Ceramic, purple sand, imitation kiln, glass, who is the preferred fair cup for daily brewing tea?


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The glass of the glass is glass.

In the traditional five famous, including gold and silver, jade, glass, ceramic, bronze.

Once, the price of glazed, do not lose gold and silver.

Nowadays, with the popularity of modern industrial glass.

The old name is expensive, and it has fly into the home of the usual people.

It can be seen everywhere, it has become a common daily necessity, the penetration rate is extremely high.

Therefore, some people think that with glass as a tea, it is not enough.

Not long ago, I also met a tea friend asked, why do you usually use glass as a fault cup?

He is very disintegration, thinking in addition to glass, there is still a lot of choices.

In the case of material, white porcelain, blue flower, imitation kiln, purple sand, purple pottery, coarse, and even include iron, tin, silver, etc.

Laken, the five-flowers of fault cups, can be purchased on the market.

However, three thousand weak water, take a scoop, the reason is nothing more than a lot of benefits of the glass fair cup.


First, transparent glass, facilitating observation of the soup.

Well, when the red wine, the souvenir is an important process.

Wine is good, tea is also, the focus of the soup is three.

One is to see the color of the color.

The second is to see the soup and dark.

The third is to see clear or not.

Different fermentation levels of tea, tea soup color differences.

For example, in the new white tea, the soup of the white silver needle is very light.

In the tea soup, it is floating with the tea of ​​the gods.

If you drink white tea, the tea soup, color is like red wine, and the soup is red.

This is definitely not alive, there is an old bunch to do the old suspicion, need to take a timely problem.

And in the degree of soup, no matter what tea, good tea should be clear and clear.

As for clearing this indicator, it is also critical.

Imagine if there is a cup of tea hidden hidden impurities and dirty.

When I drink tea, I didn’t find it in time. I didn’t know directly.

When I was in addition, I won’t pick it up.

At this time, there is a special convexity of the advantages of the glass fair cup.

Purely transparent glass material, transparent to the extreme.

However, there are any impurities, suspenders, pickled things in the tea soup, and there is nowhere to hide the track!


Second, the glass fair cup is beautiful.

The ancient glass of glass is very beautiful.


Detailed observation, in addition to crystal clear, there is a simple and warm weather with soft jade.

According to early in the west, the ancients can make simple glazed.

The history of anecdote is contained, and it is said that this crystal clear thing when she supervised the King Peijian during the year.

So it will pass through the crude extraction, come with the beauty of the beautiful glass, and dedicate it to the king.

Yue Wang felt its supervision, the original gift, and named it “蠡”.

Subsequently, Fan Wei caused a beautiful jewelry to give the beauty Xi Shi.

Later, the Vietnamese defeated, Xi Shi was forced to travel to Wu Guohe.

When you are, tears, you will be sent to the passion.

A little bit of tears, sprinkled on the crystal “蠡”.

Finally, Fan Xiangxiao thinking, as if it can see the traces of tears flow, and hurt.

Later, this crystal, clear, ice and jade, said that the future is called “flowing”, that is, glass is also.

In the words of modern poets, crystal glass itself, comes with the beauty of fragile.

Glass mission, from the material characteristics, in line with the public aesthetics.

On the tea level, the glass fair cup is strong, and the style is wild.

Before the early years, there is a way of hand-painted green bamboo in Jingdezhen next to the village. It is white porcelain.

That fault cup, covered with the floral bowl, just a pair.

When you have tea, you need to match it, and you will have complement.

The bowl of the same pattern with fault cups, focus, Bumen, Meng, unwell, shadow.

But one day, accidentally cracking a mouth bowl.

The white porcelain fair cup is completely retired.

It can be seen that from the style of the style, the glass fair cup is far from the white porcelain, purple sand, thick ceramics and other materials!



Third, the glass fair cup is cleaned.

The glass surface is like adding glazed ceramics, warm as jade.

The appearance is smooth, and you can slip.

Wash the water, you can wash away the tea.

Wipe slightly with nano, you can restore smooth as new appearances.


Unlike coarse pottery, there is no glaze, and the stains of tea is easy to penetrate, and it is firmly attached to the surface. It is difficult to completely wash.

But there are also people.

“In fact, the glass cup is most difficult to wash, and people understand.”

After understanding, I know that the other party is because of usual, the tea set is not washed.

Every time I have finished tea, after pouring the remaining tea soup in the cup, I only use the water for a water.

When you need to make tea next time, then use it directly after it is hot.

Time is long, the original transparent glass fair cup, with a stain of fingerprint printing at the mouth.

Look at it, it is particularly obvious, it is very good.

It is worse than the ceramic cup, purple sand cup, imitation kiln, etc.

Contact your daily life experience, like someone doesn’t like to wear light white clothing, I am afraid that it will be dirty, the truth is the same.

In fact, this can’t blame the glass fair cup.

If you don’t have patient carefully cleanchard, you can choose the fault cup, the cup is large, and the cup is easy to clean.

If you have patience, then, you can also choose the glass, and the shape changes.

For example, imitation Song can be treated.

For example, imitation tree roots.

For example, the cup has a gourd shape …

On the material of the glass fair cup, it is definitely easy to clean.

Slightly stain, you can make a reminder in time.

There is no thing, where is it.


After pickling tea, wash the tea makery, and you can safely drink good tea.

It is very unhaneous when it is too unhappy when the “eyes is not a net” attitude.


Fourth, glass is high temperature, cost-effective, no tea fragrance.

There are a lot of species of glass.

It is often special.

High temperature resistance, not afraid of boiling water, the cup is not easy to fry, and the safety is more reliable.

In addition, from the perspective of cost performance, the glass fair cup also has a significant advantage.

The old value is comparable to gold and silver glass, which has been flying into the home of ordinary people today.

In daily life, glass material utensils, daily necessities have long been used.


Compared with the firewood, purple sand, and kiln.

The price of the glass fair cup is obviously more fair.


It is not high in the cost, and the scope of application is wider.

Usually when the kungfu tea, the fair cup is a high frequency outgoing support.

Almost there are places where the bowl is covered, you can not leave the fault cup to dress the soup and tie.

Buy a high price of firewood, purple sand, etc. Once in daily use, it is not careful, it is very distressed.


Compared with the following, it is obviously a glass of mission, which is more worry-free.

Finally, when drinking tea, the tea is the soul of good tea.

If it is a material that is coarse, Zisha.

Their pores are large and will adsorb some tea incense, affect the integrity of tea flavor.

Metal cups made of metal and tin and other metals, they are more like decorations.

When you use it, it is inevitable that it is still worrying that it will make a cup of good tea into a metal flavor, affecting the pureness of flavor.

In contrast, the glass is tight, and there is no tea.

When you drink red wine, you can enjoy the wall of the wine through the cup of the cup, you can enjoy the wall of the wine.

Drinking tea, the same.

Although it is the public augment as a public thing in tea soup.


When drinking tea with the guest, you can’t directly smell the fair cup, otherwise it will be unsanitary, non-courtesy, not respectful.

But when you drink tea alone, you can be free.

When you smell the wall, you will smell both in the bottom of the cup.


It is more intuitive to understand, the cup of the cup of good tea / hanging cups / hanging walls.


The geese is speaking, and tea is leaving.

Wonderful fragrance, wonderful!


The glass of glass is well, the style is diverse.

It is pure and transparent, and it is simple wind.

There are also matte materials, after loading tea soup, refreshing, with a different kind of beauty.

There is also a hammer, an applique, etc.

At the old, the legend of magnificent color is full of magnificent colors.

Some people metaphor, Xi Shi’s tears.

Beautiful and romantic glass, both beautiful, practical.

In the context of a community, in the field of fair cup, the glass is definitely a well-deserved protagonist!


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