There are old people to pay attention! These “old shoes” nearly half of the mass do not meet the standard


At present, there is a net red product in the footwear market, known as “old shoes” or “scientific shoes”. Merchants claim that this is specially designed for the elderly, more suitable for the foot type characteristics of the elderly, which is both comfortable and non-slip. However, the pair of “old shoes” is likely to be unqualified!

Best-selling “net red” shoes

Really comfortable, safe?

The reporter found that many supermarkets, professional shoes and large shopping malls were found in Beijing, Shanghai, and large shopping malls. They all have the so-called “old shoes” counters, and the products are very popular.

Subsequently, the reporter also logged in to some e-commerce platforms. When searching for “old shoes”, it was found that these e-commerce platforms sold the price from tens of yuan to thousands of yuan, and various brands were dazzled.


Most merchants claim that they sell “old shoes”, which are specially designed according to the foot type characteristics of the elderly, and is not too tired, it is more suitable for the elderly.

Comfortable, non-slip safety

It is the basic characteristics of “old shoes”.

Recently, the League of the Yangtze River Delta Consumer Protection Committee conducted a comparative trial for the quality of “old shoes”. But the formation of the business is clearly contrast,

On the general indicators of the basic performance of the footwear, the “old shoes” tested repeatedly touched the standard red line.

Test the hardness, abundance, and wear resistance

“Old people shoes” reached the standard?

Among the 80 batches of samples purchased by the comparative test, 54 were collected from the network e-commerce platform, and 16 were collected from the physical store, and there were 10 pieces from TV shopping.

Nearly 5 years of sample hardness exceeds the standard “more comfortable” is just a head

Due to “old shoes” is an emerging product, there is no special product standard. At present, most manufacturers have expressed the implementation standards for travel shoes or casual shoes. In view of the change in the old man’s foot, the body function decreases, and the situation close to the child’s demand, this comparative trial, the testing institution adopts the officially implemented children’s leather shoes in 2017, and the “old shoes” Evaluation.

However, in the test, in the 80-batch sample, as many as 38 batches of “old shoes” samples are not within the standard requirements, accounting for 47.5% of the total samples. There are many products that are more well-known brands. For example, Beijing’s probiotics, Shanghai’s Baibujian and Jianfukang; and Fujian’s Qianda, Step, Kanghuang, Yurai and other “old shoes”.

The outermost hardness is comparative test, and many merchants have claimed that “the old shoes” “more comfortable” functionality is true.

14 differential resistance does not have to include Auguston, Yurkang and other brands

Test persons introduced that wearing is an important performance of shoes,

Folding performance

Is one of the most important indicators. There is a problem with the ability to make a variety of resistance, and the sole break will occur.

Experiments have shown that

There are 14 “old shoes” and the ability to do not have to be closed.

There have been cracks or gelators over standard requirements. In 14 batches of variable resistance, the phenomenon of flexion or cracks occurred.


The problem of casual women’s shoes is the most serious, and there are 3 gels in the left and right shoes. In addition, the test

Iug Kang brand men’s single shoes, Aokang brand women’s single shoes

Different degrees of gelatin have occurred.

14 wear resistance is not related to probiotics, Baibeijian and other brands


Wear resistance

It is another important indicator that detects if “old shoes” is wearing.


During the test, wear-resistant performance does not meet the samples of the company’s express standards.

14 batches

Among them, there are many best-selling brands, such as

Beijing’s probiotics, Shanghai Baibialjian and Jianfukang; and Fujian’s Qianda, Steps, Kanghuang, Yurai

“Old shoes”.

The market demand is not professional standard

In recent years, the number of old people in my country has grown rapidly. The huge population of old age, provides huge market space, production and sales of “old shoes”, from more than 1,700 people in 2014

More than 3,500 in 2018


But the problem also produces: That is, the product claimed to be “old shoes”, although she sells bovine fire, but

In fact, my country does not have any standards about “old shoes”.

The reporter found an interesting phenomenon in the survey: Although most “old shoes” product labeling is the implementation standard for travel shoes or casual shoes, the salesperson is almost all of the “old shoes” concept, but not intentionally It dimmed its relationship with travel shoes or casual shoes.


The 80-batch sample of this comparative trial is 47 batches of cargo standards. 6 batches of leisure shoe standards, and 27 batches, or not to mark the execution standard, or not.

There is no standard so-called “old shoes”, and the product quality is naturally good.

There is a good thing to meet the needs of the elderly needs, but the current situation of the industry is obviously not satisfactory.

It is already a consensus on the “old shoes” group standard for specialized elderly.


. I hope that the old people can wear more comfortable old people!


Source: CCTV News

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