Coconut tanning practice, “Stained Rabbit Tea Drink” Free Milk Tea Tutorial


Hello, everyone!I am a koala with rabbit tea.

I will share a drink of drinks today.

Coconut milk


Making method

Coconut milk made with milk mixed with milk

The entrance is cool and smooth, the coconut milk is rich


Let’s go with me to enter the production link.

Attachment of small material formula

Step 1: First add 400g boiling water, 90g coconut seeds, 50g milk, 20G white sugar, 40g love jade powder

Step 2: After stirring together, open the fire to boil, and then go to the medium and medium fire to cook for 1 minute.

Step 3: Filter the boiled coconut milk into the container, cut into small pieces after cooling, so it is


Sweet coconut milk 冻 弹 弹, coconut flavor fusion


Add a drink, ice, cold, cool and smooth


Every mouth is accompanied by coconut milk, delicious and nutrition


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