LED lights in the appearance, the floor booth sold 5 yuan, but the mall is 50 yuan, where is the difference?


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It is also the LED light, but it is only different, but the price is much different. I believe that you will be very bright, you don’t know where to go.

With such a question, I naturally want to know what this is the reason.

In this issue, talk about the decoration to talk about the LED lights in home life, why the price of stalls and malls is so big, I believe this is also a common sense that everyone wants to know.

LED lights, land stalls and shopping malls in appearance difference

Also the LED light, the appearance is similar, just the location of the sale is different, the price is much different, this seemingly strange phenomenon, there is a lot of mystery that makes outsiders don’t know. To this end, I summed up the following reasons:

Different materials


The first is the difference on the chip:

The so-called one penny, the chip used in the 5 yuan LED lamp is completely different, and it can’t be seen from the outside. And for the chip, because

Import and domestic points

The price is also much different. The LED light on the stall is the cheapest in the country, once used, how long does it take for a long time, that is, the light is fast.

The second is different from the power supply:

A few dollars in the stall, the drive power is generally, and it is basically a low cost of low cost,

Drive transformers are smaller, it is easy to cause serious heating, short service life

. And the LED light in the mall, the quality is guaranteed,

Used is a constant current drive power supply

This power supply is stable, and the service life is also a bit longer, and there will be no stroboscopic. At the same time, it is also very good in internal driving power materials, which will bring a variety of security.

▲ constant current drive board

The third is that the radiator is different:

If the LED lamp has a long service life, the heat dissipation effect must be done, and the main heat dissipation is mainly an aluminum substrate and heat dissipation material. For the cheap LED light on the stall, it is used in this aspect such that a quality aluminum die cast or a thin aluminum sheet.

The cost is relatively low, the heat dissipation performance is poor

. The lamps in the mall use the high-quality aluminum substrate, which is very suitable in the hands, and the outer aluminum is relatively thick.

The fourth is the light transmittance:

The cheap LED light on the stall is different from the antioxidant resistance of the acrylic plate, and it is cheap on the material.

Not only is normal, and the time will be yellow.


The LED light in the mall is very bright, and there will be no yellow in a few years.

From the above desirable materials, it can be seen that the big brand of land storage and shopping malls is different. So, the material is different, naturally the price is different. This is all consumers who are unable to see from the appearance of the lamp, only after the use of the problem will slowly expose.

2. Industry chaos, no uniform price

Nowadays, the LED lights have a wide variety, the market is fierce, and because the purchase channel is different, there is no unity in the price, so chaos, this also leads to the difference between the price, the following: Some points:

1. Different prices:


Any categlass wants to enter the mall, first must have a certain reputation, which is also a mall selection, and if it does not meet the quality requirements, it is not allowed to be allowed. But for the category on the stall, their purchase is to the wholesale market. Where is the price low, so that profits can maximize, and relatively good for sale, as for quality. In the same time, it is willing to go to the price, it is paying attention to the price. For the quality, there is not much requirement, and to buy in the mall, it is mainly to see quality, and it is not good.

2. The cost of shopping malls:


Taxes, electricity, rent, tax payment, so that any category will add all products when positioning, or if there is no money to earn. On the way, it is basically a labor fees, and there is no other cost, and the positioning is also very casual, and it is often the way to walk more.

3. Different in the goods:

The mall purchase is a local agent, and it is also a representative of the same brand, and the agent cannot be sold across the city. This is also guaranteed that each local agent has the money. As the LED light in the mall, the purchase is provided by the agent, then the agent at first-level level is to earn money, directly leading to the price of the goods, and the price is also high. And the stored goods are ourselves to wholesale, the less cheaper, anyway, it is a hammer sale, there is no after-sales, how is it cheaper?


4. Stock Cleaning:

For the mall, because there is a sales guarantee, I don’t dare to sell the factory in stock. For the stall, the favorite is like this inventory, because the price is very cheap, the resulting profit will naturally be high.

3. Artificial cost problem

It is also producing an LED lamp, but due to the size of the company, product requirements, etc., especially in artificial cost.

For land storage, it is basically a general quality product produced by mass production. At the same time, there is no other fees such as free use and decoration costs, so sales price is naturally different.


For the brand lights of the mall, due to the quality of the guarantee, although it is also a machine production, it will increase the quality inspection and other aspects, and labor costs are very high during production. At the shopping mall sales, it is necessary to pay labor wages. The boss has to make money. After the various costs are added, the natural costs are high.


Another point is the after-sales of lamps, because all electronic products in our country include three packs of services, including LED lights. As long as there is a problem in the three-package service, it is possible to enjoy the corresponding three-package service.

If you are the LED light purchased in the mall, then you can enjoy the three-package service. There is a problem in the three months, you can go to the mall replacement.

If you are buying on the floor, the three packs of services are definitely no, and there may be some people can’t find it. Because for the stall, it is often no longer waiting for a long time. After all, people also know that these products are not guaranteed, so they must regularly change their stalls, so they can make more cheap people to buy, At the same time, you will not worry that someone will find things because of quality.


Finally, talk about the decoration and then summarize everyone:

All in all, I will always believe in a penny, if you are just temporarily using the LED light, you can consider it; More comfortable.

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