National defense black technology! Italy a second fresh tone artifact, prevent tooth decay and plaque


The most embarrassing thing in the world is

I finally put the goddess to play kiss.


The goddess has pushed away because you have a tone …..

In fact, every time you go to work, you can’t brush your teeth.

Long-term smoking mouth, a smoke


And the level of heavy taste likes to eat big garrison

Have this trouble!

It is said that in the UK known as the gentleman

Almost everyone will carry a bottle of mouth

To keep your new tone at any time

Troubled new agents are not exclusive

Anyone who pursues the fragrant tones can always have a mouthful of mouth


Today, Xiaobian specializes in recommending one.


Aloe Fresh 瑷 瑷 清 芦 荟 口

1 second to your mouth, lasting fresh

“1 second to your mouth, avoid social embarrassment”

Aloe Fresh is a spray for tones

It contains

Aloe, grapefruit and chrysanthemum extract


Can be removed in time and effectively

Because of the odor caused by food metabolites


And bad breath caused by smoking

It can make the oral cavity for a few hours

There is a very strong cool and mint

No matter how heavy tones are not going on ~

Spray a spray when working


The faint aroma makes your boss have a good impression on you.

Let the position improve the moment

With the other half

Spray a spray

Whether it is intimate whisper

Still sweet kiss, full of fragrance

I sprayed a spray after eating


What hot pot bottom material, the taste is coming away

Instead, it is a touch of aloe vera, daisy flowers


Let the goods no longer need to worry about tone

In short


Before anything you need to socialize


Take out this tone clear artifact

Gently spray a spray, a few seconds

Let you be confident and safe

“Spray a spray, relieve the fire, prevent the toothparta resistance”


In addition to solving your tone

It also

Relieve the oral fire, prevent tooth decay and plaque

I can even improve the skin pores blackhead acne!


Is it amazing?

Yes! It is different from the general mouth spray





Give the oral bacterium that produces bad odor

At the same time it contains

Tea tree essential oil and grapefruit seed extract


And the purification of aloe vera

So not only you can refresh, but also care oral cavity

If you usually have a toothache, the troubles of the oral fire

Spray a good relief

Not only that!

I spray a spray nose when I have a cold.

If you are tired, you can use it to massage.

Can also prevent minor burns, fast itching

Improve skin pores blackhead acne


Even the oil on your clothes will be handed over!

Telling true, you can say that it is “artifact”!

Compared to those oral spray containing alcohol

瑗 瑗 清 不 成 成 成 成 成

I don’t have to be cheer to be checked!

And the method of use is very simple

Easy, anywhere, gently spray

1 second can fresh oral

“Small and portable, with the spray in the pocket”

Aloe Fresh oral spray

Small packaging, carry


Small to the small pap of jeans is put

This can be clear at any time, too convenient.