Qin Wei clothing is really not picking up, wearing a suit overlapping the zipper sweater well, swiping the temperament


There are a suit in many people’s wardrobes, but many people wear in the workplace. Generally speaking, the suit on the workplace is usually very simple in color and style, rarely wearing foreign gas and fashion, Relative to the workplace suit, daily wearing a suit can use a refreshing color or a bright color, or a personalized style design to show more trendy.


Model Analysis of Qin Wei:

High collar sweater – warm and temperament

Qin Yu clothing really didn’t pick it, wearing a suit overlapping the zipper sweater well, and the temperament doubled. Qin Wei wore a high-collar sweater. In the winter wearing, the high-collar wear sweater is present in the warmth of warmth. It will be very good. The colors of the neckline can make sweaters simultaneously with the role of scarves. The three-dimensional neckline can show a very good temperament, and it can also prevent the neck from venting.

Casual suit – feel comfortable

Qin Wei wore a naked suit shirt in the upper body, and the suit blouse used nude design in color design to show the gentleness of mature women. At the same time, it can be presented by moderately loose casual style. For the shaped enclosure, in daily out of the street, the comfort and foreign feelings of this casual suit will be better.


Tongue matching – reduce the difficulty of matching

The upper part of the casual suit is matched with the upper and lower body skirts, and the color matching of the top and lower body is used to use the foundation with the foundation with the same color, which can help you reduce the difficulty in color matching. It is easier to wear and harmonious and consistency.


High waist skirt – wear long legs

Qin Wei with a high-waist-style skirt, although the color of the upper and lower body is very simple and harmonious, but through the way with high waist short skirts, there is a sufficient advantage and high-quality feeling. The dressing method can also help the little sisters who want to be high, wear the long legs in your dreams.

Black boots – profile

Qin Wei with a colliled black boots in his feet, the foundation of the black boots, the foundation of the naked suit and the half-length dress, the color matching effect, which is very harmonious, one is very shallow, can wear It can also match the complementary matching effect, say it back, Qin Wei’s little sister’s leg shape is so thin, when wearing a black boots, the part of the boots looks so much, this is the real chopstick leg. .

Other matching analysis of suit stacked:

Leather suit stacks high collar sweepers

The loose leather suit is stacked in the high collar style, which belongs to the same colors in the inner and external color, with the foundation with the same color matching to present enough harmony, although it is the same color, but in the shape of the styles Very strong, leather suit uses a moderately loose version of design to present enough casual feelings and comfort.

Suit stacking pink sweater


Basic gray suit, dressing pink sweater, using basic color matching in both colors and bright colors, showing more layering and richness, pink sweater with a moderately revealed The matching method highlights moderately aggravated matching effects.


Big land color suit stacks bright colors

On the color matching of Tong, you can use the same color matching method to present enough harmony, or by means of a contrast color to show more levels, the foundation big land color suit sleeve is very gentle The inside of the bright colors in the nile can also enhance the effect of brighten the skin.


In addition to the work clothes in the workplace, the suit is also an absolute fashionable single product. It can make the layout and the fashion feeling by reasonable use of stacked.


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