The first spring, whitening, at the time, Wei Zi Huan white live launching mask to help skin whitening!


Asian women’s skin is neither as whitening as European and white, is not a healthy wheat that Africans, and the yellow skin living in an intermediate position makes them more attracted to “white beauty” inherent concepts. In addition, the most recent couple of idol dramas, the swimming muscle of the actress in the drama has become a year of fans, so that this beauty is more intense.

They all said that “Spring is not white, summer sad”, so many women who love beauty will choose to start skin whitening care in the early spring. However, according to Xiaobian, the products we have contacted often only have only single power, and the more whitewashed products, the easier to bring the skin to the skin and dry discomfort, and the longer, even for the skin, the skin, etc. . So, if there is a product that is capable of “water content” products that can be “water” skin, will it be your season?


Accordingly, the global medical skin care leadership brand Vichy has been in the past few years, found that the skin is more susceptible to external invasion during the day, and the ultraviolet rays in the sun will make melanin precipitation, and the metabolism of the nights will reach the peak, then more suitable To bring whitening care, the ability of night skin absorbs moisture or 4 times during the day.


In order to better utilize this net white hydrating gold time, French Vichy integrated skin health and multi-field expert, combining a variety of advanced active ingredients and breakthrough night repair technology, launching Vichi ideal whitening the late membrane, While helping the skin of the skin, it can continue to inject a strong power from the French volcanic hot spring water, and achieve a deep hydrating and a dual-root-rich freshness in the night!


245 yuan / 75 ml

Vichi ideal whitening the whitening moisturizing dual-efficiency energy, from Vichy to the frontier technology, it will be able to repel the existing black patent SymwhiteTM with the first breakthrough AquakeepTM Spa Water Combining technology, in the picture of Zhuo Yi whitening, the skin can absorb multiple natural volcanic hot springs throughout the night; in order to make the skin more bright white, it adds a unique vitamin E soft bead that is solubilized in the skin, from Roots antioxidant repair, effectively prevent melanocyin deposition; accurate matching glycerol ingredients, more capable of tough skin barriers in whitening moisturizing, prevent skin from external environmental damage.

If you want to have a whiteline healthy skin in the early spring, you will use Vichy’s thorough night whitening energy to inject new vitality into the skin, so that you can wake up in the morning and enjoy the whitening water muscle!