2021 humidifier purchase strategy, household humidifier recommended (including humidifier avoiding pits Guide)


I. Introduction

2021 in winter is very fast, it seems that I haven’t experienced autumn and autumn, I have been in winter almost overnight. After opening the floor heating, air conditioner, or heater, with the temperature rise, humidity will gradually decrease.


After research,

Comfortable humidity is between 45% RH ~ 65% RH

. Among them, the optimum humidity has a small range of variations with the temperature change. For example, in the winter room temperature is maintained between 18 ° C to 25 ° C, the optimum humidity is controlled at 45% RH-50% RH.

If the indoor humidity is less than 30% RH, the propagation speed of bacteria and viruses in the air is accelerated and the humidity is reduced. It will also cause all aspects of the body, such as the water of the body epidermal, and the skin will dry. The water dispersions of the respiratory surface are lost, and the nasal cavity will be easily bleeding, causing respiratory diseases. This is also the main reason for the high hair of autumn respiratory disease.

Here you can increase the indoor air moisture content by purchasing an air humidifier to improve the indoor humidity.


Second, the type and advantages and disadvantages of humidifier


The humidifier can be divided into three categories:


Ultrasonic humidifier, direct evaporative humidifier, electric steam humidifier

. Next. I will conclude the principles and advantages and disadvantages of various humidifiers.

2.1 Ultrasonic humidifier

▲ Ultrasonic humidifier is the most common type of humidifier on the market (the lowest threshold is also a class of thresholds) which produces high-frequency vibration to produce high-frequency vibration to a small water beads of 1-5 um. Thereby adding moisture in the air to a humidification effect. The figure above is the ultrasonic humidifier I bought on my treasure, dozens of dollars. The white mist seen is being scattered.

▲ However, this ultrasonic humidifier produces the water mist produced by the surrounding environment, affects solid wood furniture, and appliances; if tap water, the inorganic salt in the water will increase the PM2.5 contamination in the room, which is a white powder problem.




Ultrasonic humidifier advantages:

1, technology maturation, low threshold, cheap price;

2, there is almost noise during work;

3, small size, only one ultrasonic water mist generator;

4, energy consumption is very low, usually built-in 1500mAh lithium battery can drive operation for 6 hours;


Ultrasonic humidifier disadvantages:


1. There is a requirement for water quality, it is best to use pure water. Because of the calcium magnesium ions in tap water, the inorganic salt will enter the air with a broken water;

2. It is easy to cause a humidifier next to the humidifier to affect the furniture and electrical appliances;

3, compared to direct evaporative humidifier, ultrasonic humidifier can be limited;

2.2 Direct evaporative humidifier

▲ The rim humidification method used by the Japanese version of the Dajin ACK-70N air purifier belongs to the evaporative humidifier. The water in the water tank is evaporated by rotating the wamp. However, it lacks water purification means, such as silver ions, ultraviolet sterilization, etc. Water storage time is easy to stick, with a breeding bacteria to reach indoors.

▲ there is a UV LED sterilizer at the bottom of the Shule’s humidifier, and the work continues to sterilize in water tanks. The filter is a silver polymerized fiber, re-inhibits humid evaporation cycloalk. Then with the negative oxygen ion generator, purify the indoor air.

▲ Dai Sen PH02 air purifier included humidification function, UV sterilization technology can kill 99.9% of bacteria in water. Antibacterial silver wire over the evaporator can also inhibit bacteria to breed. Dai Sen prices are more expensive, and the air purifier is only the function of the purified fan.

Direct evaporation humidifier advantages:

1. Humidification method is achieved through fan acceleration through fan, and it is also available for water quality problems.


2, white fog and white powder pollution without ultrasonic waves, there is no water mist;

3, easy to clean, simple filter and water tank cleaning;


4, there will be no humidifier side watermark.

Direct evaporation humidifier shortcomings:

1. The general price is slightly higher, and it is several times that of ultrasound;

2, high use cost, ultrasonic basal no consumables, and the cold-evaporation filter needs to be replaced regularly;

3, compared to ultrasonic humidifiers, this humidifier has wind noise when running, and select high quality mute motor as much as possible;

4, the volume is large, generally directly evaporates the large water surface area, so the volume is larger than the ultrasonic wave.

2.3 electric heating steam humidifier

The electrothermal humidifier is the earliest humidifier, the principle is the simplest. It is mainly to heat the water to promote its volatile efficiency, simply use the water to boil, so that the water vapor enters the indoor air to increase the air humidity. This humidifier has a low safety factor, the power consumption is large, has been eliminated by the market, and it is basically difficult to see.

I don’t have too much discussion here.

2.4 Composite humidifier


The composite humidifier uses a humidifier that combines electric heating and direct evaporation type, which is not mainstream. I have seen an AWE 2021 Shanghai Appliance this year.

▲ After its evaporative curtain is in the HEPA screen, and Dai Sen belongs to a form. That is, the air purifier with humidification function.


▲ Although, it is preheated with PTC ceramic heating nets. The generated hot air passes through the porous paper wet curtain to evaporate water vapor, and then cooperate with the intermittent watery to reach the maximum humidification amount of 1000 ml / h.


Although the maximum humidity is up, the energy consumption and price is also higher than the general humidifier. It is so called to have a loss.

Composite humidifier advantages:

1. High water quality requirements, noise;

Division of composite humidifiers:

1, high energy consumption;


Third, humidifier brand recommendation


Next, I will recommend several air humidifiers, and according to the price from low to high, different sessions should be recommended.

3.1 200 yuan end desktop air humidifier recommended


This Delma humidifier uses a retro green neat color, round and transparent. Breaking the home is full, look good again.


Transparent water tank design, similar to glass-like transparency, taking care of color value and practicality. Clear visualization allows you to keep internal conditions at any time, dirt is nowhere to be hidden, and peace of mind.

5L large capacity does not need to add water frequently, it can last for a long time, so that indoor air is kept moist for a long time. There is a 2-speed switch to adjust the amount of fog with your heart. The low-grade satisfies daily humidity demand, and the high-grade gives you the ocean. Put in the room, the bedside table can be both wet.


More unfortunately, it does not have a smart display function and cannot look at the humidity state in the current room.

▲ This Beijing Tokyo creates a humidifier, 5L large capacity, and it works for a whole day. 3-speed aerosol adjustment, button operation, select the amount of outbound in accordance with the degree of dryness, and enjoy the proper moist. 5 gear timing, the longest timing is 10h, and humidity is more free.

One button switches sleep mode, 35dB bass runs. Double water design, unveiling stop and water moisturizing is not waiting.


But more regret is that it does not have a smart display function, and it is impossible to see the humidity state in the current room.

3.2 200 ~ 400 yuan price


▲ This Daewoo air humidifier remains in the form of ultrasonic form, 6L water tank, upper water design.

▲ Intelligent humidity, a total of three fog adjustment. Maximum 300ml / h humidification amount.

▲ This bears ultrasonic humidifier appearance is a retro style, classic blue color, rated humidification amount of 350ml / h, is very suitable for use in bedroom.

▲ Sterilization is a built-in PTC heating body, sterilizing through 130 ° high temperatures. Its water tank also has silver ion antibacterial function.

It has a digital smart touch screen on the outer casing. Real-time humidity can be characterized on the screen, and different functions such as constant moisture, low noise, timing, etc. can also be turned on.


Similarly, it will automatically stop working in water, not afraid that occasionally forget to add water.

3.3 400 ~ 800 yuan price

▲ Shu Lei’s evaporative humidifier is compact, which can be placed on the desktop. Moisturizing and white fog, can be directly added to water, deep purple UV LED sterilization, and negative ion purification.


▲ Easy to use water is easy to use, no need to remove the tap to align the top of the humidifier. Because it has a five-resistant material mesh.

▲ The top of the top filter has built-in Ag + silver ion, nano-oxide and rare earth gold for sterilization; fiber web and super adsorbite use to intercept the impurities in water; build the first barrier.

▲ The water tank capacity is 3.5 liters, and the bottom is a deep UV UV LED lamp with 240 ~ 250 nm wavelengths, and the intermittent work continues to sterilize the water tank. At the same time, you can see the little fan at the bottom, yes! It belongs to the direct evaporative humidifier. Compared to ultrasonic humidifiers, humidification area is larger, wider.


▲ The fan is inhaled from the bottom of the machine, so there is a water-washing pre-filter nylon filter, which can intercept the desktop or ground dust.

▲ The evaporation ring uses a silver polymerized fiber, and again inhibits moistive evaporation cyclo. It is also possible to intercept the calcium magnesium ions and other impurities in water.

▲ This humidifier introduces the Blue Sea R & D inspiration, there is a blue light illumination on the water tank water level, which is convenient to view the water level. At the same time, the atmosphere is also grown.

▲ The infrared remote control of the machine can be adsorbed on the right side of the fuselage and avoid loss.

▲ The machine screen displays the actual air humidity of the current environment, and can be dynamically selected at 40% to 80% humidity. The preset humidity is automatically closed, and the humidity is reduced. Reach constant humidity.

In addition, the negative oxygen ion generator in the machine will continue to work, and the effect of purifying the air and eliminates odor.

In terms of operating noise, the fan is more expensive in full power running. Once the preset humidity is reached, the fan will run in the mute speed. At this time, the indoor background is greater than the machine running noise, and there is almost noise.


Finally, if the water tank is short of water. The wind has automatically delayed 30 minutes, and the moisture on the evaporation ring is blown off. This avoids breeding bacteria in evaporation ring in a long time in a long time. This is a function of many air humidifiers.

▲ This Philips Hu4816 adopted NanoCloud evaporation technology. (White is also natural evaporation) No white fog, it will not beaten around the object.

▲ Upgrade 4L large-capacity water tank, lasting for 26 hours of moisturizing. 300ml / h humidification rate, uniform and fast distribution of wet air. Suitable for 25m2 indoor space.

▲ The panel has a humidity display light, water injection prompt, can automatically set the humidity range, which can be operated. The two-stage wind speed is optional, and the low wind speed is running small.

3.4 1,000 yuan or more


▲ Finland Lifaair Runbao humidifier top shape has a kind of aircraft turbofan engine is visually. The whole machine function button is integrated on the top outer ring, the middle is an OLED display, which shows the room humidity, water level, and the like in real time. The display is equipped with ambient light sensor, which can automatically adjust the darkness of the screen to avoid “light pollution”.

▲ It is only necessary to slidely slide along the edge of the host, you can increase or reduce the air volume. Operation is unusual.

▲ lifaair Runbao does not need to take a water tank and support the water. When adding water, the OLED screen is automatically switched to the current water tank water level, filled with bee prompt.

▲ Unlike traditional humidifiers, Lifaair Runbao air humidifiers first filtered through HEPA H13-level filter (H13 level to PM 0.3 particles, virus filtering effect is 99.97% ~ 99.99%), blocking bacteria, viruse, mold from the source Wait for microbial contaminants.


▲ The bacteria in the water is then killed by double-band UVC deep ultraviolet devices in the water tank to ensure that the water is long.

▲ After filtration, the air is preheated by the PTC ceramic heating net, and the hot air passes through the porous paper wet curtain to evaporate the water, and then cooperate with Lifaair’s unique intermittent water.


1000ml / h

Maximum humidity.


In addition, conventional air humidifiers are in a wet state, which is easy to breed bacteria. The wind dry and wet curtain will be automatically carried out after the Wiring Baobao stopped, and the risk of breeding bacteria is eliminated.

Multi-sensor linkage can be used automatically when working. Through allSenser fully intelligent control, 50% and 60% double standard constant moisturizing in the room can be maintained. And support mobile phone App Remote Control.

▲ This Daisen pH02 is a set of air purifiers that are three functions in the whole house cycle.


▲ UV PH02 UV sterilization technology can kill 99.9% of bacteria in water. It has a three-dimensional mesh evaporator, interleaving antibacterial silver wire inhibits bacterial breeding, no need to replace the filter, there is no consumables in the later period.

▲ For small partners without purification, you can find out the Dai Sen AM10 humidifier.

Fourth, summary

Ok, this article is over. Everyone must compare the specific data of each humidifier at the time of purchase. If this article is able to help you, then you will look at it, take a collection, thank you ~