Male treasure New Year Tang cut cutting, 140 yards big children’s models


In the front, shared the women’s new year Tang Dish, many friends, I hope I can draw a male treasure Tang Tang cutting

Today, I will draw a cropping of a boy.

First look at the style

Front panel


Rear film

Tile map

Rear film

140 code cutting

Bust 90cm length 59.5cm

The cuff depth calculation formula is: B / 4

You need other numbers that can be pushed according to the length of 3.5cm shoulder width 1.2cm by 4cm length.

Crop chart

Complete crop

Production Process Description


First talk about the selection of fabrics, the damask fabric does not need shrinkage, you can directly cut

Don’t want to use satin fabrics, choose, cotton and linen

However, it is necessary to make shrinkage treatment in advance.


Traditional biacages small stand, Chinese disk buckle, edge plus hair strip

Sequencing order, front and rear side sewing, shoulder, sleeve bottom

Little collar.


Facade plus hair strip, cuff plus hair strip

Libu sews in the order of the face, the fabric is sewn for a week.



Cuffding effect


As long as you can make pictures, it is very simple.

Ok, today’s share is here.

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Male treasure New Year Tang cut cutting, 140 yards big children’s models