Household oxygen machine top ten brands which brand is good and accurate


Cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, a common disease that seriously threatens the health of elderly people, all patients generally have different hypoxia performance, such as chest tightness, palpitation, dizziness, blood pressure rise, plus higher symptoms, plus The deterioration of the air environment has exacerbated the condition of these disease patients, because the method of oxygen is generally used to prevent and control, and thus how to make oxygen, it should be more scientific oxygen, which is a more concern. doubt.

Since the listing of household oxygen generators, the oxygen generators that are suitable for home classes have begun to gradually enter each family. Health experts pointed out that due to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, respiratory disease patients can stabilize elderly friends to a certain extent The condition, and there is a function of restoring physical functions, improving the function of metabolism, and the traditional oxygen absorption mode is inconvenient, so the home oxygen machine has received many older friends.

Household oxygen machine price

We have not touched the oxygen absorber, I heard that this product, I heard that it’s all kinds of function, I feel that this is not ordinary people can get it, is there a hundred or hundreds of thousands Buy price? In fact, it is the impression of medical compare, more professional oxygen absorber, and the home oxygen machine can not have so much price, and now you can purchase on the platform of Taobao Tmall Mall, normal home system The oxygen machine should be around 2,000 yuan. Many people can use it. Of course, if you need relatively high, you don’t have to worry, oxygen generators have other price space styles, and feel good. The oxygen absorber brand will be on. Which brand of home oxygen generator ventilator is good? Which is good for home oxygen machine? Xiaobian recommends a word of mouth sales champion oxygen generator product address:

How about the fish absorber oxygen? Fish Leap Home Oxygen Generator Classic Edition YU300

Fishery oxygen machine home oxygen absorber YU300 home old man pregnant woman oxygen oxygen oxygen oxygen imported molecular sieve AiP force compressor high oxygen concentration

The fish leap household oxygen generator classic version yu300, suitable for the need to add oxygen in oxygen per day, providing 90% 1L oxygen concentration, used to supplement the oxygen supply volume of the brain and reduce the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, Buy a care of the old man. With infrared wireless remote control, intelligent monitoring function, one-click operation, more convenient use; noise ≤ 40 decibels, detachable filter, easy to replace cleaning; large LCD screen, plus anti-function, old man View clearer.

1, double oxygen choice choice 6 liter flow is more suitable

For families with two old people in their homes, sometimes the elderly need to take oxygen together, which chooses a large flow of oxygen machine, and the maximum traffic of household oxygen machine is 6 liters / minute, 6-liter The oxygen is relatively small, only two brands of fish and oxygen life.

2, ordinary oxygen oxygen oxygen oxygen machine can also meet the needs

The general oxygen-enriched oxygen oxygen machine can be used to high blood pressure patients, such as Meiling Oxygeni, oxygen, oxygen, the price is not cheap, generally two thousand yuan, but this oxygen-rich film system The oxygen generator has a short service life, and if you need to use long-term use, it is recommended to choose a molecular screen oxygenator.

Fishery Oxygen 9F-3W 3L Medical Household Oxygen Band Oxygen Motion 93% Concentration Medical Level Import Molecular Sieve


3, ordinary 5 liter molecular screen oxygen machine is more suitable


For users who need long-term oxygen, choose a molecular screen oxygenator to use a longer period of time, a general oxygen generator, such as a fishery oxygen generator, oxygen living oxygen machine can meet hypertetering in hypertensive patients Demand, the price is also around 1000-4000 yuan, and the general family can accept it.


Fish jump, is doing medical equipment, I believe everyone knows this brand. His oxygen generator is also a medical oxygen generator, the oxygen concentration is high, but the disadvantage is that the price is also higher, the function is relatively simple, the head is very large, the land is not convenient for movement, generally only hopeful and the disease patient . However, this oxygen generator is relatively stable because the compressor is relatively large, and the evaluation is still good.


How about the fish absorber oxygen? Let’s take a look at how users who use the fish bearing oxygen machine are evaluated:

I am a colleague recommended buy. The husband of colleagues is a doctor, saying that the brand of the fish is good, and their old people have been used for more than three years, and they have been in this family.

It took a few days, the feeling effect is very good, you don’t have to go to the hospital in the near future, you can use the old man and children in the future. It is regretted that you should buy a fomizing function, and the child can be used later, it is recommended that pregnant women can buy their home with another atomization function!

Parents can be used. After the father used it, the old slow support, Shanghai Huangmei weather is coming, just rely on it. Mom used it too much, and my heart is not panicked. It has a great help to stabilize blood pressure and heart. I have used it on the weekend, I feel good. It can be used in a family. Thanks for the fish.

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