She is Zhao Min’s prototype, can not marry Zhang Wuji, but it is dead for Zhu Yuanzhang’s son.


During the Spring Festival of 2022, the new version of “Eternal Tao Dragon Ji” was born, which made people couldn’t help but think of Zhao Min girl who “beautiful and wisdom coexist” in Jin Yong.

In the “Yitian Dragon Slayer”, Jin Yong description Zhao Min is “Pulling the Yuli, Eyes like Water, Delite and Motion, Colorful Beautiful Fang”, in the good appearance, Zhao Min also has wisdom soul, green Liu Mountain Zhuangli has a solid customs, and it is easy to trapped the people, “two women competed”, she came with her chess, let the male protagonist Zhang Wuji will be willing to thrive for her.

However, Zhao Min, such as the novel, but fate in real history, not to love her husband, and finally died because of burial, what is going on?

01 Qin Wang Zheng


After the Ming army occupied the majority, Zhu Yuanzhang sent Xu Da, Changfeng Sheng and others continue to chase the Yuan army dismissal, the Yuan army will lead the re-expanded Wummer helpless only Bei Ben and Lin, there is no hustle and sister, resulting in staying in Zhangzhou The sister is falling to the enemy.

After the reputation of Timur Leopard is indifferent, it is still active to resist the first line of the Ming army. Because he deep the military law, commanding a party, defeating Mingjun’s attack, the famous grassland, even Zhu Yuanzhang also praised him “Tian Xia Qi Men.”

Such an outstanding opponent, let Zhu Yuanzhang can’t help but feel the heart.


It is just that the Ming army knows that the expansion of the women and the famous Wang Baobao, there is a sister in the family named Guanyin, is the girl who captured in Zhangzhou.

Guanyin Slave


Zhu Yuanzhang is overjoyed. He immediately decided to let the second Zhu Yingying Guanyin slave, trying to take this to investigate Wang Baobao.

This Guanyin slave is the prototype of Zhao Minzhong in “Eternal Tudon”.

As a prisoner, Guanyin Silaico has not been expected to marry Qin Wang Zhu, but Zhu Yuanzhang not only makes Guanyin from the door, but also let her become Qin Wang Zheng.

In some wild history miscellaneous, there is a slight different records. Some brains believe that Zhu Yuanzhang wants to let Guanyin slaves become a Zhu family’s wife is completely Hao Pan. Guanyin slaves are not willing to marry Zhu Jia. But Zhu Yuanzhang asked Guanyin Si: “You know what is the biggest in the world?”

Guanyin slaves said: “The world is loyal to the biggest filial piety.”

Zhu Yuanzhang immediately said: “I am now the emperor, the world is loyal to me. Now I will let you marry Qin Wang, do you want to violate the loyalty of loyalty?”

In this way, Guanyin slaves married Zhu Yuanzhang, Qin Wang, who married Zhu Yuanzhang in four years.

The news was passed to the north. Wang Baobao did not care about the death of his sister. He continued to fight with the Ming army. .


02 funeral

Perhaps the shouts of the people have stirred up the blood of Zhu Yuanzhang, Hongwu five years, Ming Dynasty sent 150,000 military commanders, soldiers divided into three roads, the Northern Valley.

In the face of Mingjun, Wang Baobao will fight. He first defeated the Ming army, induce the Ming army into the envelopment circle of the Yuanjun, and then fell to the front and rear, killing the Ming army, and fled.

After a battle in Mo, Yuan Dynasty, “a few in ZTE”, and the Ming army barely dared to slap the knife.

However, as a political chip married to Qin Wang, Guanyin slaves lost all the utilization value. Qin Wang Zhu was not like Guanyin slaves. When I saw “Huaoft Policy”, I took Guanyin’s air, I didn’t see this point on weekdays. The temperature in the husband and wife.

Qin Wang’s attitude towards Guanyin slaves undoubtedly affects the relationship between Guanyin slaves and other wives. For example, Qin Wang’s part of Deng’s identity is jealous of Guanyin’s origin, and many times in front of Qin Wang.

Deng’s is a daughter of Deng Hao, who is married to Qin Wang, soon, I will give birth to the eldest son Zhu Shangbing. Qin Wang saw Deng’s dissatisfaction with the guanyin slave, and prisoned Guanyin slaves in the palace, and the waste was shaped.

It sighs Guanyin slaves as a Mongolian aristocrat, but is trapped in Qinwang Palace, it is not free to eat, the meals eaten every day are the same as slaves. The most beautiful dozens of light in her life have passed in the abuse and the prison.


During this time, Dun’s pet chaos, the scenery is unlimited.

In order to take Yue Yu’s, he sent people to the folks to force Zhu Cui, forced many people’s home to break, he also fell to create a five-claw bed that only used the emperor, and then enjoyed the Dragon Bed with Deng, and put on a dragonobe “Lovers” of the phoenix.

Although all this is the secret of Qin Wang and Dun’s private secrets, but the paper can not live in the paper, soon someone will report their all the way to Zhu Yuanzhang. Zhu Yuanzhang is anger, reprimanding Qin Wang, “僭 僭 无 无, sin,”

After Deng’s death, Qin Wang was sad, and the temperament was more likely, and he was angry.

He often abuses private penalty in the palace or buried the palace in the snow, or tied the people to the tree to starve to death, so that Qin Wang, no one is not afraid.

The family is enough, Qin Wang went to his Kaifeng. In the eleventh year of Hongwu, Zhu Yuanzhang told Qin Wang: “The people in Guanhe have been exhausted since the Yuan Dynasty, and it has not been able to recuperate. After you arrive at Dang, try not to increase the labor of the people to take the palace.”

I nodded on the surface of Qin Wang, but it was very unreasonable. After the gap, Qin Wang immediately went to build a palace in Daxing civil, and built a pavilion in the palace, and entered the hometown in the folk and robbed the people.

In the 28th year of Hongwu, three old women were really unable to endure Qin Wang’s brutal, secretly killing Qin Wang.

What is unexpected is that after the death of Qin Wang, the Guanyin slaves that have been killed in the prisoner have also taken the Qin Wang, and they die.

Some people say that Guanyin slaves are willing to marty, she has a true feelings for Qin Wang; also said that Guanyin slaves have never loved Qin Wang. She is enough to be a life of prison, I want to find a liberation; still thinking There is no child, according to the early political environment, it should be buried, and her life and death have long been doing himself.

A fragrant soul, fragrant jade. Guanyin slaves did not like Zhao Min in the novel. With the beloved people, he did not go to the ice fire. He had a life with the world, but became political victim, lost Free, love, or even life.

This is the helplessness of Guanyin slaves, and it is also helplessness of many ancient women. Those women who are treated as political chips are destined to have a beautiful marriage.

Even if I guanyin slaves, I married into the royal family. It is still difficult to get rid of the tragedy under the feudal society. Only after thousands of years later, I quietly look at the life yearning in their hearts.

Author: I invited the author of Zhu Ying Yuejiang

Reference: “Taizu Emperor Adventory”, “弇山 堂 别 别”