2 vest = 10 sets, easily wear high-level feelings, temperament also enhances a grade


Good afternoon, sisters!

On the occasion of the season in the summer, many sisters began to be confused. The little cute in the north wind gives me a message, and the little cute expression in Guangdong is still in the summer. What is this recommendation?


I also want to break my head, and I finally found it to warm in the weather.


But also



Various inner lines, practical bursts.

That’s right, it is stacking the tool –



It can be said that it is relatively small, but the upper body is absolutely outstanding.

Just saw 95 small flowers

Zhang Rangnan



Beijing Universal Studios

, Green plaid long skirts over black knit vest, pure and sweet small fresh!

Korean female artist

Lin Yuner

Recently participate in radio activities, blue knitted vests take a white shirt, pure and beautiful, ten years, like a day.


Shen Mengchen




Seifini poetry × smileyworld

The joint series smirks the knit vest, a t-shirt in a piece of shirt, retro and playful.


Black and white, small fragrant wind vest, golden retro earrings, add color with red duck cap,

Wu Xin


Niu gas full brother

“The entire pendant is closely simple and unresolved.

Solving your own wardrobe and finds that according to the fabric classification, I have a total

Rough flower vest

Knit vest


Two kinds, let’s take a look at how my daily is mixed!

Rough, vest, create a small wind

After entering the autumn,

Small fragrant wind vest

Suddenly, it turned up, this kind of vest is more elegant, after wearing it, you are a little sister who will wear.

In addition to the style, this vest is most attracting that the fabric is thin and very textured, it is not easy to have a texture, and the autumn in the late summer is not yet.

So I started two colors one time. Let me talk about this green first, I am very


, Take a piece every day

White shirt

The shirts have to be turned out and have a personality.


Someone will ask this green vest to take a pants? Very good,


boot cut pant





Woolen pants

All can be controlled.

I especially like to match black pants when I take a white shirt, put the clothes in the waist,

Black and white

Next, the effect of the high waist is particularly superior.

There is also the first choice for the nine-point length of the pants, showing a slim ankle, but also a good leg, even a pair


Flat shoes

It will not be short.

Black styles

Black shirt

And take a one

Black trousers

This is black, the visual is thin, and the effect is unexpected.

This shirt is selected


Shirts, you can make your neck more difficult. When you wear a black, you can wear a necklace like this, you can have a lot of color.


Since these two pieces of thick flowers, I can’t help but want to buy, and I regret that there are only two colors until I see another white. I act again.

In the thick flowers, there is a garnished with silver wire, the light is the effect of Blingbling ~ White vest must take a white shirt to try, the effect is still very good.

Down to match the most hot in this season

Pleated femto skirt

, Jackets are brought, it is easy to create

Last short

The effect helps me optimize the size of the body. Because the black has already, I will temporarily stop.

Knit vest, intellectual woman

Knitted vest is soft, and its warmth is outstanding. There is a touch of gentleness after wearing it, and it also has the effect of age.

Recommended first


It is a buckle design, above

Cartoon jacquard


There is a very kind of



Feel, beautiful is like. Whether it is fit or loose, it will look good.


White T-shirt

Yes, now the temperature is worn. It is equally simple to drop, one

Small black pants


This is a single product of a concave power lever, and

Two-piece set

It is really a lazy person’s favorite, don’t worry about it. Refreshing

Striped shirt



Knit vest

Create a trendy stack!

I will also choose to choose, it is a


White trousers

This is especially suitable for this


Wear, not very young age.

Big V-collar


Design, just like a high waist, you want to be slim. This V-neck needle is very suitable for autumn and winter stacking to build a level, version color is not picking up.

The black vest is taking a white shirt, making your entire look look more advanced.


Because the upper body is relatively loose, it will choose a small foot jeans, “

Under width

“Under the effect, it is very thin, especially legs.


Good today’s two vests are shared here. Autumn has arrived, I like vest, I don’t hurry.

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