At the age of 30, the postpartum diaper I experienced


Source: Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Fudan University

At the age of 29, I started pregnancy with “teammates”. I thought it was not so successful. Who knows that just 3 months, I am pregnant. So I started tension and joy in pregnancy like a lot of mothers, and I went shopping every day, my mother group, Z is … I have been prepared for my baby. But I am very lucky, there is no serious politicity, and the birth check is smooth.

That morning, I led urine.

However, when pregnant 6 months, once a morning, I got up to work. I played a very sneezing. Suddenly I feel that there is a liquid that is not autonomous, wet, hot. I thought it was a secretion in the white belt, and I went to the toilet. I was clearly a few drops of urine. I have always had a clean, saying that the truth is a bit shocking, but I felt that it should be a bigger belly oppression?

So I habitually searched on a app, and I have a similar problem with many pregnant sisters. Before I went to work, I took three clean underwear placed in the bag, and I always god all day.

“Many mothers will encounter such problems.”

Just the next day is the birth check day, I am anxious to ask my doctor to give my question. “You are pressureous urinary incontinence! Don’t worry, many mothers will encounter such problems.” This is the first sentence that the doctor said to me. Later, she used it to make a metaphorical way.

The doctor said that the bladder is like the Three Gorges Reservoir, the urethra is a flooding passage, and the urethral sphincter is the control of the reservoir and the flooding passage like the damper, the basin bottom muscle group and the ligament. All factors that destroy the dam itself and increase the pressure of the dam are the cause of pressure urinary incontinence. When female is pregnant, as the baby grows up every day, the uterus is increased, the pelvic floor muscle group and ligament pressure also increase, the location of the nearby organs will also change, including renal function changes, bladder and urethral function change, sex hormone change It is possible to cause pressure urinary incontinence.

It is also this time I know that pregnant women who face urinary incontinence are more than I think.

The incidence of urinary incontinence in pregnancy was about 43.6%, and the incidence of urinary incontinence was 14.6%.

This is not a temporary issue, many postpartum urinary incontinence lasts for many years.

I simply thought that I would not be the “14.6%”, since it is “pressure”, the baby should slowly recover. So I comforted myself, anyway, I have two months, for the baby to stick again. Since then, I am used to the pad. I don’t know if I have a psychological factor, I always feel that I have an odor. I didn’t dare to laugh, I don’t want to be close to the crowd, or even I don’t even want to be close to “teammates.” Before and after the expected date of birth, my lower limbs were swollen, even went to the toilet, and the clothes were also increasingly laborious.

Once I had a drink in the middle of the night, I have a few times, I feel a few times, I feel that a hot flow is unconscious. “Teammates” went to the evening, I am sorry to call my mother-in-law, my panties can’t go up on the thigh, a simple replacement of underwear, I spent half an hour. Looking at myself in the mirror, getting more bloated body, I can’t help but cry, I have to do my mother for the first time, why do I have to experience this? Why is so dignified?

Just like this, my little 囡 囡 in my 30-year-old birthday – “Journal” came to me. Probably, there are too many “negative energy” in the third trimester, my little baby is coming, 7 pounds of 8 two, slightly tear, in the “painless” blessing, the whole childbirth is not so wolf.

But I didn’t think that the nightmare just started.

At the age of 30, I was on the road on the road.

When I was discharged from home, I was here, I was actually the beginning of truly no dignity. Acute mastitis, inflammation, daughter jaundice, fever … Every one makes me crash, even a mild depression. I am also like makeup, love to wear a beautiful dress, this little life is really exhausted.

Fortunately, in front of my psychologists, in front of all “suffering”, I gradually be strong, we slowly learn how to do qualified parents.

Remember the day of the month, I opened my heart and washed a shower. Specially replaced the favorite pajamas, the sun was lightly squatted in front of the window, and the wind sent a burst of magnolia. There was no discretion. It was really refreshing. I and my girlfriends in the afternoon.

After a long time of laughing, I strongly felt that there was a warmth, waiting for me to change clothes, even wet a small piece of pajamas.


Yes, I still have urine after childbirth.

That morning, when I was prepared to go to the Red House Hospital for 42 days after birth, I just took a “teammate” to the daughter, the urine did not consciously leak, the pale yellow liquid has been left to the thigh I preded that my pants must be wet.

Thirty years old, under the road on the road. About ten seconds, I stood in the same place, I can’t hear any sound, let the daughter of the shackles cry. Shame, despair, I don’t know how I am back.


I remembered a hot broadcast “Female Psychologist” for the previous time, and the mother who gave birth to the second child was sent to the road to school, because of the urine, wet pants. In the face of the different eyes of others, her eyes are full of tears, but they try to protect her daughter, that helpless, embarrassing, bitter, I think all the mothers can’t help but tears.

But crying is not a way, it is not a “terminal illness”, you must be well cured! I can’t be as decadent, I told myself.

I tried the vaginal dumbbells

I hang up the basin rehabilitation clinic. From the doctor, I know that it will damage the pine in the pine in the child, causing the support of the urinary hypertroprovidion, resulting in the occurrence of postpartum urinary incontinence, and the increase in the production, newborns Weight is closely related. The daughter’s weight, the damage of childbirth, my bloated body, causing me to appear

Medium urinary incontinence

From this beginning, I only know that there is still a basin rehabilitation this project. I officially started cultivation in three months after childbirth.

The first is weight loss and reduce the pressure of the bottom muscle. Compared with pregnancy, I was enough for 30 pounds, so I started swimming in a week, jogging twice twice, and strictly control the diet, from the beginning of the thin three or five pounds to the thin seven eight pounds, sports brought Not only the belly goes every day, but also a sense of happiness and accomplishment.

Of course, the most important, or pelvic muscle training, many sisters may know this training is also called Kegel movement or an anal movement. In fact, I have seen such a push in a book, but I always thought is a deception, I have never understood it until the professional doctor mentioned me.

Kegel movement is a first-line treatment of pressure urinary incontinence, but it is necessary to achieve considerable training to effectively, you need to last for 3 months or longer. The specific method is to continuously shrink the pelvic bottom muscle (ie, shrinkage) is not less than 3 seconds, relaxing for 2-6 seconds, do 15-30 minutes, 3 times a day; or more flexible, do 150-200 times a day.

According to my situation, the doctor let me do the 8-week Kegel movement first. When I first started, I can’t find the essentials, I always breathe it, and later I realized that it is an anal tightening feeling.

From the doctor, I also know that the vaginal dumbbell can help assist the exercise, in fact, in order to let the vaginal practice “raise weight”. When a person is at home, I will try to walk with dumbbells, stand, squat, but when this training is performed, it is best not to wear underwear to fully train the vaginal lifting. So compared to whether the Kegel move is simpler, at home, the office, outside, actually “silently” training.

After 8 weeks, I obviously feel that the symptoms of urinary incontinence have improved, sneezing, coughing, laughing, the urination is rare, even if the urine, the amount is very small, and magical is the previous constipation Also improved.

Behind, I added 5 coupling pelvic electromechanical stimulation. That is to use the low frequency neuromuscular treatment instrument, put the treatment head into the vagina, let the electric stimulation act on the pelvic floor muscles, exercise the bottom muscle I, II muscle strength, so that the muscles can be contracted independently. It can be easily understood as the advanced version of the Kegel movement, which seems to be a bit embarrassed, but in fact, many hospitals have this project.

Nowadays, “The Journal” is already one and a half years old, and the phenomenon of diaper has not appeared, but I still have a habit of regular exercise of the bottom muscles, because with age growth pelvic bottom muscles will only relax, early exercise It is also prevention.

In fact, if I start practicing from pregnancy, let the pelvic muscles more “tough” may not have a painful experience. So I want to prepare for pregnancy, I can practice now.

However, it is also this experience tells me that no matter what kind of situation is in what kind of situation, don’t give up yourself, learn to love yourself. Postpartum mothers have to have confidence in themselves, treat all kinds of changes correctly, don’t think that you are embarrassed, it’s just a fever, just a common disease, timely doctor, always change back to beauty and confidence.

“Life can always always be happy,

But walk towards the sun

The shadow will hide behind “

This diary is written at the end of the year

Let the past are not happy to stop there.

Truth Mom


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