Tonga reporter recalled the volcanic eruptions: the day in the afternoon, the air is filled with sulfur smell


Extreme Journalist Li Li Li

As the island of the South Pacific, natural disasters are not new, but such volcanoes have broke out and tsunami, but Tonga has never encountered.


Tongjia Radio Station FM87.5 reporter Marian Kuprum received an interview request from all over the world. Prior to this, some people didn’t even heard of this country, because this disaster, Tonga completely “out of the circle”, she felt confused and funny.

Beach picture from Tang plus Tsunam Source: Guardian

According to the “Guardian” on January 23, local time on 5:10 pm on January 15th, Tong Habiga Harpi seabed volcano broke out. It is said that the power of this explosion is 600 times that is launched in Hiroshima atomic bomb, which is far from New Zealand and Alaska.

Soon, the explosion caused tsunami.

“We don’t know what to do at all.” Cu Pu said that they heard the loud noise, the voice was too big, her ear was shocked, “the plane takes you before the ear’s feelings, probably this 10 times the feeling! “

Cuprum and family immediately got a car to escape from home. The main road here is two-way channels, which were squeezed into four lanes, all in the east, the opposite direction of volcano.

Soon she heard the car’s windshield came, she thought it was raining, in fact, “the small stone”, the dust began to fall, “black dust poured down …”

Kuprum wears a scarf to block the volcanic ash picture Source: Guardian

It will be dark at 8 o’clock in the evening, and 6 o’clock in the afternoon is all black. These cars are covered with thick volcanic ash, and the driver can’t see the road, and the traffic is flushed.

There is no boy to run a water bottle along the road, spray the water on the windshield, help the driver clean up the line of sight, so they can continue.

Kup fled to the brother’s home, where it is located in the inland, the terrain is high.

She recalled the whole thing, the most impressed is the smell. Ku Pu said that the whole summer, Tonga’s air is filled with a smell, which later proves that this is sulfur smell.

Some experts said that this smell, indicating that the submarine volcano located at about 65 kilometers from the capital West is active.

On January 14, local time, the previous day of this volcanic broke out, there has been reported that this submarine volcano has happened to a small scale, and the water in the port of Allowa, Capital appears.

These are all unprecedented phenomena.

On the third day after the volcano broke out, she went to the most serious area of ​​the main island, and she smelled an odor.

Cu Pu can’t determine what this smell comes from, she found dead fish on the land, and a wolf around.

The power of the tsunami is clearly visible, and the original coconut tree is row up to the right, and the tsunami push them down the direction, almost parallel to the ground.

The tsunami is from the west, all things on the west side of the road, all from the tsunami, and squat on the trees on the east.

The whole world, the east, “wood, shrub, car, roof, is smashed on the coconut tree, the house ran to the other side of the road.” Ku Pu said, “everywhere is soil, dust, some houses still stand still, But everything in the house is destroyed by sea water. Bed, chair, sofa, nothing … “

The road in front of the old prime office is a muddy picture source: Guardian

Since Tonga’s submarine communication cable is damaged, Tonga is almost isolated from the outside world. When the Coop’s radio is connected, she received an interview request from the world.


People scream and ask her: “You are our first to interview Tonga people! Are you ok?” Since then, she has been telling the destruction of Tonga in the evening.

The soup is “out of the way” makes her both confused and funny. Some reporters have never heard of this country before the volcano broke out, she had to explain that Tonga is near Samoa.

No matter what, Tonga people live.

Ku Pu said that they face drinking water and food problems, the volcanic gray covers the entire island, and many local plants have been cultivated by planting crops. Now these plantations have been destroyed.

“We need help.” She said.

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