Unmarried Kan Kiyoko relaxed, is exposed through split skirt bottoming shorts Bo eye, head nuns true Qiangjing


Dress outfit is very common, but if you want to wear clothing with compelling steal the spotlight effect, in the dress version of the type of bold selection was slightly open, we could pick some dress appropriately with a controversial point to wear, such as sexy deep V design, exposed skin or hollow design, etc. can play compelling eye-catching effect. Actress Kan Kiyoko black dress dress this body will be a very bright spot, and then to skirt the deep V neckline from a high-slit design, are well show their charming figure, so to attract people’s attention, Here we take a look at her choice of goddess dress it!

Kan Kiyoko deep V-slit skirt shape analysis

Select neckline


Neckline dress may seem trivial, but actually there are very particular about the different collar fit body is also different, and different neckline demonstrated by the charm of style is also quite different. On neckline version, it can be divided into V-neck, round neck or collar, square collar and other types, these types are common in our daily lives. Needless to say, round neck, collar belongs to the basic version, the natural rate outfit is ranked first, although leisure wild, but also pay attention to choose the size of the neck, try to choose some of the neckline slightly larger round neck outfit, comparison of body modification and face, round neck if too small, it will become the neck is short, but also magnifies shortcomings behind the shoulder.


Second rate outfit V-neck of the case of a single product, do not look like V-neck design is not outstanding, but it can be modified face, oh well, extending through V-neck vision, can lengthen the neck contours, which play significant effect small face. With different depths V-neck, the charm of its charm is also a difference, small V-neck is more unusual fresh, while the deep V-neck on the very feminine and sexy but also show a portion of the business lines. Kan Kiyoko of this body shape is deep V neckline design, revealed the cause of line really compelling eye-catching.


Furthermore, the collar is a collar and square version of the more common, both more fashionable style collar Western style, fashion sense is a relatively prominent superior, but also pick the body, not only slim and slender body proportions also We were superior, if it is 50-50 figure, wear is also very beautiful, the average person is not suitable.


In summary, relatively wild and can set off the body of the collar in the case of a single product round neck and V-neck, the next ordinary occasion can select a single product big round neck outfit, if it is attended by a number of gatherings or celebrations types of public events, you can pick up some V-neck design of a single product, not only body modification also comes with suction eye highlights Oh!


Skirt split

Skirt split design is more prevalent in the dress, mopping the floor long skirt and high-slit design in stark contrast, thereby highlighting the split Xiutui unique charm. In the selection of split skirt, slashed to pay attention to the height of conservative low-key, you can select the version of the micro-split type, such as open to the calf is very suitable, though not enough to Bo eye, but also to dresses style is more fashionable Western style. Leg type are beautiful, nature Do not miss any chance of a Xiutui, at the height of the split, you can boldly choose high-slit skirt, directly to the thigh position are anyway, so from one side to show off legs eye-catching and charming.

Kan Kiyoko this body black dress slit height is even more attractive, looking almost open to the waist, and also exposing the inside of the hollow leggings, modern personality and very sexy.

Hair makeup

Hair makeup choices to meet the dress style, if costumes relatively fresh and sweet in the natural hair makeup makeup is simple and elegant sense of mainly, and then with a sweet tie hair or wrap hair on it; If it is a relatively mature sexy the shape of it, the big wave of hair coupled with very vivid red lips extra points, or Kan Kiyoko like this, wearing close to the skull of the “nuns head” matched with red lips look very attractive, not only sexy but also gas field gas Sa fully open.

Clothing color

Clothing color can affect the color not only size, but also affect an individual’s character, take the elegant route mature woman, color outfit should be dark colors, such as the classic black or emerald, dark blue, dark blue and so on, if it is to go young and lively girl line, natural light and bright colors are more appropriate, such as white or yellow, pink and so on. Kan Kiyoko in to the event, most of them are handsome in black tie based, in contrast own fair-skinned, but also add a lot of outstanding senior feminine.

Unmarried Kan Kiyoko really dare to wear, waist deep V neckline coming up, split skirt revealing bottoming shorts eye-catching and steal the spotlight, how do you think she does this body modeling activities