Hollywood has a new type of work, “the inch guidance” aroused the actor


It can be said that the anti-sexual invasion of the sexual assault in Hollywood Movie Tycoon Harvey Waynestein has completely changed the ecology of Hollywood and the global film and television industry: from Kevin History to Louis C · K From Dastin Hoffman to Joffri Rush, from Luke Beusong to James Franko, a well-quite name is involved in various gossips or accuses. Next, how to avoid Guadian Lee, caught unnecessary workplace scandal, have become a problem that all film and television companies need to think. According to the British “Guardian”, in this context, a new sensitive position – Intimacy Coordinator has been in Hollywood.

After all, the film and television industry is different from other industries, and the actors are less than touching all kinds of emotions, kissing, intimal play, even bed, and love, how to avoid the limbs that may cause disputes between the two sides, how to avoid scandal risk, is now the movie company must issue concerned. So, to ensure that the actor wants to play the energist from the heart, it will come to life.


Eitta Oublin from the actor to supervise the record of the audio play


ITA O’Brien has also been a film and television player, and a few years ago. According to her, this industry is almost entirely blank in the film and television circle, but now, at least two thirty people have worked here in this work. Tonia Sina is the founder of the industry’s recognized inch guidelines, she wrote a lot of guiding articles in this emerging industry, and also brought a lot of apprentices. And their task is to ensure that the scene atmosphere is harmonious, the actor and the actor is a benign interaction, a close play, kiss, or a bed play. Every step of the bed, must be presented once, and obtain the two parties to be recognized. In other words, they are like martial arts guidance in Kung Fu – only, they need them to guide, not the actor’s fist, but how to kiss, how to hug, how to touch, how to go to bed. Eita O’Brien said: “Many young women who have worked with me feel that someone can stand in their position, helping them talk, helping to establish an email, this is really great.”

Emily Mid, an actress in the corner of the LORI in “Falling Street Legend”, took the first to increase the inch guideline to the crew, and then the HBO regulations must arrange this post.

In this regard, the American drama “The Deuce” produced by HBO has become one of the earliest crabs in the industry. See the status of the statue of the statue, which is “an inch mentor: Alicia Rodis”. In this drama of the American porn industry in the 1970s, there is a significant number of large-scale opponents. At the beginning, it was the proposal of Emily Mid (Emily Meade, an actress, playing porn movie star, in the second quarter of last year, and the crew hired an inch guideliner. Ingenious, a male actor who has many opponents with her in the play is that it has been accused of a variety of sexual harassment actions last year. James Franco. In the end, HBO as a draft invited Tony Hunner’s Gorusia Rot dears responsible for the work of “inch guidance”. As a result, her contribution is greatly praised, and HBO is also shining in boat. It is clear that one of the works in the Taiwan works involves a close play, and the crew must first arrange an inch mentor to start shooting. Soon, this news also passed to the competitor Netflix and Amazon, and both of them also made the same provisions.

Today, at the initiative of Eta O’Brien, the inchway has a global association organization, but she said that the current resistance is still a lot, “especially the director of the relative age, for us Work is still resistant. But in fact, the actor is actually a high-risk industry. Of course, many behaviors are not necessarily due to malicious, but it is likely to be due to information. Misunderstanding. When the male and female actors perform intimate action, it is best to let them fully master the information in advance, so that everyone can safely play, causing misunderstanding. Sometimes actors will have no sense of security, I don’t know what it is. Our job is to talk for them. “


A well-known action capture actor, who has been “the Rings Wars 7” “Star Wars 7”, “Star Battle 7”, and the “Art Review” of the setting inhase.

Last year, the British actor who appeared in the “Ring King” in the “Ring King” and the well-known “and” Any Serkis “has an angered” art review “, tie the actor. Hands and feet. But in Eitta O’Brien, through this kind of protection, it can make the actors play more reluctantly, integrate into the role. She believes that there is no five years, the position of the inch mentor will definitely become the standard of mainstream works in the industry. “It’s really difficult to start, many people didn’t take us as a matter. They always think that they are professional actors, they should grasp the ivity, which is needed to guide. In fact, our work Just as the martial arts guidance in the moving film is very similar to ensuring that the action play is realistic, trustworthy, but also to ensure that the actor is safe. The inch mentor is also a truth. “