Tight and cold, cold, Spring, dress, follow the thin, the old, the old, pay attention to layered warm and windproof


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As the saying goes, “Spring, autumn, not missented”. Entering spring, the temperature gradually rebounded, the weather forecast shows that the highest temperature will exceed 10 ° C this Friday, but you don’t have to reduce clothes. This season has happened when there is a “spring”. Vice Chief Physician, Deputy Chief Physician, Oriental Hospital, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said, “Spring” is conducive to the human body to adapt to the climate change, and avoid infecting the disease in winter and spring.

Li Fangling, chief physician, director of the Chinese Medicine Department of Beijing Elderly Hospital, suggested that in spring clothes should be heavy, one piece is reduced. The blood circulation under the human body is poor than the upper part, and it is easy to suffer from the wind. Therefore, “thin thickening”, that is, first reduce the shirt, then reduce it, the shoes must be warm and one thing, don’t wear the show early and Thin shoe socks. In addition to wearing clothes, it is not advisable to pick up the hat and scarves too early, so as not to suffer from cold, there is a headache, a cold, and hurt.

Old people go out of clothing to keep warm

Temperature changes will have a certain effect on the shrinkage and diastolication of blood vessels. In winter and spring, the temperature changes is uncertain, and it is easy to cause blood pressure fluctuations, and angina and heart may also occur. Cai Song, director of the cardiovascular endocrine department of Longfu Hospital, Beijing, said that the temperature is gradually improved, but the temperature difference is increased, and the volatility is strong; the daylight growth is growing, and the emotions are easily fluctuations. At this time, the body needs to withstand two, namely temperature changes and emotional fluctuations. For elderly, especially patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, pay more attention.

The body of the elderly is slower for temperature and environment. Cai Song suggested that when you go out, clothes do a layered warm and windproof. For example, wear the autumn clothes, the outside is a thin sweater or sweater, and then add a coat, which can be properly increased or decreased according to the weather conditions. Sports are beneficial to control blood pressure or heart health. When the elderly go out, you should also bring some spare drugs, such as quick-acting saving pills, antihypertensive drugs, etc., ensuring that it can be treated in time when uncomfortable. It is best to choose sunshine, such as ten o’clock in the afternoon. The outgoing movement must ensure that the shoes are comfortable, suitable for sports, and clothes can be smaller than usual. When it feels a bit tired or breathable, the amount of exercise is enough, don’t continue again. “Senior people without special diseases can choose to play Tai Chi, and the intensity of jumping operation is slightly large. The disease is relatively serious, such as high blood pressure or heart disease is unstable, can be mainly prominent.”

Spring is prone to blood pressure and heart rate fluctuations, and sleep may also be affected. Cai Song suggested that it is not particularly nervous. Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease must take the law to take the medicine, do not drop the drug. Regular monitoring blood pressure, if there is abnormal fluctuation, such as the shrinkage pressure is greater than 160mmHg, etc., should actively seek medical treatment, let the doctor help adjust the drug.

乍暖还寒适度春捂 穿衣遵循上薄下厚 老年人注意分层保暖和防风

Various patients with rheumatism have their own focus

The temperature in the early spring is more varied, and the rheumatism patient should pay attention to cold and warm and prevent the illness. Weapi suggests that the time of “Spring” is dependent on the body. Older rheumatism patients or disease patients with long-term diseases, weak physical patients, “Spring” can be longer, thick clothes can also be worn. The time of “Spring” in patients with young rheumatism can be short, and the thick clothes can be worn properly. Pay attention to the weather temperature changes at any time. Such as the temperature difference between day and night, the highest temperature during the day does not reach 15 ° C, should adhere to “”, if the temperature difference is not large, the highest temperature during the day is stable at 15 ° C, and the time and degree of “” can be reduced.

The warmth of the patients in different patients also have a focus. Fini pointed out that patients with rheumatoid arthritis were most common, and hand and feet were the most important part. Mechanic spondylitis patients do a good job in spine joints such as neck, waist, and thoracic vertebrae. In addition, the neck, waist, navel, and the bottom, etc. are the most vulnerable to the cold and evil violations. It should also focus on, scarves, waist, sweaters, and cotton shoes when “Spring”.

The rheumatism patient should be moderately strengthen physical exercise while “Spring”. Weini explained that appropriate physical exercise can promote body blood operation, enhance the body’s resistance, help the body to adapt to external temperature changes, especially for rheumatism patients with stable disease, physical exercise can enhance muscle strength, maintain joint stability, prevent joint stability, prevention The appearance of muscle atrophy.

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