What are the skills of maintenance school ladder desk chair chair?


Table chair

Auditorium chair

At the time, we must not only use the maintenance, and we can properly extend the service life of the desk chair. Here are some of our recommendations:




School ladder desk and chairs

Place position, we are required to be placed in a place where air is circulating and more dry, do not close to the fire or wet walls, avoid sun exposure, otherwise it is easy to make the school desk and chairs too early age.


When cleaning the desk chair, for the dust on the desk chair, you can use the fluff duster, try not to clean with water, if necessary, use the wipe wet soft cloth to wipe it, avoid using alkaline water, soapy water, laundry powder solvent, because of these It is easy to make the paint on the table and chair surface or caused paint to fall off.


When moving the school desk chair, pay attention to lift the desk chair, don’t drag hard, otherwise it is easy to cause the desk and chairs to loose or damage, don’t damage the strong acid and alkali-corrosive things on the desk and chairs. Steel wood desk chairs should avoid regular contact to prevent internal rust.