Orange Evening News / Male Star Pressure Shaft Women’s Dress? Luo Zhixiang suspected of reputation songs …


Shu Qi Point Zhao Yi Fei Xiufu Safe Savet


Yesterday’s LV show, it can really be said to be a “风 血雨”,

At 7 o’clock that night, there is a fashion blogger Weibo called, there is a male star in the women’s clothing.


(The male guest arrived on the night: Zhu Yilong, Gong Jun, Bai Jingting, Wang Anyu, Wang Hezhen, Huang Minghao),


It seems that there is a suspected Zhu Yilong in some professional guesses.

Zhu Yilong’s fans also came out to clarify.

And gave Liu Yifei.

And the pot from the sky, Liu Yifei fans, tap, do not give weakness

And I didn’t expect, because Shu Qi suspected that it was slightly like a microblogging of Liu Yifei.

(Currently deleted)


What caused this melee seemed to take a half?


However, things have now developed to now, and public opinion has slowly saved.


Some fashion bloggers of Zhu Yilong also gave birth to

This matter is still still fascinating.


The love of the faction, the love of the guest, Jin Ziyi, said it is derailed.


After seeing this hot search, the orange is full of doubts.

Can you do this now?

Yesterday, “the love of wit” One of the pairs of CP Jin Ziyi and Cui Yu


The man is suspected to have two boats?


And then, the girl also sent Weibo immediately, suspected of responding to this matter.

First, clarify yourself to participate in the purpose of being a favorite to find the right person.


However, after the end of the show, the man is actually a show of love relationship.

Confused behavior …

The oranges who don’t care about the guests of the guests have a little distressed beauty.


At the same time, the man is also clarified in the fan group, and she is only propaganda according to the program, so that everyone respects each other.


What is life! ! Can you really take yourself? ?

Girl Jin Ziyi, according to enthusiastic commentary science


Is true white rich


When I associate the show, everyone is blessing to them.


It can really be said to be very embarrassed …

Orange, I had to contribute to the quotation of Yuejie.

Adele’s new song tour and said the next tour of eight years.

Adele’s new album is coming!


According to media reports, Adele’s new album “30” is online.

The songs in the new album are also as always yyds.


But after asking the tour time, Adele said that he was very thought to show, but it may be not very suitable now.

Maybe it’s eight years later …. ⬇️

Missing Adele’s stage, every capital is a classic

Luo Zhixiang’s new song

? ? This brother is really ….


First see a message like this


Lenovo previous news about Luo Zhixiang, thinking that he didn’t say that he was cool?

The result is coming out, isn’t this?


It seems that it is necessary to come out, but also send new songs?


Orange also noticed that Luo Zhixiang said that he had fat to 83 kilograms this time.

Also said that I didn’t eat rice for 1 month, I was very touched again …


Orange suddenly thought of our inside entertainment actresses, as if almost not eating carbon water

I haven’t seen others to show off.


Compared with Luo Zhixiang, Zhou Yangqing is obviously more and better.


Participating in love, talking in love in the show,

(And people themselves are rich in the second generation and when they are open, the food is worry-free.)


Compared with the road, Luo Zhixiang’s backup road is very high.


Under the long boycott, his return is far away.


After all, this is in order to make a mistake.

Writers tail fish, call themselves

It is a writer of the big hot drama “Fu Teng”.

The published novel has a high evaluation in Douban.

Yesterday sent a document,

In addition to “Divo”, the novels they were filmed.

The opinions she mentioned by the plays that were adapted by the platform were rejected, saying that she didn’t understand the script.

The reason is that she doesn’t understand the preferences of the audience.


And the little fish is also very reasonable.

If the script is not good at the initial stage, it should not be good.


But it seems that the protest of the original author, for the project that has already been taken … The effect is very small.

Oranges Search, in addition to the novel other than “Fu Teng”, Film Festival


“LMB” adaptation self “Resentment Crash”

Ah, this …..


Although it is said that the author’s participation in the screenwriter will make the biggest restore for this child, such as “赐 小 仵” ⬇️

But it is not a copy of the name of success without a screenwriter.

The commentary is a waterproof drama, and it seems to be fair.

At the end of the root, it is also the case, and it doesn’t know that Kimang has ridiculous people.

Doing the writer screenwriter two do not please, and finally the work is not satisfied


How do you think?


Japanese famous actor Zhu Ye Inner Feng hand write a letter announced temporarily retreat

Today, the actor Zhu Yeefeng announced a temporary renewal of the resident, stopping the entertainment circle

Also released a handwritten letter explanation reason

(The content of the letter is probably, because the epidemic situation, I have time to think about life, reviewing life wants to be 50 years old, want to change the environment where it is now)

Some people may be more unfamiliar, Zhu Yeefeng is a famous actor in the peacetime drama.

When you are young, you are also a handsome guy.

In the well-known Japanese drama “long holiday”, the girlfriend who took the role of Mu Village

I went to Oricion’s most wanted to have a champion of a male color list.

Blessing the choice of handsome guys,

Enjoy your long holiday

Film and television drama new information

▼ Hollywood will remove the Korean big hot movie “Busan line” remake

It is reported that Hollywood will remove the Korean high score movie “Busan”,


Tentatively renamed “The last bus to New York” ⬇️


It is a professional person who has been directed over a big fever.

You are looking forward to

▼ Oscar Best Director Gilmadelro’s new film “wants to face love” release notice

Kate Bridit, Bradley Cooper starring

The director is the director of the Oscar Best Film “Water Story”

Around December 17

▼ “Ten Years of One Penny”



Adaptation from the top romance IP of Book Sea, “Ten Years, One Temperature,”

Today’s official dual poster

Ding Yu is in the style of the singularity.


As a book powder, orange will buy tickets to see

Ella magazine copy

I am laughing at me, and the propaganda department of Ella is too funny.


Do your style, use your feet to think,


Atmosphere goddess, still normal

People wear a dark skirt, you said it is a hot and beautiful person.

Red carpet is so laughing

I can’t make a sentence.


Describe beauty of the vocabulary barren

Who is a light?


On some punctuation

Who is the family?


Finally, the crowd will save the rescue group

The last sentence,

Orange saw “Harry Potter” reunion, the commentary,


I can’t help but let go of the familiar melody in my mind.