James wants to return to the knight last year? Knight reporter: Has talking to Rich Paul


In December 202, if someone said to you, Rally James wants to return to the Cleveland Knight. Do you believe it?

Since LeBron James, the Los Angeles will become the last stop of James career, especially after he helped the Lakers get 2020 NBA championships. However, there have been James’s fans hopes that he can returning home in the last year, but also hopes that James will come to the league tour.


I used to talk about these, but I just said that it is a simple imagination, and now James is really likely to return to the knight on a certain day.

Beijing time on December 21st, NBA reporter, also the latest NBA team reporter’s latest in the tweet, LeBron James is very concerned about the knight’s game, and also talk to his agent Richmond Things to return to Cleveland. At the same time, Ridge Paul is also a broker of the Knight’s first guard Dacougius.


“I know the truth is that he is very concerned about the knight. It is specially sent to the latter. Moreover, he and the Galan broker, that is, Ridge-Paul chats. If he can come back again, this is a charming Idea. “


James will be loaded into the history of the greatest player in the history of the Cleveland Knights. Achilled James in the 2003 NBA draft in Cleveland was selected by the Knights in the NBA draft in 2003, so that he opened his legendary career.

After James Jie, the Cavaliers killed the NBA Finals for the first time in 2007. However, James made a “decision” in 2010 left Cleveland, joined the Miami Heat, and made a “three giants” with Derne Wade, Chris Bosh to achieve his championship. This move caused the extreme dissatisfaction of the knight fans, they burn James’s jersey, tearing James’s posters, insult James. These behaviors have even more tensions between both parties.

But James decided to go home in 2014 and determined to make up for his hometown. He also vowed to win the championship for the team. In the end, he achieved this commitment in the summer of 2016. In the 2016 Finals, James and the Knights finally retrieved the 73-win Golden State Warrior team with a large score of 3-4 and won the NBA championship.

After that, James led the Cavaliers twice to enter the NBA Finals, but they were defeated by the Warriors. In 2018, James left the Knight for the second time and joined the Los Angeles Lakers. This time, it is going to have a smooth, because the Cleveland and team management has recognized James’s contribution to this team. Both parties peace breakup.


James really will go back to Cleveland last? Considering the reconstruction of the Cavaliers, will James will return to the Knight in the future? The end of this season, LeBron and Lakers also have a contract of 2022-23, and he does not have a player option. He or the 2023-year-old selection and the knight signed a pension contract, or the management requires management to trade him to Cleveland.

The Knight is currently 6 consecutive victories, 19 wins 12 lifts in the eastern part. A group of new stars Galang, Jarrent Allen, Evan Mobley, Malkin performance can be used. James’s old team friend Kevin Lefu and the veteran Rubio are playing in the game.