Twenty years, my audio fever process review


Conditional hard music memory


When I read junior high school, I heard that I was a luxury thing, because I didn’t have a few people in the small town. The civilian accompanying spending long time is not the commentary of Mr. Shanfang and Mr. Tianlianyuan, is the cross talk of the masters. Just for the squeezing dry battery, I often forget to take it out in the semiconductor. Later, I was accidentally getting a vintage-type engine, and it was ugly. It was simple, but I had FM reception, but I didn’t accept the station locally. Later, my father pointed, said the antenna of the electric TV. See how, old-fashioned 001 antennas with amplifiers. I actually received a few tens of kilometers, the Northeast Asian music station FM92.7MHz, remember that the program will listen every night is the list of Northeast Asia, because the tape is still can’t afford it, so this FM broadcast will become my boring. Come, there is also the car machine very skinned, not bad.

University’s own life

Later, I went to Changsha to go to the university. There were a lot of time. A brother of several brothers in the dormitory said that in the computer city heard a pair of boxes, I took me to see, I didn’t have any concept, I feel like it is not bad, I will enter. A pair, 800 boxes, Dynasty A200 Gold, now this brand is almost tutaches, the year is from the friend, it is a very famous product, which is very famous, this box is accompanying me 4 years, the sound is very Nice, the charm is very good, listening to all kinds of enthusiastic people, often can hear the feeling of otta. Later leaving Changsha, this is turning over the box.

Graduating after graduation

After graduation, I went to Wuhan to work, I rented a house, although the work was very hard, but I couldn’t be wronged, I watched the box. At that time, the revolutionary leader was poisoned, and it was fascinated. 3030A, as for the 2030A, the most respected 2030, because I think I don’t buy the old, 3030 is slightly higher than 2030, if it is not as good as 2030, it is definitely the manufacturer’s brain. 3030A did not let me down, this box is really solid, amplifier and cabinet are separated design, and the power switch is at the top, which is very convenient. The tapered treble is very good, very fast, fierce, but will not scratch the ear, listen to Wang Fei to sing the treble, but the bass feels bad, and later it will go.

Cheng family continues to burn

After a few years, I have a house with my own nest. There is a room that can be a study, and I will have the idea of ​​buying a speaker. Because the active is convenient, it is still in the monitor, the goal is a million yuan file. Basically, there is a selection between A7x, BM6, Solo6, and the real effort is not considered. The shape cannot be accepted. This time, in order to be so impulsified once, the opportunity to travel to Beijing, I have listened to the few boxes. The A7X quality is also very high. It is worth the value, but I feel that the high frequency is too bright, the whole is thin. Not what I like. Solo6 feels unlucky, not thin, but don’t know how to hear, it is a bit rising, and there is a bit of a budget. Finally, I listened to Dan, at that time, 63 (BM6 mk3) did not have goods, did not hear it, but the other models of the BM series listened, I feel that the old 6A’s treble is better than the MK3 series, too gorgeous, bass is a bit slow, afraid of small The room is not good, and finally the 63.63 overall quality is really good, it may be the most comprehensive quality of around 10,000 yuan. The low frequency is particularly good, but must be on the suspension rack, personal experiments among the fasteners and non-low frequency differences between the pedestal and speakers, and the upper floating frame is more condensed, and it is disconnected.


63 I have listened to one month, I feel that MINI i pro will not match the identity, it is changed to Wadia 122+ line electricity, compare the WADIA122 low-frequency parsing better, more detailed, high frequency is more, with 63 I want to adjust the high frequency to -1DB, the whole is more active and beautiful, the key is that domestic selling price is really cheap, Meiya is 1500 knives. 63 When I listened to Mandi people, when the background music, I felt that the voice was a bit unclear, but it was strange that the epidemic of Europe and America basically did not have this problem. Suspected is that the domestic music production level is still different. 63 I feel that the biggest problem is that there is no feelings, the quality is very good, but I can’t touch my place, which may also be characteristic of monitoring speakers. Listening to it, there is no feeling, the old fever said that I have to match a premium, I think, this level can be not found, I can only choose the predefight level, if I still do this, the money is playing Water drifted. In addition, the child is big. It is mainly accompanying him at home. Just waiting for him to hear it, you can’t hear it, it is really nothing to do. It’s just a crisp, so it hangs out the box.

Fever can’t stop

There is an unusual thing that is uncommon, and if you continue to continue, continue to continue, continue to listen to the road, the answer is negative, has come to 10,000 yuan, still can’t find what I want, I think it will change The road, pass passive, the last fight, it will not completely refund. First of all, choose a box. This time, it is necessary to play a big box. If the small box is estimated, it will not be too much better than I have, it is not interesting.

First, Dan, reproduce 50 and contour 30i, reproduce 50, the connection is very good, but the frequency is very thin, not enough, the contour 30i is very good, the sound is relatively balanced, the low frequency elasticity is full , Dive is in place, but use treasure power to push, the whole is too expensive, I can’t hold it, I still have a small family! This big box is good, it is too expensive, can’t afford! Casual opportunity, I saw a video of the No. 2, the voice is not bad, I have to search this box. I learned that this box uses a 12-inch of the same shaft unit, the design concept is probably the most sensitive 400 to 4kHz with human vear. The center, treble and bass are allocated, used to improve the frequency, this is very opposite to my appetite, and 400 to 4kHz basically covers daily 80% listening range, which should be mid.

In the case of the use of some burnt friends, it is more space, which is a sure large box which does not eat space, the sound is relatively neutral, the sound field positioning and level is better, this is also one of the characteristics of the coaxial box, It is relatively loose, the control is excellent, but the high frequency part will be dark, not particularly bright, and I don’t like particular bright.


The amplifier is not as very powerful as Dan, it seems to be a good choice.

For a while, the box was determined to be the second, and the rest is amplifier. Although the symphony number is not very powerful, I know such a box, I have to wait for it, it will give you Good “face”, will be repaid, I want to enter the elegant amplifier, but watch the online saying that the sound quality is relatively rough, the details are not good, and then the road is 1592 amplifiers, this amplifier internal circuit and The workmanship is good, the material is also very real, the sound is delicate and soft, and the Symphony No. 2 is still more appropriate.


A set of system fixed Qiankun

Next is to test the color of this system, listen to the lower bottom noise first, here is also to praise the road, the bottom noise is the lowest, basically, it is necessary to attach the ear to the unit to hear a little weak. Shaisan, the other! It is also very quiet. The first open voice is sluggling, but it has improved half an hour. The sound of sound is much higher than that, it has always heard that the symphony number 2 is medium frequency thick. I thought that the intermediate frequency is highlighted. In fact, this thickness is from the increase in the overall thickness of the treble to bass, and the intermediate frequency will not stand out, the whole is very balanced. Although the thickness of the sound increases, it is very transparent, yes, the sound is both thick and very transparent, it seems to be contradictory but the symphony is done, and this transparent is not the kind of false venting. The advantage of high-strokes is that there will be no more hanies, how to listen to the pleasure, the brightness is moderate, and it is very delicate, and the individual feels better than I listened before.

Due to the reason for the room environment, the speaker cannot be opened, the distance is only about 2 meters, the sound area is not coming, but it is between the two boxes, but the positioning is very accurate, each sound source is basically a point-to-point arrangement, and very Stable, do not deliberately perceive it there, which is also the characteristics of the coaxial unit, and the stability is very good, which may benefit from the exact pair of two boxes + -0.5dB of the Symphony No. 2. Regarding the details of the sound, the symphony is very rich, but its details and contour 30i, the details of the symphony number will not cover the main melody, it is the accompanying lining as the main melody, when you are intoxicated, it may ignore, But when you go to sense, there is there, a little a little, and it is very clear.

In addition to these, the other feeling of symphonic 2 is the atmosphere. It used to play a small box. I always feel that the sound is compressed. The appearance is very small, and this time I finally realized the sound of the big speaker. Full of the whole room, very good, when listening to songs, it feels surrounded, surrounded by yourself, and the sound is loose, very spiritual, sounds very real, it is the true world, this is I used to play a speaker to experience. This is quite my heart.



Go, played for such a long speaker, many times I was thinking, what did you pursue, I always think is for a better effect, but sometimes it is a surprise in the new box, there is also a different speaker office. I heard the different tastes, this may be a kind of auditory stimulus, maybe it is a kind of spiritual makeup, countless times, I have to have a fever, but I have been going forward, I think this is a symphony number 2 or I have to fever The end point, but the future is good? I look forward to me later …..