recent years. The popular main control chip in the past few years is the American Anta Baba, but because of the rise of domestic and foreign chips in recent years and trade and trade and Reasons for tariff tight, now there are very few brands in China. And the photosensitive chip SONY415 is not understanding the GC4653 chip, which is a domestic chip Geo micro, with 2020 decade caliber statistics, Grain Micro global market share reached 29.7%, in the global market CMOS image The number of sensor suppliers has exceeded Sony, currently domestic 360, Papago and other recorder brands, also have GC4653 photosensitive chips. (Source: 36 website, Author: 智 东)

First look at these three recorder hosts and accessories real shots

The three recorder machines themselves have logo, the lens is a film, staring at MINI5 is not a screen with Haikang Wei, and the cloud R1PRO is on the screen. Personally feel that the screen will be more convenient, The usual setup menu can be operated directly in this unit, in case the accident, you need to view the video directly to play back, save the operation of the connection recorder WiFi. Staring MINI5 with Haikangwei C8 is a 3M glue, it is not possible to adjust the position after installation in the car, staring at MINI5 lens is fixed, Haikang Wei C8 lens is able to adjust, Yun Road R1PRO is equipped with a suction cup with 3M glue, the bracket is around 360 degree rotation, and the lens angle can be adjusted.


Hikvision C8, staring at MINI5 is a single lens, the accessories are relatively simple, all the USB car charger + data cable. The clouds R1PRO is a double-lens. In addition to the post-lens, it is also equipped with point tobacco port, 3M bracket, suction cup bracket, USB data cable, short USB cable is the USB port of the rearview mirror, so installation Will be more beautiful, and save the trouble of the trace, it is more convenient.

We put the three machines on the car, recorded some video comparisons to see how the effect, put the video on the computer, staring at MINI5 with cloud R1PRO video can be self-contained by computer, resolution The parameters can be seen that the video is also complete, and there is no leakage. Other players on the market in Haikangwei, there is no way to open the video. You can only use the combo player, the player also hide the parameters of the video, see the specific resolution, there are some memory cards. Video is damaged, some 3 minutes of video, can only play 1 minute, 2 minutes directly in the current picture, look at the video progress bar below.

I tested on the road again, Haikang Wei C8 did not know the problem of this machine, or itself app viewed with design defects, some videos directly viewed, and they can’t see it.


All three records are supported by WiFi connections. They can play back video on the phone. The cloud R1PRO video is segmentation. It can be set for 1, 3, 5 minutes. In the app download, choose one of the downloads, and Haikangweiview C8 is really anti-human design. When the app is downloaded in the app, the video is no segment, which is a full video, and drag the time axis download. Staring MINI5 To download you can choose the timeline, but only one time axis, or from the beginning to the middle, or from the middle to the end, you can’t download the middle video, you must see the middle need to download dozens of g Video, WFI is to support 5GHz, I see the introduction download speed is about 10m / s, but my test is not so fast, the highest is 6m / s, sometimes more than 600 K, sometimes more than 1m, more than 2m, not always All fixed 6M, the speed float is relatively large, if there is any urgent situation, it is best to download, if you don’t download it, a few G’s video phones can’t live.

Haikangwei C8 has two timeliness, you can choose a certain video in the middle, not like staring like this, you can pull the time axis for 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 3 minutes. However, Haikang Wei’s C8 has a problem, that is, there is no way to suspend recording, the video will be overwritten, if you want to download the most in front of the video, the recorder has been recording, downloading the video played to half. Staring at MINI5 with Haikang WiTV C8, I have been downloading the needs of the video, practicality is indeed simple to segment the needed video.

Haikang Wei C8 follow-staring MINI5 is supported by voice operation, Yun Road R1PRO does not support voice operation, just beginning to think that voice is a smart function, tested that there is no imagination, only take pictures or open recording It also needs a fixed statement (I want to take pictures, open the recording, turn the record) to identify, if there is a song on the car, the voice is sometimes not reacted, if there is an accident, you have no time to think about it. Direction to the recording instrument, the emergency is generally not taken, because a photo cannot explain the problem.


Haikang Wei C8 follows MINI5 has an ADAS driving assistance, the error is large, such as lane offset function, recorder can’t judge whether the driver actively changed, will lead to false positives. The real front car collision with the car spacing prompts need professional radar to collect data, simply leased by the lens, and there is a vehicle crash in front, and the speech is not enough. The start of the front car will recognize the traffic lights of the sidewalk. The green light is not bright, and the green light that recognizes the sidewalk will also prompt the green light. If you can’t do it, you will have a red light, there is not much practical role. Overall, Haikang Wei’s C8 is much more staring at MINI5 function, but it feels that there is a lot of 噱, in fact, the cloud R1PRO is simple to record, and the operation is relatively simple.

In order to simulate the actual use environment, I found three scenes for testing, which was static during the day, daytime dynamic effect, night sports shooting effect, night micro-light environment static effects.

1, daytime static effect screen

We are waiting for traffic lights during the day, and the three recorders are static shooting effect during the day. This video was taken at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, from video screenshots. We can see that the overall bareness of MINI5 overall picture is blue, and the overall contrast of Haikang Wei’s C8 screen will be ignorant. The overall contrast of the cloud R1PRO screen is more Naturally.


We first enlarge the 2 cars in front of the top 2 cars. You can find that the license plates in front of the three recorders can be seen, but the license plates filmed by Haikangwei C8 are obviously whitewash, and the clarity is a bit impact.


Color contrast: Yun Road R1PRO> Staring MINI5> Haikang Victory C8


Static effect during the day: staring at MINI5> Yun Road R1PRO> Haikang Wei C8


2, daytime sports shooting effect

It is necessary to see the license plate in driving. If the speed is too fast, even if the light is sufficient, it is normal. Because the dynamic effect is mainly determined by the frame rate, such as the air ball explosion, the ordinary camera human eye does not see the specific process, but the high-speed camera can be, this is the truth. Under time, driving recorder is static or low speed, lighting conditions are guaranteed, and the distance is not too far, and there is no problem in watching the license plate. Different speeds, different distances, different lighting conditions, see the license plate is relative, there is no need to entangle. Let’s take a look at the shooting effect of these three recorders in the daytime.


As can be seen from the above video screenshot, when the speed is 28km / h, the license plate can be found after 5 times, and the three recorders shoot in the daytime can be seen, the left sign is the most Ok, the clouds R1PRO, followed by smiling MINI5, and the Haikang Wei’s C8 effect is the worst, the green license plate is directly photographed into white, the license plate is very blurred, the green light of the intersection is directly photographed into a white light.

Dynamic effects for daytime: Cloud Road R1pro> Sign stare stare MINI5> C8 hikvision


3, dynamic shooting at night

Let’s look at these three recorder dynamic shooting night effect, we are in front of the vehicle just after the time point of the white line theme, look at these three recorder capturing situation of the front plate.

As can be seen from the figure, when the vehicle speed is 21KM / H, stare stare take MINI5 with Cloud Road R1pro can barely discern front license plate number, license plate Hikvision C8 shot to see what exactly is unclear, business description is 800W pixels, but this effect did not like the effect of 800W, 800W pixels I guess it is not.

Speed of 20M / H dynamic effects evening and said: stare stare take MINI5 with Cloud Road R1pro effect is about the same, Hikvision C8 effect is worst.

Hikvision had wanted to consult customer service, customer service actually told me that it is not convenient to disclose trade secrets, other hardware details of the brand has marked out, do not know why you want to hide, Hikvision regarded as Big Brother domestic security products, originally thinking about this brand of recorder performance with stability should be good, I did not expect Hikvision brand of customer service is this, do not reply directly back also, and this operation is really served, I suspect that is not a false argument.


Let’s look at another dynamic effects of a night scene

When the vehicle reaches 36KM / H effect how we look, stare stare take MINI5 front license plate with Cloud Road R1pro still barely can recognize license plates, license plate Hikvision C8 shot also see through other speed tests, we found that at night driving environment, if the vehicle speed is greater than 50Km / h, because smear situation difficult to identify fonts, three tachograph are annihilated, without exception. So if we want to capture the illegal occupation of license plates in the evening the emergency lane of the vehicle, unless you and the relative speed of the target vehicle close to zero, otherwise there will be a smear does not recognize the license plate font.

Evening 30M / H speed for dynamic effects: Cloud Road R1pro> Sign stare stare MINI5> Sign C8 hikvision

4, the static low light shooting

Similarly, we stop light at night, under the light Zhaoleyichu relatively dark environment, the contrast of these three recorders at night in low light static how effective shooting. Was stopped at a red light under the bridge, we can see from the video shots, stare stare take MINI5 overall picture is dim, the left side of the building paste posters, to see exactly what it looks like, but with Hikvision C8 cloud Road R1pro left of the posters are relatively clear, cloud Road R1pro overall picture brighter.

Nighttime low light shooting is static: Cloud Road R1pro> beat Hikvision C8> stare stare take MINI5

Well, this article to end here, more than 2021 selected the three support 2160P resolution recorder to make really making contrast, if the recent friends want to buy recorder can be a reference, if anything that’s not right, we can point out and discuss.