Choosing the wrong time you should know these


God beasts, and parents have a good mood written on the face. At the beginning of the school season, parents started to buy various learning supplies to children; the university new reward, the dormitory artifact has also been packaged. From primary schools to universities, the biggest common point of learning supplies on the desk is to learn lamps, which is what we often say.

选错就交智商税 选购护眼灯前你应该知道这些

The price of eye protection on the market does not wait from tens of yuan to thousands of yuan, the quality of the product is uneven, the market fish dragon is mixed, how to choose the eye light of the truly protected vision, today we will talk to you.

Before we pick the eye-catching lamp, we must first know which types of eye protection lights. on the market,

选错就交智商税 选购护眼灯前你应该知道这些

Three of our common eye protection lights: high-frequency lamps, LED table lamps and DC eye lights.

High-frequency lamp

选错就交智商税 选购护眼灯前你应该知道这些

It is a fluorescent lamp that reaches 30K-50kHz, which is the energy-saving lamp we know. The grid frequency is 50 Hz, and the human brain feels less than 30 Hz flash, but the human eye can. When the human eye encounters glare / light and dark light, the pupil will keep shrink and enlarge, and the eyes will feel fatigue.

In order to make the eyes not feel frequent, the merchants add electronic inverters in the lamp, and change the original frequency, that is, the 30k-50kHz mentioned above is the composition of most eye protection technology on the market. The fluorescent lamp is luminous through heating, effectively avoiding blue light; however, it is undeniable that such eye protection is still flashing, and the price is higher.

LED light

It is the most largest product, with high brightness and long life. The LED light is high, it is easy to stimulate the eyes, and it is more suitable for places with low illumination quality requirements. Many eye lights on the market are LED light sources. Some brands are tune the LED light source to warm white, and even yellow, in fact, after filtering Blu-rays, their principle similar to the “Reading Mode” set by iPhone.

Throwing Blu-rays, more than a means of advertising, but is a means of publicity.

DC eye light

选错就交智商税 选购护眼灯前你应该知道这些

The flashing problem of changing the fluorescent lamp is changed. The smooth current of the light-moving lamp is converted into a DC that allows the eye to make a uniform soft light, which can effectively reduce the fatigue of the eye.

In addition to light source, you should pay attention to the following parameters when compared to eyeking lamps:

Color temperature:

National Standard GB / T9473-2017 “Requirements for Reading Writing Work Table Lights” Section 6.2.2. Stipulations: For LED lamps with color temperatures above 4000k, “Recommended color temperature to 4000K below”. “

The 4000K “scientific color temperature” is also defined as a dedicated color temperature of reading and writing, the light is soft and not glaring, and it will not cause a sleepiness, gentle care student.

A level AA grade:

The light source and desktop of the typical lamp are fixed, and the adjustment range is not too large. This means that our requirements for eye-catching light illuminances, can be used to convert the requirements for the extraction of eye light, that is, the most fundamental “light enough”.

There is no quantifier regulation in the national standard, but “enough is not bright” is a key factor in the purchase and use of luminaires. Therefore, there is a reference. Illumination = light flux & Divide; unit area

The illuminance of the eyelighting lamp is large enough, enough to illuminate the entire desktop, the child does not need to constantly move books and eyeballs to accommodate illumination. When the child is read and written, the eyes will move frequently on the paper surface or on the screen. If the light distribution is uneven, the child’s pupil will continue to adjust the light of the light, and it is easy to cause eye fatigue.

The merchant will directly mark the AA grade, the AA level of eye protection is better, and of course the price is higher.

Select color index ra:

This indicator reflects the color display effect of the object under the light. It is popular, that is, the light is on painting, whether the color can be restored normally, that is, the color “is not correct”.

When you buy a desk lamp, you must select a top lamp with high color index. The color color index is generally greater than 80. If you want to draw some things to have a high color requirement under the table lamp, it is recommended to purchase a product with a color color index greater than 90. From the perspective of vision protection, the light of the high color index helps protects the vision, some high-end eye protection, and the color color index can reach 95.

Write in the end, buying eye lights don’t want to budget, it is about you daily use of eye health, if there is no bright eye life will always live in the “Silent Hill” in the fog.

So, whether it is a university tense learning stage, or the hard work of work overtime, a quality-hard eye light is the lighthouse you escort for health on the road. Therefore, a variety of parameters of eye lamps are summarized, and there are several good eye lights for everyone.