Wuyi house is delicious, not fat, it is necessary to be able to travel.


[PCONLINE Tips] This year, the May 1st Labor Day holiday has become a five-day holiday from the original short three-time holiday. Many people may plan to go out to play in this rare holiday, but the current epidemic still has a rebound situation, and at this stage, everyone still avoids those who gathered in those people, and continue to be better at home.


I didn’t go out, I can’t play computer every day, brush my mobile phone, and occasionally read a good choice. Many people often choose fast food, takeaway, and instant noodles during their diet due to their fast-paced life. In this rare spare time, do some exquisite food, not only give yourself, but also a different kind of life experience.


However, ideal is full, but the reality is very bone. I don’t know if there is any reader and Xiaobian. I have been eating takeaway and have been used to I have forgotten that there is a kitchen in my home. Although there is a recipe on the bookshelf, Baidu can easily find various food practices, but buy all the ingredients back to the table, start sighing and shook his head, playing back to retreat … until I saw Swedish Cool Smart The pot, a small machine, actually has 12 commonly used cooking skills. Today, let’s take a look at this smart cooking pot, which can bring which delicious food in our May 1st house life.

A delicious food: 烤 低 低 三 三 三

I believe that everyone is not stranger for the salmon, the meat is delicious, the nutritious, not only enhances the body’s immunity, but also prevents cardiovascular disease. Especially for friends who are relatively large in the usual life. Now, use salmon to open today’s tongue.


Before making this roast salmon, we need to prepare 300-400 grams of salmon meat (peel bone), 1 teaspoon of salt (about 5 grams), 1/2 teaspoon black pepper / powder, 1 Teaspoon Olive oil, a little rosemary and 1500 grams of water. Practice: First step: 300-400 grams (about 2 people) fresh salmon fish (can directly purchase ready-made salmon), after cleaning, use the water to dry, 1 teaspoon salt, half teaspoon black Pepper, 1 teaspoon of olive oil is evenly applied to salmon, and then put a lot of rosemary with salmon into the food grade vacuum sealing bag and vacuum.

Step 2: Put the Cool Tuxin pot into the main pot, pour 1,500 grams of water, and perform a preheating in the main pot with a 5 minute / 50 ° C / speed.


Step 3: Put the salmon after vacuum into the net, immersed into the water, 3 speeds for 60 minutes / 50 ° C / speed, perform low temperature cooking (eg, selecting the sashimi salmon to adjust this step by 20 minutes)

At the end of the final, the fish is placed in the plate, and there is a little black pepper or mixed spice, and then use the home card gas spray gun to slightly roast the surface of the fish, ready to eat. This approach retains the nutrients in salmon fish, more importantly, the rich from the ocean.

Net red health drink: Celery, green apple juice

We are inevitably dry when dining, usually take a bottle of Sprite or a bottle of Coke, and it is very unreasonable to take a bottle of Sprite or a bottle of Coke. In fact, this is very unreasonable for our diet structure. So there is no drink, while drinking, it guarantees health?

As the name of this drink, we need to prepare 200 grams of Christmas (washing, cutting) and 100 grams of green apple (peeled seeds, cut small pieces) and 100 grams of ice block (small block), 20 Kequin powder and 100 grams of pure water.



Step 1: 200 Keqin (washed, cut into section), 100 grams of green apple (peeling seed, cut small pieces), 100 grams of ice block (small piece), 15 grams of rose powder, 100 grams of pure water In sequential pour, in the main pot of the cooker, stronger and striking.

Step 2: Then the 50 seconds / speed is 10 speed, the adjustment is performed, and it can be used in the pot.


After making good, we can eat immediately. At this time, the celestial green apple juice has the best taste. This perfectly combines vegetables and fruit drinks, whether in nutrients or taste, usually those ordinary soda can’t ratio.

Exotic food: Western asparagus cold soup

I don’t know what everyone is impressed with the dishes related to asparagus. Is it a fried meat, or a refreshing asparagus fried peony? The Chinese practice is all over, it is better to see how this “royal vegetables” in the history of European history is.

Western asparagus cold soup needs to prepare 50 grams of olive oil, 60 grams of leeks (cutting section), 400 grams of green asparagus (going to the roots of the planer, the bamboo shoots need to be spare) 400 grams of high soup (soup or water instead ), 1 teaspoon of salt and 100 grams of milk cheese.

The first step: 50 gram olive oil is placed in the main pot, and hot oil is performed in 1 minute / 120 degrees / speed S.

Step 2: Add 60 grams of leek (cut) to stir fry at 1 minute / 120 degrees / speed S.

Step 3: Put 400 grams of green asparagging (to the roots of the planer, the bamboo shoots need to be split), stir fry at 5 minutes / 120 degrees / speed S.

Step 4: Add 100 grams of milk cheese, 400 grams of high soup, 1 teaspoon of salt, on the steamer group, put the spare asparagus tip in the steamer in the steamer in the steamer in the steamer, 2 speed, cooking mix saute.

Step 5: Remove the steamer group, cover the main pot cover and the weight cup. Strong mixed in 3 Turbo files.

Step 6: Will make good asparagus cold soup, put the asparagus tip of the cooking, you can enjoy it.

Asparagus mainly has heat purifiers, improves the efficacy of immunity and lipid-lowering weight loss. Western asparagus cold soup made with Cool Smart Cooker, can preserve the nutrients in the asparagus in the dishes. Grass green soup keeps nature unique vitality, exquisite and delicious.

Low fat staple food: green sauce itents


Since the delicious precursor, the appetizing vegetable nutrition soup and the delicious drink are ready, a healthy staple food is essential for us. I will solemnly introduce this nutrient staple food from Italy today.

Before you officially start, we need to prepare your food in two parts. First take 180 grams of fresh basil leaves, 3 petals garlic, 25 grams of pine kernel, 120 gram olive oil, 50 grams of Pabamison cheese powder, these remaining green sauce. Then prepare 50 grams of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of salt, 200 grams of Dali variable wide surface and 1500 grams of water.


The first step: 180 grams of fresh basil leaves, 3 petals garlic, 25 grams of lane, 60 grams of olive oil, 50 grams of Pabamison cheese powder into the main pot, with 10 seconds / speed 10 speed, grinding .

Step 2: Open the main pot cover, use adjustment and shovel to push the sauce into the bottom of the pot and continue to pour into 60 gram olive oil, 10 seconds / speed 10 speed, composite straw.


Step 3: Pour the production completed green sauce into the container and store it, and clean the main pot.

Step 4: Cooking, 1500 grams of water, 50 grams of olive oil, 1 teaspoon salt poured into the main pot of cleaner, 2 minutes / 120 ° C / speed 2 speed, water.

The color of the green sauce makes people feel full of vitality. After mixing with the Italian, it is a different exotic flavor. The usual work meal may be greasy, such a balanced staple food can balance our daily healthy diet

Daxie smart cooking pot, a small machine offers a variety of rich cooking functions. In the leisure time of May Day, use it to cook food, the process is not only interesting, but also the delicious taste. Is this a kitchen artifact, is you also “breeding” like Xiaobian me?