Mortto teaches you a formula to get your trendy 7 days a holiday!


Every time I travel, I stuffed my clothes into a 24-inch setting box, I found that tourism is already the same as moving. Other no matter, the clothes occupy a lot of boxes. And took a bunch of clothes that went to the destination in minutes.

In fact, travel is simple. Follow the following steps, it is time to say to the 24-inch setting box!

7 days = 3 pieces of top +2 pants +1 pairs of shoes


// 3 pieces of top ///

Pure white T-Shirt

Little white TEE has more powerful, you see how Kndall Jenner has more love to it:

I was loved by four seasons

This name is not passed down, not just a white cloth, it can save your printed dress, Boyfriend jeans, wide legs.

For the next night before traveling, don’t forget to open the wardrobe to put the small white TEE in the box.

Sky blue shirt

If you have to have a piece of clothes to meet the wishes of girls and pure, the sky blue shirt must be the Must Have Item in your travel clothes.

Oliva, Alessandra, Miss Zhong and Taylor are faithful to the blue shirt.

You can choose a satin or numbness, wear a texture full; the style, the fitted or BoyFriend wind can be considered, you can see that you like elegance or personality; and color, you can also come according to your skin color and body Considering that Alessandra is wheat, wearing a velvet blue is most suitable.


Slip dress dress


The fine skirt can be a balance for 7 days with the weight between MAN and the mother. It is the same as the blue shirt, but can MAN. You can bring both a woman’s elegant shoulder outline, and you can wear a universe effect in one second.

The color of the suspended skirt can also be selected according to your skin color, generally recommended black, so that it is the same as the heart.


// 2 pants //


Wide leg pants

Who said the wide legs out? This long legs are the gospel of the short-legged interlock, and the long legs are “careful”. Whether it is a sports style, high street wind is still a workplace, a wide-leg pants have N possibilities, you can let you walk the wind!

On the way to travel, you can use a wide-leg pants to match 3, 4 Looks are not in the words, so how can you not bring it ?!


No more jeans in the wardrobe? A piece of cowboy can save you 50% a day. Similarly, you can travel, it is definitely a conscience that saves space and weight.

Simple T-Shirt, if you are a little cold, you will put a thin coat. The daily Simple Chic model is 5 minutes.

// 1 pair of shoes //

Is it a high-heeled shoes or flat shoes? It is already high-heeled shoes. It is hard to put a false, of course, let the feet relax, plus the road to travel is a few times, and we also wear flat shoes.

What is better than the small white shoes?

A pair of MORTTO’s M-shaped Monogram Loofeng shoes, adding vitality to your journey, and the thick design can protect your feet, not damaged for a long time.

7-day holiday with a match, it is ready for you.

If you feel that the color is monotonous, you can use ornaments: earrings, choker, necklaces, watch or bags to match the shape, so you can have a hundred-change style!


Remember this formula, don’t bring a bunch of clothes that will not wear to travel, we must wear the most exquisite. Try it, pick up your clothes, pick up the registration box, come to the trust box to the trunk!

About MortTo:

Mortto is a high-quality footwear brand of Hong Kong Group Walker Shop, which is designed for the city’s middle-aged comfortable fashion shoes, including talking, easy business, leisure holidays and love Four series, providing high quality, cost-effective comfortable shoes for every Chinese-owned middleman.