Drive away the fatigue, the eyes of the office workers soothing the little artifact! Pineapple Jun h1 eye massage device evaluation


In the day of the display screen, at night, in the evening, the tablet screen entertainment, which may be a true portrayal of many office workers, including the author. Long-term high strength is extremely easy to cause eye fatigue, dry skin, and decrease in vision is a relatively common eye discomfort. There are many ways to improve eye comfort. In addition to providing sufficient rest time to your eyes, you can also use a pineapple h1 eye-catching massage, and drive away eye fatigue by hot compress and massage.

Reference price: 599 yuan

The pineapple h1 eye massage instrument is like a large ski mirror, and the front is made into a coating similar to the surface of the ski lens. There is a colorful colorful color colorful color color, fashion and cool. Although the product size is not small, it can completely cover the entire eye area, but the weight is only 289g. It is necessary to know that the weight of the iPhone 13 Pro Max has reached 238G, plus the protective shell, maybe and pineapple The H1 eye-catching massage apparatus is almost almost, wearing it is too heavy on the head. Moreover, the product supports 180 ° folding, it can be easily loaded into the package, on the vehicle, in the office, can protect your eyes anytime, anywhere.

After the production capacity is folded, it can be easily put into the package, and the portability is very good.

Switches and indicators of the front of the fuselage


The pineapple h1 eye massage is equipped with adjustable elastic band, the adjustment range is large, and users with different heads can be adjusted to the most comfortable wearing pine. On the liner material, the pineapple h1 eye massage instrument is very particular, the choice is the suede fabric, the touch is soft and comfortable, which can bring a very good wear experience. Considering this eye-catching massage device, there is a thermal compress, use a good suede fabric, massage, and the face does not have a feeling of suffering. In addition, after use, the inner lining surface will inevitably disintegrate with sweat, dust, etc. The lining of the eye-catching massage is always cleaned and brings the best wear experience.

Pineapple Jun H1 eye massage device is relatively breathable suede fabric


In terms of massage principles, the middle position of the pineapple h1 eye massage instrument is a large air bag, covering the eyes of the eyes, there is a small air bag on both sides, covering the position of the temple, cycle massage and vibration of the airbag while running, achieving the eye insurance exercise Massage. At the same time, the products also have graphene heating function, fast heating speed, 3 seconds of boot can be experienced (38 ° C, 42 ° C) constant temperature and heat, and accelerate the blood circulation of eye circumference. Although the steam eye mask also has a thermal application, but cannot be reused, it is not a constant temperature, and the effect is obviously less than the pineapple h1 eye massage.

The product also provides four massage modes, which are boot default integrated mode (hot + airbag massage + vibration mode), soothing mode (hot compress + airbag massage), vitality mode (airbag massage + vibration mode) and sleep mode (hot compress) Switch by double click on the key to meet the different massages and relax requirements. 2 gear intensity is also set in each mode, and the switch is switched with a switch, and the 1 gear intensity body indicator is blue, and the 2 gear intensity body indicator is red. Let me think that there is a surprise, the pineapple h1 eye massage device also built-in speech control system, can pass the sound adjustment massage mode, shutdown, etc., liberate the user’s hands, and enjoy the immersive relaxation experience.


Next, I made a practical experience for the pineapple h1 eyega massager, and the synthesis mode is selected. The two airbags will be regularly massaged. The airbag is responsible for massage your eyes. If you really talk to the product introduction, it seems to be a health care. After entering the vibration mode, you can feel a more subtle vibration around the eyelid. It has just been slightly stabbed, and it will be used to it for a while, bringing a more meticulous massage than the airbag. While massage, the massage is automatically heated and the eyes are hot. In the request of the specification, I conducted a 15-minute massage experience. After picking up the pineapple h1 eye-catching massage, don’t say that I have been working for a morning, my fatigue, the feeling of discomfort is greatly reduced, the product’s massage relaxation effect is It can be satisfied.

During the process of massage, the eyes are completely blocked, and it is not very boring. The pineapple h1 eye massage instrument clearly noted this, the product built-in Bluetooth 4.2 module and speaker can be connected with the mobile phone, can listen to music, listen to the station, listen to the novel, will not feel boring. After folding the pineapple h1 eye masser, you can see the rechargeable charging interface of the body. After the battery is fully charged, about 4 times (about 15 minutes each time), the battery life is also good.

Summary: It is not a IQ tax, I feel good to use it.

For the eye massage apparatus, the current online reputation is serious, saying that this product is a lot of IQ tax, saying that it is also useful. Personally, the reason why the eye-catching massage is not good, mostly used is a product with poor quality. Pineapple Jun H1 eye-catching massage apparatus like our experience is really good, the product is high, the material is paying attention to, wearing a good experience, massage soothing method is rich, the control and massage can also be entertaining. One, it is indeed a fatigue that can ease the eye. So when you purchase an eye massage, you must choose a big brand of products, and it is very reliable like a pineapple h1 eye massage.