Baby clothes are made. Boy Autumn Set: Round neck sweater jacket + two-purpose pants



I started to share the baby autumn clothes today, first share the boy’s baby’s autumn clothing set.

This is the outer wear, and it is necessary to wear it. If you wear, you will use a thin spot, it’s soft, otherwise it will be a bit uncomfortable.

Baby’s clothes are still good in advance, although it is still high temperature than 30 degrees, but the weather is changed. So prepare in advance.

Let’s take a look at the style map you want to do today.

Very net right? It’s very good, it’s hard to wash it. When you eat, you must wear a cover, otherwise it must be washed to throw away, unless the clothes are not cotton fabrics.

The loose style of the shoulder sleeves is very convenient to wear.

Looking at a little short leg, it is definitely not.

The purpose of the captain is to be unpaid in the diaper.

The back of the bag is slit is a bit difficult, always deformed. If you don’t want to sew, don’t you. Anyway, I can’t install something.


Share a 90-code cutting of 90 codes, suitable for a baby with a height of 90cm. One-year-old child

Drawing unit: centimeter


The crop pattern is the size of the clothes, cutting the clipping time.

The upper sleeve, the foot, the neckline is all threads. Cut the size written in the above. If there is no thread, it can be replaced with this cloth.

Cuff Cable Calculation Formula: Bust / 4-0.5cm

Pants: The waist and the foot are threaded. The waist thread is built-in lens, the length of the rubber band is subtracted from the purge measurement of 4cm

Want to learn more children’s clothing and push plates can click on the circle card below into the circle, start learning from the most basic children’s clothing autologous protocol

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Sewing process and sewing process

The selection of fabrics, knitted sweater fabrics, the back is the kind of loop.


After the drawing of the pattern, add the appropriate sewing edges.

Cutting the front, you must first take shrinkage, wash and dry it.

Sewing process: top, suture front and rear sheet sideways, sleeve bottom.

After the cake is stitched with the body, the upper neckline thread, cuff thread, and the foot thread. The last hot painting is fine.

The pockets before and after the trousers are made. After the back bag is made, it is slightly difficult, I don’t want it.


The crotch is pressed into the mutant line, doing two-purpose crotch treatment. Can be sealed when you don’t need it


Finally, on the waist, the backside is built in the back. Tape is decorated with web. Foot sewing thread

Ok, the finished product is completed. The change color is actually a good woman’s treasure. This style is not divided into men, as long as the color is selected.


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Baby clothes are made. Boy Autumn Set: Round neck sweater jacket + two-purpose pants