Thin, through, no matter which style you like, the following bra is the standard of summer


Sometimes, the bra is selected, the clothes don’t appear like you want. The bra determines your exquisiteness, only focusing on the surface of the surface, not trimming, is not exquisite.


Some people like the thinness of the french bra, and some people love to buy CUP gathering. No matter which one you belong to, the following bra is a summer standard!

01, no trace bra


I have happened by brass and shoulder strap, you have happened ~ Long-term, shoulder easily sore. Summer clothes are relatively thin, the clothes are very smooth, and the traids are more obvious, so that the image points can be discounted!

According to this non-traceful bra, it is the cloud cotton material, which has extremely demanding. The material has significant viscoelasticity, soft skin, absorbing impact kinetic energy, and it will not be deformed repeatedly. Macroporous breathable, gentle and care, but also have a beautiful back effect, meet a variety of body needs; summer is not worn, waiting for winter.


02, beautiful back


Summer is a season that exists in order to dew, do you want to look good? It has to be embellished with the bracers. The design feature of the beauty is to modify your back, but also safe to prevent light, but also fashion exposed ~


It is a front-fashioned, exquisite lace cup, unique taste. The thin thickness, the classic 3/4 cup. Light sexy and beautiful back, no steel ring design makes your chest comfortable. The key performance is also high, it feels super-conscience; if you eat soil this summer!

03, thin brace

The hot summer, wearing a breathable. The lightweight bra will be more popular in the summer, and many girls are fascinated by its cool, the sexy of the people, and the unfettered comfortable ~

04, lace bra

Exquisite women generally know how much menstrual heart on the bra is fascinated by elegant and exquisite lace. The lace’s fabric is thin and soft, with beautiful lace, looks romantic and beautiful. The hand is soft and comfortable, refreshing, if the hidden texture rendering is 朦;; this is the top?

Summer bra breeding is these ~ By the way remind everyone, don’t expose too much because of the heat, so as to avoid tanning, sunburn!