“Top Building” Shen Xiulu with the same paragraph, top white rich beauty god bag big inventory


# What to wear today?

# 变美 大 作 #

# 时 时 在 # #

# 顶楼 #

# 云上 时 装 周 #

Want to see the black smoker in the city? Want to see the dark complexity of human nature? Want to see the gentle mother’s incarnation goddess? Want to see the peak of the civilian mother? Then you must not miss the annual Korean drama “top floor”

The annual drama of this whole country is surrounded by a famous 100-storey apartment “Herla Palace”, combined brain, revenge, suspense, and the plot package reads the bag, the first broadcast, get the break 10 good score,.

Evaluation of this drama in a sentence –

On the blood, only you can’t think of, there is no “top floor” can’t shoot.


Some dog blood, the plot, the three women starred in the drama are very looking at,

Yende, the teacher, Shen Xiulian, is more unity, gentle temperament! Men and women kill!


The role setting of the hostel of the financial valve family, Shen Xiulu, who is in the world, is not a rich and exaggerated, but is not particularly attractive, but is based on highlights of high-level feelings. The match is slightly changed according to different occasions.

Jewelry, bags, shoes, etc. also the same style with the integral modeling.


When you watch the drama, it is silently thinking why wear is not rich.

It turns out that this sugar has no odd!

As the only normal person in the full drama, Xiulian IQ + emotional business is online, clothing is even never dropped

The development of the BUT finale really wants to die, forget it, don’t say it first (avoid spoiler)


Xiulian living in the top floor is a social upper class, and the actor Li Zhiyazu parents are a large capitalist in Korea. She is worry-free from small clothes, when the actor is just because she likes to have money, it is to experience life! (Tears of lemon)

In the role of the drama, this role is different from those of the outbreaks. Jenny mother only pursues explosions, and it is excellent and a piano. Xiulu Ou Ni, prefers are low-key and quality brands. (Most of the big bags of the drama is actor’s own)

As a TOP level, it is itself a thousand golden lady of the top 30 consortium in South Korea, but her cabinet is surprisingly suitable for white-collar workers (a little savings of white collar)!


Low-key, occupation, simple, is the most appropriate adjective of her bag!

And all the big-name hottes that are not easy to make mistakes

White collar elites, people who can look at the workplace

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Burberry’s Pocket

Loewe’s Puzzle


Valextra’s ISIDE BAG (this is really often appeared in recent !! There is also a golden years in the previous week!)

Valentino Garavani vsling


Bottega Veneta Total Look

Both contemporary trendy urban dramas

Light and simple package looks very gentle

The rich woman is equipped with Hermes, of course, also. In the play, she passed a Hermes Mosaique Bag.

It is a new year in 18 years. The biggest highlight is metal mosaic buckle

Capacity and Kang Kang have a fight, and it is still relatively relatively small! Still low-key!


Want to low-key to work, you can do it ~

Sure enough, I am in my mind.

Xiulian is really a noble and gentle top white rich.

If I have a daily rich!


I want to buy a picture of Xiulian Ou Ni! (Dream is faster)


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