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权力的游戏8死亡名单各人物结局剧透 权游结局国内延期播出 权游大结局是什么

On the evening of the local time, the popular American drama “power game” ushered in the final ending.

权力的游戏8死亡名单各人物结局剧透 权游结局国内延期播出 权游大结局是什么

The final episode of the final season of the “power game” is finally broadcast! This epic American drama that accompanied all the fans eight years finally ushered in the final end. The official official also issued a poster acknowledgment, the poster was written: “Thank all the actors, the crew and the world’s fans, we pay tribute to you.”

Is this the “power game 8” finale?

“The game” final season “plot leak” is almost in time, and we have got a news about the finale in the past few days, and the end of the final episode, the British will board the iron throne … Now the last episode is more detailed leak information, if you are afraid of being spoiled in advance, please see it here.

权力的游戏8死亡名单各人物结局剧透 权游结局国内延期播出 权游大结局是什么

The following is the detailed content of the netizen leak (episode 6):

1. After the Junlin City Wars,, Dai Fos and the little evil deviate through the city to see the results, the little devil came to the castle and discovered the brother Jame’s hand, he finally opened the gravel bar, seeing the color and James already died. The breeze and his hand discovered the trapped Lanith soldier. When he was planning to kill them, he tried to stop him, the gugmat told This is the order of the dragon.

2. Then it is a scene that predicts, the end of the Junlin City full of ashes, she said a lot, said that she is to save the people from suffering, and her new goal is to save the rest of the world. .

3. The Donden announced that the small evil magic has made a rebel crime. The little devil warned how many innocent people did killed, and then he took off the prime minister’s brooch to throw it on the ground, and the dragon was finally sent him.

权力的游戏8死亡名单各人物结局剧透 权游结局国内延期播出 权游大结局是什么

4. Go see the dragon, she sat on the Iron Throne alone, reminding the Donde to do a crazy queen, but the dragon said that she did everything she did for the people. Finally, the false is understood but still deceives her, when the dragon guards fall down, they are stabbed. After the dragon, the dragon appeared, using the dragon flame to melt the Iron Throne and take the dragon.

5. The breeze is a prisoner, and the three stupid leadership is asked to put the gallow, but it has been refused. The little evil proposes that the new king or the queen should decide the fate of the, three stupid, it is recommended to make democratic vote on the new king, the little devil thinks this idea is a bit stupid. The final vote decided that Brand was the new king, Bran also chose the little evil as a new prime minister.

权力的游戏8死亡名单各人物结局剧透 权游结局国内延期播出 权游大结局是什么

6. The punishment of the little devil’s sentence is back to the desperate governance and joining the cavalry. The gugrsper finally accepted punishment, but he didn’t make the knee finally took the remaining soldiers to travel with the ship. Free Trade City.

7. The little devil becomes a new king’s hand, and the three stupid and Erdao don’t have to tell them that she will not go home. She wants to explore everything in Westernlo, because there is no one. pass.

权力的游戏8死亡名单各人物结局剧透 权游结局国内延期播出 权游大结局是什么

8. The last scene, the second appearance appeared on the boat, three stupid ruled Lin Dongcheng, but did not stay in the desperate greece, he was reunited with Tommund and Iceland Wolf. The ending of other members is: Sam became a college, Dai Fos became a maritime master, Buron became the main, Buri Bao Gaiting Castle, Buri as a commander, Jandley is the owner of the fortress …

9. Sam mentioned that someone saw the dragon Zhuo Yan, but uncertain. Bran finally said, “I will go find it.” The little devil is looking for more people to fill the position of the vacancy. We also don’t know what the Brand has encountered something in the third episode.

The above is the story of “power game” disclosed by netizens.

In the first two days, foreign netizens launched a JP activity, requiring re-shooting “Dight-on” eighth season, and has exceeded 1 million people to participate in the evening.

权力的游戏8死亡名单各人物结局剧透 权游结局国内延期播出 权游大结局是什么

On this side of China, “The Game of Power” score, from the 9.8 points of the launched to today’s evening 8.1, don’t say the word of mouth “cool”, the heart of the storm is also “cool”.

On the fifth episode broadcast last week, Long Ma was still with the rumor of the Juncheng, still with the plot of Dragon Tucheng, burning a lot of civilians, although the understanding of many netizens, said that “Dragon Mom is so It is completely forced to “understand the angry of the dragon”.

Detailed domestic extension

This morning, Tencent video officials will post a message, “” Because the media transmission problem cannot be online, broadcast time will be notified. ” “Power’s Game” Episode 6 can’t meet us on time, and ten million did not expect the finale to make people experience “rotten” in this way.

The enthusiasm in the comment tells us that Tencent’s internal discussion is due to the relationship between the sweater, this US drama has also been affected. This reason looks a bit stiff, Tencent will not follow the CCTV-6, put “power game”, change to anti-US aid documentary … but “media transmission problem” is even more touched, big Tencent Video, will you encounter such a technical problem?

Since I can’t pass Tencent “Take Ear”, the little friends who have the end of the tour will still have a good diploma, after all, the efficiency of the major subtitles group is very high. Yesterday, HBO also released the bidding poster, thanks to the audience of the world’s power, although the eighth quarter is not very satisfied, we still thank this drama for many years to bring everything, while looking forward to Martin Volume 6 can meet us soon. Goodbye, “The Game of Power”, Hello, “The Song of Ice and Fire”.

权力的游戏8死亡名单各人物结局剧透 权游结局国内延期播出 权游大结局是什么

Power game 8 death list

权力的游戏8死亡名单各人物结局剧透 权游结局国内延期播出 权游大结局是什么

At the beginning of the eighth quarter, Xuelino was assembled in Lin Dongcheng to discuss the uncommon of the United States. At this time, Xuelino and Erqi also reunited for the first time, and the three-eyed crowbran told the true identity of Xuelino. The corpse south, first attacked the winter city and Burning City. Bran, Tommond, and others have suffered a loss. In the end, I have to retreat the Eagle Nest City to wait with the opposite ghosts. The next is a large number of roles, but in the end, some people have succeeded. Let’s take a look.

Long mother’s death

During the child did not participate in the battle because of the Chiffino children, but returned to Longshi Island. In the end, because of the defense, the gold group bought by Josee is sleepy. Dragon Ma can only keep one because it is difficult to produce mother. She took the initiative to die in the hands of the Qiao, who had always loved his heart, but Qiaola couldn’t finally ended the life of the dragon by Varis. Sorry Dragon Mom successfully produced a baby girl, Qiaola and Sam have saved the child.

Square death

Suri learned the death of the dragon from the Kibata, which was very happy to prepare for the drink. Drinking the wine handed over, I have never thought that the body has an abnormality after drinking, and I know that the wine contains high toxic. At this point, Elia, which took the mask, made a knife on the throat of Sax and completed the revenge. Hunting dog with Alia Hunter and brother also have a battle. The final hound won, and also let the brother of the brother to experience a full face feel.


Burni died of the vast ice blade when I cried in the Eagle Nest City, but I also fell into the arms of the lover Jame. At the time of death, I didn’t forget it, let James promised to protect the two daughters of the Starke family. It can be described as very loyal.

Night king death

权力的游戏8死亡名单各人物结局剧透 权游结局国内延期播出 权游大结局是什么

In the Eagle Nest City Decisive Battle, the ice dragon was hurt by Jandley’s Dragon Crystal Gun. The final night king was riding a Qiong Enqi.

权力的游戏8死亡名单各人物结局剧透 权游结局国内延期播出 权游大结局是什么

Qiong En, Hunting Dog, James and Qiaola

I learned that the Dragon Mother’s death news is very strong and determined to join hands to discuss. After knowing his true identity, everyone helped him. After Qiong Enling gathered in the Junlin City, the crazy killing was carried out, and Qiong was riding a lot of golden legion. I don’t want to be hurt by the giant 弩 of the Junlin City, causing unable to fly. Qiong Enqi had to ride a Zhuo Xiang to the dragon point, but it was trapped in Dragon Point. James, Qiaola and Hunting dogs followed by Dragon, James sneaked back. Gunnan killed. The Golden Legion and the hound fight against Zhuo Zhen’s investment spear, Zhuo Wei spurted a lot of flames. Most of the golden corps, but also ignited the gunpowder under the dragon, and finally the four people died in the explosion of the dragon.

权力的游戏8死亡名单各人物结局剧透 权游结局国内延期播出 权游大结局是什么

They lived to the end

Shansha and Jame Deli

权力的游戏8死亡名单各人物结局剧透 权游结局国内延期播出 权游大结局是什么

Sanda married to Jen Deli, which has been resumed by Bai Lei. Shansa ruled Lin Dongcheng and Valley, and Jandley became the owner of the wind. The couple of husbands ruled the three countries in Seven countries, which can be one of the last biggest winners of the right game.


Ricon once again became the king of Junlin City, the Qionghi Daughter of Juqiong and the Daughter of Laiana. Phili is also together with Mi San, and enjoying the fish in the same bed. I also got my own happiness!


Elia seems to see a boat with Namelia (follow his own ice original wolf), leaving Vistlo, go to Esos Mainland.

权力的游戏8死亡名单各人物结局剧透 权游结局国内延期播出 权游大结局是什么


After the Sam War, the King of the Hewan, Gili officially became his wife and was pregnant with Sam’s children. A family has lived a happy life.

权力的游戏8死亡名单各人物结局剧透 权游结局国内延期播出 权游大结局是什么

At the end of the full drama, the lens took us to the pole of the extremely cold. The bran’s body was placed on the altar, and a different ghost put the dragon crystal into the brown chest. Brande opened his eyes, in the eyes of a cold blue light. At this time, another other is wearing the Crown on the head of the Blance. Then the altar is instantly frozen, the full drama is final. Blanch is likely to be a new night king, I don’t know if there will be a ninth season!