Reprotice new paper diaper breathable new technology, Beabax Tmall “Qigong Series” heavy pound


At the moment, the Chinese diaper industry is welcoming the key moments of iteration. New people, new channels, new brands to reshape industry pattern, new power to rise, domestic brand corner overtake, master gathered era more test the comprehensive strength of internal and external work, has hard core, young, brand image, The big brands that use all channel marketing integration to create a new experience of consumption, Beaba is undoubtedly the most typical representative of the diaper track.

As a highly powerful and potential black horse in the maternal and child market in recent years, Beaba has achieved remarkable results in product innovation, user operation, brand ecological construction, and continuous breakthrough, integrating more passion for brands. vitality.

On May 28th, Beaba × Tmall Qigong New Products Conference and Donghua University’s licensing ceremony was successfully held in Huzhou, Zhejiang.

On the spot, the scene not only witnessed the start of the Beaba Unit Tmall – the first debut of the Qigong series, brought another surprise sincerity, and also gathered a number of experts to discuss the innovative diaper gas gas. And there is more important leading value for innovation breakthroughs throughout the industry.

BEABA × Tmall

“Qigong series of diapers” heavy debut

Explore the gas kungfu

As the market education is more mature, “picky” new generation of maternal and child consumers have become accustomed to the new rapid iteration upgrade, diapers move towards high-endization, the trend of fine division of specialization is highlighted, users demand will force industrial upgrades, brands have come from raw materials , R & D, production and other links, only to provide users with the most quality comfort experience.

Among them, breathable as the first major core appeal of the mother’s purchase of diapers, is also the main research direction of many brands of product innovation. Especially in the hot summer, when the baby wears diapers, if the hip part is in a humid, a hot environment, plus the stimulation of feces and urine, it is easy to cause bacterial infections, red butt, the mother is The voice of “breathable” is getting higher and higher, how to improve the ventilation of diaper into the industry’s key to overcome.

As the highlight of this conference, Beaba combined with Tmall starting new products, new launch of super breathable diapers – Qigong series diapers, amazing debut.

According to Mr. Yu Xiaohui, General Manager of Beaba Brand, “Qigong Series” combines the number of latest scientific research results in the diaper sector. It is more than 10 times higher than that of similar products on the market. BEABA has been developed for more than two years of technology. In this new product, the first application is achieved, both in breathability, dryness, and the baby experience is significantly improved.

Specifically, Beaba “Qigong Series”


The most highlight of breakthrough RAT transients technology and original OVS transparent technology, the former instant locking water is all qi, enhances key absorption performance; the latter has a three-dimensional surround breath with air black technology, and lays autonomous breathing system. Creating inflammatory aerobics, promoting gas permeability in technology “new”.

Through the sealing test test of the gas discharge, the gas can be free shuttled in the diaper under membrane microporous in the late membrane microporous diaper, which has a large amount of air bubble.


Second, the “Qigong Series” is full of effort. Carved double-sided punch, fully open air convection channel, more breathable and refreshing; the surface layer composite multiple air flex points, stereo fluffy, reducing skin contact, including hidden bristles, capacity upgrade,

Improve quality sensation with the “new” of fabrics

In addition, exquisite tailor is perfectly brought into the baby’s shape, light and boundless, and the slopes will effectively prevent side leakage; zero touch magic is soft and comfortable, reduce baby skin friction, unrestricted exploration,

Improve the experience in designing “new”.

Behind specialization, high-quality products, inseparable from the support of scientific research.

From the most deepest demand of consumers, experience innovation in technology en functioning scenes, Beaba has built from “Air Lab Ventilation Lab”, from the quality, safety, appearance and other multi-dimensional self-test products, this “Qigong Series” Breakthrough RAT transients and original OVS transparent techniques are exclusively developed by Air Lab ventilation laboratories.

While providing high-quality products for consumers, Beaba has always focused on environmental protection and recyclable resources, and actively assumes the responsibility of large brands, with better products and services to feed back consumers’ long-term trust support.

Yu Xiaohui said: “

From the first day of birth, Beaba has always adhered to the four philosophy. First, let environmental protection into life, pay attention to exploration of environmental protection materials, we must do more as possible for future generations as possible; second, let innovation drive life In 2017, Beaba redefines the diaper thickness benchmark in the industry. Re-define the diaper breathable bench in 2021, constantly innovation; third, let the creative dress life, through product design creativity, brand promotion creativity, let the child care life is full; Fourth, pay attention to the ultimate experience of the product, such as Beaba is the first to introduce the unpacking. In short, Beaba is a brand that has both colorful functions.


At the event, multi-industry senior experts focused on new diaper breathable technology discussion, and the experts also gave a high degree of Beaba “Qigong Series” diapers.

Including this strategic cooperation with Donghua University, the main R & D direction is still new, “is committed to more breathability, more soft, more environmentally friendly, we hope to use the company’s scientific research capacity to further growth in the BEABA Yu Xiaohui said.

“Brand is life”

BEABA differentiation system winning mother and baby new era


In the brand Lin Li, the bureaucratic market, Beaba has entered the school in 2016. The top ten in the diaper industry in 2016, and the sales volume exceeded 2 billion, officially entered the forefront of domestic diapers, and the differentiated brand positioned in the maternal and child. Leading a fashion style, high quality, high-quality products quickly occupied young family users, and the amazing outbreaks could not help but cause multi-party attention:

BEABA is a common choice for new generation of young families?

To explore the answers to this question, you must read the user’s mentality of the new era. For this young mother, choosing a brand is to choose a lifestyle. The diaper is not just a diaper. A baby needs to replace 6,000 diapers from birth to a growth stage. Every replacement is a new experience. Every time you choose to reflect a family unique living taste.

Beaba knows the inner demand of this generation of young people, has always heard the expectations of mothers. Through cooperation with internationally renowned research companies, Beaba has to carry out 12 symposiums in one year, 10,000 copies, 400 household surveys, 100,000 products trial … Just provide the best choice for consumers. Adhere to the “everything from love”, Beaba cooperates with domestic and foreign pediatric experts, research institutions, and continuously optimizes the product through more in-depth infants and young children’s basic research and product innovation.

In order to strictly control the quality in all aspects of the production link, Beaba spent 300 million yuan in the first phase of Zhejiang Huzhou, the first phase of the construction of 30,000 square meters, introduced 5 international standard production lines, and established long-term use of global TOP raw materials suppliers Stable cooperation, select quality resources, maximize product structure and quality, ensure product quality and innovation walk in the front of the industry, provide a better product experience for your baby. On the same day, many experts, the media walked into the production workshop of Beaba, witnessed the birth of high quality diapers.

Up to now, Beaba has established a rich product line matrix, covering diaper series, exquisite care series, daily production series, including infant diapers, female sanitary napkins, wipes, cotton scarves, paper towels, laundry solutions, etc. Cover multiple scenes of family life, meet the diverse needs of different ages and different populations. At the same time, the same thing behind the different products is that the brand image of “Beaba Life” is increasingly deep into the heart, defining a new way of parenting life, Beaba has become a young family like the young family.

Looking back in the history of Beaba, in just a few years, in the domestic mainstream e-commerce platform, the social platform has almost all-round coverage, and the mainstream maternal and child channels are covered, and the merchant exceeds the department store, and the king, music Friends, Dari-ranked systems and other well-known chain systems in-depth cooperation, the product is hot market, which is widely trusted by consumers. More importantly, Beaba is used in all-channel marketing, the new way of playing the consumer, the member system, live broadcast, short video breeding, the high-level can promote new users, high quality, high-quality conversion Take more loyal users, and finally capture hundreds of millions of mothers.

As Yu Xiahui said, in the user era, we must operate users more intentionally. “Beaba is a young brand. We not only understand the true preferences of young mothers, but also solve the most practical needs, more importantly, Beaba talk to young consumers interactive communication, play together, therefore, Beaba is good-looking, easy to use, fun. “

Standing in the industry, users have a high quality pursuit and the desire to new products, driving the growth of the entire maternal and child industry; new technology, new materials, accelerate diapers to quality and professional development, and consumers each stage of subtle insight, it determines the final transformation of the brand. We see that in diapers homogenization of increasingly fierce competition today, Beaba not only have the ability to “think consumers are thinking,” more power “when you want it,” I believe in the future, Beaba will continue to speed up the run, and continued innovation leading the industry iterative upgrade.