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Van shadow version

Mercedes-Benz Nati Famang version of the vehicle size / long width (mm): 5370x1928x2100


Total mass (kg): 3100

Preparation Quality (Kg): 2610

Pitch (mm): 3430

Rated passenger: 4-7

FD: 10L

Tank volume: 70L

Maximum speed (km / h): 185

Tire Size: 245 / 45R19, 245 / 50R18

Pre-hanging: 895/1045

Engine Model: M274 (2.0T L4)

Displacement (ML): 1991

Maximum power (kW): 155

Maximum horsepower (PS): 211

Maximum torque (N.M): 350

Emission standard: Six

retail price


Ten thousand

Product Description


Parameter configuration

New model


The Fanchie Edition, the Fansian Edition is meaningful: lead the fashion life and control the fashion direction.

The appearance of the Van shadow version is designed with the latest Mercedes-Benz V-class appearance. Intelligent LED headlight, LED taillight. The Chinanet adopts 15 vertical formats to make the appearance look more atmospheric. Surrounded by the skirts, it is more stable, comfortable and safe when the vehicle is driving on the high speed.

The Vatican Edition is a space that is carefully created, flexible and more variable, and luxury details via designer, and luxury details. Every detail design in the car does not all reflect the designer’s exquisite design flexible and multi-spatial transformation, so you can easily layout business space

The Van shadow version of the Vehicle uses the latest 2.0T high-power engine with a 7-speed automatic transmission, which brings extremely smooth driving. Front key point introduction: multi-function steering wheel, shift dial, fixed speed cruise, 12.1 inch navigation screen. The center console is more stronger than the leather-covered design.

Fannie version of the room brightener introduction: 40-inch hidden multimedia lifting LCD TV, intelligent i PAN controls multimedia entertainment TV and lighting. The center console is designed according to the Flying goddess, the overall feeling is more like Zhang Kai Bingyi Flying Goddess, (Flying Goddess Sign is Symbolizing the Symbol of the Status) This car is also handmade to create a two-layer design. There is a mobile phone wireless storage box above, and the bottom of the generic storage space is the penalty point.

The back cabin is designed according to the universe starlight, and the interior design gives people avant-garde, fashion. The interior mainly uses striped lines, and the overall streamline is strong.

The static lines plus a walnut wood grain match, the overall sense is more high, beautiful. There is a 220V power supply, a USB interface, a light and a TV dual-control switch. (Physical buttons and I PAN smart buttons)

The Vatican version of the seat is covered with NAPA leather, and the ride is more comfortable. Leather on both sides of the car is covered with leather, and the visual three-dimensional sense is stronger.

The top of the Vatican version is also designed with a triceit, and the overall shape ends. Tri-star meaning: gathering the weather, open the mountains and rivers, and the eight-party fortune.

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