New Year’s thirty shoes don’t have to buy too much, there is such a “temperament boots” enough, sexy and noble!


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As a girl in the trend, the shoe cabinet will always miss a pair of shoes, and it is not enough to buy! However, sometimes it is necessary to choose a pair of shoes. It is also the season of wearing boots, today I want to introduce you to the most IN-top temperament player in the boots – Chelsea boots!

Part 1

Chelsea boots

In fact, it is not only the sock boots. Any pointed shoes have the magical effects of the feet become a boat. We all know that Chelsea boots are the basic paragraph in the boots, and the fashion is still hundreds. It is very harmonious in autumn and winter. It looks more easily.


Once you wear a tights, you will be able to attract your big feet when you build a cold tidy Girl. The most eye-catching part of the ankle.


When you walk, the passers-by seeing your steps, lamented that your feet is really big, you have to worry about your slender shoe to kick the pedestrians to seriously injured.

Part 2

Chelsea boots + Midi skirt


Midi skirt with Chelsea boots unlike a trousers, but this is a kind of wearing a kind of wearing, no matter from a popular style, it is a best one. combination.

If you are ripe, wear knitted, fish tail, microphone. If you want to fresh or college wind, you can choose a dragonfly. I remember that one day on the subway, I saw a big skeleton girl, wearing a pair of Chelsea boots, matching a leather.

A silver pleated skirt that just covers the calf belly, it’s amazing to me, it has been in the daily day to be ignored by our ignore, you can be so cool, so beautiful, so thin.

Part 3


Multiple choices of leather


The classic classic in Chelsea boots is the cowhide. Most of the arcade appeared in front of the streets. If you want to add a particular sense on the basic paragraph of Chelsea, you can choose the different suede, velvet, patent leather, and the temperament has become different.

Like a suede material, there is an old feeling, and the retro, it is easy to wear a high-end handsome. Many people think that suede is difficult to manage, in fact, buy canned shoes powder, shoes are dirty, and they will be like new.

There is also a velvet material of this year, adding noble and elegant taste for Chelsea boots. Patent leather is more playful, but it will not be too kind.

Part 4



Founded in 1829 Tricker’s is one of the oldest leather shoes producers in the UK. His family’s outdoor shoe boots are first-class quality, through the UK Royal Certification, becoming a brand.

Tricker’s Double PAULA’s Chelsea, using deer skin shoes and sheepskin lining, and the touch is soft and tough. The more basic style, material and production quality are more important, this is why I choose this pair of shoes.

I also bought a pair of tricker’s Chelsea boots, soft skin, foot feeling is great, and there is no problem with the street. After wearing it, I feel that my entire British wind shape is more complete.

Part 5

Wide legs + Chelsea

Something and comfortable, simple but fashionable! Bathrobe long coat + wide leg pants has always been a very strong match, plus a pair of black Chelsea boots, more texture ~

Shortwormware is suitable for small children.

And one part of the head Chelsea is best to wear a grit element, randomly rolled up the shackles of the pants, and the wind of a smilly is created ~ with the costume of the card, the classic is not lost, Very suitable for urban OLs ~


Part 6

Chelsea boots + pencil pants


Chelsea boots are characterized by low help, narrow mouths, and ribbon on both sides. There is no decoration in upper, and the overall shape is simple and clean, and it is convenient to wear. Therefore, its versatile properties are also particularly obvious, suitable for everyone.

I like to walk the bucket of the inquiry style, I can learn, pencil pants with small boots, because it is a narrow mouth, so even if she puts her trousers into the boots, she will not look thick ~


In addition, like the trousers and shoes of the same color, you can create a prime precedent, the proportion of long legs, is very suitable for a small girl! Cold area see here, high collar sweater + windbreaker or coat is good ~

Part 7



This Chelsea boots I want to say today come from the British old footwear brand Clarks. For this brand, I don’t want to be unfamiliar, although the brand has some old school, but its Chercy boots are practical to wear.

This Clarks Pita Sedona is the most basic one of Chelsea boots, leather light surface material, comfortable and textive. There is no decoration, simple generous, and real wear.

The upper lines are smooth, and the pointers will look thin and thin. For my waiting, weeks are absolutely savior. Boots of the bullet fabric are also very convenient. Black, brown two colors can be selected. Black invincible wild, while equipped with black pants legs for three meters!

Part 8

Chelsea boots + skirt

Chelsea boots can make new heights with a dress with a dress or a semi-skirt. This neutral handsome boots and a very woman’s flavor are together, very good interpretation of the MAN Balance style, the overall shape is fashionable and personality.

The short skirt and Chelsea boots are like the youthful, and you can show your legs ~ but now it is still cold ~ Everyone is still ourselves.


Dew a small half of the thick socks, let the socks form a thick contrast between the socks and the ankle, of course, the legs are thin and long! The long skirt is elegant, emitting elegant temperament.

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New Year’s thirty shoes don’t have to buy too much, there is such a “temperament boots” enough, sexy and noble!