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Tang Wenson

“Happy is the just need for everyone.” In the entrance hall of the humor bookstore, the slogan of 5 or six in the mouth is open. Well, the space and psychological distance are very close. Humorous and humorous culture, for ancient and modern Chinese and foreign teachers and contemporary, in the long history, it has formed a complicated origin and social function in the history, but in any case, people are happy to be the first espressions.

Humorous bookstore entry

At noon on a certain day, the first time I got a humorous bookstore. The bookstore opened in summer, as high as all new stores are as high as highlights. However, the heat of the net red bookstore is different, the four or five months of time flying, the interview report of the humor bookstore is constantly, the substantive content is getting more and more rich, and the book gather together to laugh. . I have seen it, the road is far, the goal is in the distance, the road is still very long.


Humorous bookstore


The appearance of the bookstore is unified, and it is full of bright green, from the door to posters, uniforms, green plants, detail to the bookshelf, the book, the notebook, the same green, one Ergyps of life to try. As a result, humor is a kind of quality refining from life, and laughs too, and also is also humble, and it is also a carnival, always the love of life.

Turn out, the recent activity is the “How to Humor Express” in late October, and guide the “humorous” book. Although I didn’t participate, I saw the photos of the lecturer smiles this book, as well as the preset course outline, the event scene. After walking in the store, the activity area is located after the door screen, which is likely to see the pattern under the stage. After the author’s visual, after the removable small bookcase, the site is full of more than about 20. In this way, more than small courses, cross talks, detachment, drama, etc. can also be carried out. For most types of activities, hardware is definitely enough. For example, the other side of this old tea house, one lap is the most suitable, if it is a big scene of a thousand people, selling the fare of the singing level, then deviates from the old days of the world. Humorous intuitive transmission and diffusion should also have space laws.

Internal space of a humorous bookstore

There is still a single event, and there is also a standing, such as Mr. Chen Xiaoying, which is introduced by the clerk (China Drama Aesthetics, “Comedy World” magazine founder) related publications, set a separate special, exhibition Including monographs, translating, compiling, journals, even in the home collection, is a rare. The so-called book exhibition Chen, with a scope of thinking, its exhibition is a “exhibition”. There is also a “all-universe station”, the theme is more distinct, compared with Chen Xiaoying’s special exhibition, he is equivalent to the adult Wen Jing, which is biased towards the low-child simple, and the same room at the same room. Commendation, take care of the readers of each group.


Humorous bookstore Chen Xiaoying’s Comedy Aesthetic Workshop

In the direction of the frontal diagonal, it is a relatively independent room, which is set as a comic book. The four walls hangs a comic work, the middle side table specializes in comic book, and has a small chair, implies the reading function. Most of this comics are national, there are European and American works, almost have not seen the day. I think, the daily influence in China is not moving, but “I want to change the chaos” will pass forever. The variation is mainly “the same”, but rely on “different” of “non-mainstream”. Contemporary physical bookstores have certain media features, the media must be valuable tendency, need to be specifically expressed, express in the humorous bookstore as the exclusive, its implied value guides are in the case. Because the content is rare, the style is warm, full of respect, I cherish this expression.

Humorous bookstore’s bookshelf showcase

The bookstore is located at No. 108, auspicious in Chaoyang Gate. It is the seller of the residential community, clipped between the industry, the 唐-日 商 商 商,, from the location, is the location of the community shop, where it is The environment, the innate temperament is in the commercial area, and the scenic bookstore is different. It is understood that this site is previously a beauty salon, and it is a small and medium-sized store in Xinhua Bookstore. The industry is Xinhua Bookstore. Therefore, changed the store, the appearance of the appearance, the fact is to return to the source. In addition to making books – based, a culture represented by humorous words is also important. Just like a haha ​​mirror in the store, more than 100 square meters of shops put four, the original function of Hahji is amused, making people self-reflecting, bringing direct laughter, but through historical precipitation, It has become a symbol of a certain attitude of a culture.


Therefore, in the geographic location dimension label of the community bookstore, the content dimension is a keynote store. Corresponding to the subject bookstore, a comprehensive bookstore, such as a common Xinhua bookstore, all-category books have supplies, do not reflect particular attention to special attention in certain areas, and bookstores will not be in the content. The subject bookstore means that there is a surrounding, especially in the content, especially in content. For example, general retail needs, such as buying common books, best-selling books, more probabilities in the integrated bookstore, because the non-main book may be sieved in the subject bookstore; and a professional book in a field, cold door Book, earlier version, is generally difficult to see in a comprehensive bookstore, but in the theme bookstore, the independent bookstore is likely to find, such as “smile Guangmei”, “World Sorry”, and all kinds of funny columns. In addition, non-physical online purchase platforms with book retail functions are completely different logic, in this regard.

The full space of the humor bookstore stationed in Beijing

In the past era of general cultural demand in the reader, there is no strong theme, and the comprehensive bookstore has the advantage of “all”, it can be “new”, which is invincible, which is undoubtedly welcomed by the masses, and the market adaptability is also stronger. In recent years, cultural demand has become a few rounds of upgrading. Volkswagen has become increasingly disturbed by the cultural content of high quality, refined, which also projected into physical bookstore, various theme bookstores, and independent bookstores. Gradually distinct, and even become the foundation of it. Therefore, the theme bookstore benefits from the theme and also serves the subject. The “form-content” mutual interaction process between the bookstore carrier and the cultural content is completed by specific business practices, which is also the process of serving the reader with quality space and feature.

Every cultural or subculture, but there is a social population foundation, there will be its condensation form, forming solid crystals, or a website or magazine or place, and the virtual entity on the line is not one. What I don’t pay attention to is a variety of theme bookstores, leading roles in the field of various cultural content. For example, Hangzhou Southern Song Song Zhu Zhu Song Dynasty It is full of relevant topic enthusiasts to pin in physical space and spirit. If a culture, there is no corresponding theme bookstore for the purpose of this, and it is unfortunately. The humor bookstore is the subject bookstore under such a situation, even in the theme bookstore, it is also a wiper in the theme bookstore, named humor, and the first family for humor What it can do is far more than a humorous two-word display related publications and literary products, but to mine and promote humorous culture as their own responsibility, culture is used, the store is used, retail, show Chen, short drama, literary, Three-headed six arms, etc., and still expand and explore.


Reading space in bookstore

The public is familiar with the writer called the humorous pen, such as Lao She, Wang Zengqi, Wang Hao, etc., the store has already scaled, and it is not fast. Outside the writer, it is famous for the famous non-popular cultural theme. Mr. Chen Xiaoying is a leader. In addition, Mr. Hou Baolin is a senior, Madhhua (“Journey to the West” in the Pig Eight Rings The representative’s TV series (play role) actor, Chaplin represented comedames, as a book authors, objects and humorous interpretors, they will not be leaked by humorous bookstores, and the relevant books are also available on the shelves, cover facade If you laugh in the face, “laugh” is not general.

Of course, it is more humorous, or the teacher is sailed. He is the first physical bookstore, the first in the world, is the wanderer and practical home in this field. He rushed for the bookstore and bookstore’s superior company, lunch did not eat, hurried, and introduced the bookstore, introduce himself. Sheng Big Brother is seven zero, has made music, TV, publishing and have quite achievements, with a rich experience, get rid of the past, and the first-line work of the bookstore, it should be rare in the practitioners. Private understanding, according to “When I talk about the book, I sang something”, the authors of the book, the launch of the teacher has served as the deputy president of the Chinese Bookstore Publishing House, and the publishing industry upstream of the bookstore is all understanding. . More than an hour of the sea, I feel that the teacher is modest, dedicated, enthusiasm, and the foundation about the book industry and the physical bookstore is quite solid, many ideas are still very close. He does not only write bookstore diary every day, and more in the store books, write countless illustrative small strips, wearing between bookshelves.

Bookstore author’s life-written book introduction

Regarding “What do I sing when I talk about the book”, I also left a short comment on Douban: Due to the bookstore to settle the big brother, trace the old song from the book, and listened to the book from the CD. As the sound name of the musicians, it is one of the pioneers of China’s local rock and folk rhyme. He launched a special-time musician career end of the album “bright light”, and published this book after the deep population publishing industry. The album cover is green, the color of life, and it is also used in this book. This book includes 18 original songs to create a book to interpret a book, and it can be said to create a new realm in the form of book review. …… The pioneer of this genre itself, as well as the taste of the book songs, it is destined to have a very high specimen value.


“Xinhua Bookstore” logo at the door of the humor bookstore

Although the door is hung in the door, in the Xinhua Bookstore, the humor bookstore has a different look, not just the strong theme, more in the formatic borderless exploration. According to the introduction of the lake teacher, I guess it myself, this store should be an innovative pilot of Xinhua Bookstore System, starting high, exploring the new mode, single store camp is not the end point. Since the 2020 new crown epidemics, the physical bookstore in recent years has been repeatedly hit, and the Xinhua, the state-owned enterprise is not good. The humor bookstore shoulders the road mission, and it is a state-owned bookstore system, which is the dawn of Beijing Xinhua Book Store.

The superiors of the bookstore are new to Xinhua culture, and the Beijing Xinhua Bookstore, the foreign bookstore is equal, and the common list of common orders is Beijing Issue Group. In order to make a supervisor in the high level of the launched teacher, this store is also hoped by the Group. The opening of the humor bookstore, I think it is a typical “institutional entrepreneur”. Any business is going on the right track, forming the law, is relatively easy. So I think, “success” is very much, and the greatness is very small. The great heart, it will not be in the current situation in a lifetime, always explore the new realm, keep changing, beyond, and thus will never be easy. Throughout the career of the teacher’s career, it is a non-stop. Every timemore, he is going through the previous road. Going, for the same pair, and went to the wilderness to go out of a new road.

There is also a major feature of the humor bookstore, which is the bookstore diary, which is sailed in the public number “Humorous Bookstore”, so far, there is no interruption. In my impression, insist on writing diary bookstore, there is Beijing’s bookstore bookstore, Boyu Book, Agura, Participation Bookstore, Human food bookstore, and so on. The early diary of the other side bookstore has been published in the “Beijing Bookstore Impression” (Yan Bin / Editor-in-Chief, Central Compilation Press, 2016), its original taste documentation, put the bookstore’s opening and complex heart road restore paper It is very moving, and the teacher of Yan Bin is the bead. “Book-Store Diary” has also, Shawn Baizer’s “Book-State Diary” (Ideal States · Guangxi University, 2019) and “Bookstore Four Seasons: Bookstore Diary 2” (Ideal States · Beijing Daily, 2021 ) Is very popular in China, such as Jizhu extension, “There is a bookstore” (China CITIC Publishing House, 2018), Petra Hartley “My Wonderful Bookstore” (China Friendship Publishing Company, 2017) Waiting, the story of the real bookstore of the bookstore is subjective, which is true and trivial, which makes the hard bookstore people resonate, and satisfies the readers “outsider” to form a unique link. This heartman and culture of the nephew have repeatedly swayed in the humor bookstore, and the friends who cared for the bookstore. When the bookstore diary is written in the form of a story, it will be trivial and can become a cultural anecdote. The bookstore can also become a cultural scene, such as the early style of Zhang Huanshui, “Spring Ming History” is the cultural media. The career and life is a material, written in the cultural world of old Beijing, which is also a unique sense of humor in the novels such as Zhang.

Wenchuang products in the bookstore

Humor is not just a culture, humor, can even be a health indicator. A person who took the initiative to listen to the people who kisit others, and people who can laugh in humor can smile, compared to frowning and gentlers, nature is natural and mental state. If the bookstore can help people relax, more beneficial to cultivate the mood of “humor”, as one of the purpose, the social value is more than cultural level.

The humor itself is infectious, and it is propagated, in fact, it is a matter of shining boat – the water of the water. Although it is hard, this heart is loose. This is the temperament that I have intuitively and feel from the team of the humor bookstore. They also have a debut in the bookstore diary. In the Humorous Bookstore Series, the clerk appears to be in touch with you. After reading it, I picked the headphones to shake in the office, and set up the WeChat avatar of the starring, and I was happy. It is said that the bookstore clerk is universal, but I also see it in the head. You can go to this child. It can be seen that the potential is not forced out, but it is fun to come out. Hey, this taste, wrote here has been infected.


Harbane mirror


The humor bookstore is less than 400 meters from the East, and the French Cultural Center on the South Road has a set of bookstores. Naturally, the brutal banana bookstore is the theme of French culture, and the bookstore is placed in parallel with the library.The south of the auspicious community, crossing the army of the main street and Fenglian Square, there is a Hongyan study house in Block B, which is the best public welfare library / café in Beijing.Within the Galaxy Soho of the East Second Ring, there is a good deeds and beaver library.By the way, the bookstore nearby is recorded for entity bookstores.The bookstore is both an entity and space linkage into a congenital property, which cannot be cracked with “nearby”, even the advantage.Such as Japan, Tokyo, Shi-Yam-machi, has become a legendary legend.Opplastly said that any neighborhood in Beijing is still developing with the speed of the naked eye, it cannot be excluded to become the possibility of the next Shen Shi-cho.

Responsible editor: 继 贤


Author: Liu Wei