Memory this dog


When the new house was built before the old room, the father of the running business had brought a little dog with a leather bag. When I saw it or a small, the hair was dark, and I looked unhappiness. Later, I came to the new house. I gave it a single order next to the toilet. I watched the straw. I looked at it. When everyone got hide, I always love to catch the dog out, hide in the dog’s nest, I look at them in the bricks, of course, this kind of trick is not much.

At the summer, we loved dinner in the yard, around 6 o’clock, the sky was still very early, the dog came back and forth, my father threw it to it, he was squatting. It is freedom in the evening, the whole yard is it, the autumn corn stick is in the hospital, running out from time to time, when it caught the dead, put it in the conspicuous position on the platform, my mother opened the door. He caught his mouse, and he was happy to reward it ham, the next day, it is more diligent.

My family has a pomegranate tree, which is a seedlings who take it there. I often give it “watering” when I pee, and the dog is looking at me. I have learned that I am pomegranate. How long is the pomegranate tree is “burning” dead. Pull in the evening, because the toilet has not light, I love in the courtyard, near the lights on the platform. The dog ran back and forth in the yard, waiting for me to pull a certain amount, it’s a lot of time, and finally didn’t leave traces, this is a tacit understanding.

My family didn’t bring it, my father brought it to my aunt, I heard that my father was taken to take a roast sausage. Goodbye it was four years later, it gave me aunt, it heard that someone came in and started to be sentimental, I was called it across the back, it should be a little change, it heard, but didn’t hear it, continue to scream When I turned the wall, let it see me, immediately stopped the sound, dragging the chain to me, then I am actually surprised, I didn’t expect to have not seen it for many years, I recognized me at a glance.


When I heard it, I was in the first two or the first three, I said it was dead. At that time, it should be around fifteen years old, and I should have a longevity in the dog world. My father buried it in the place. . This time I wrote a headline article, I intend to write a memory, I remember it, I hope that I can let everyone know it.

Austria, yes, it is a bouncing dog, lifetime. This is the regret of my family.