Hu Jun son is really filial, wearing a down jacket trousers, the father, 12 years old, high-spirited long 180


As a winter single product, many people will be misunderstood by its appearance. In fact, the down jacket is really prioritized in terms of fashion, but in addition, in addition, there is also a unique place in the shape of the body, using the clothing between clothing Advantages, presenting wearing and styling of a different heart, it is entirely possible.

Hu Jun everyone is unfamiliar. This voice has a high-recognized male star. I will give people a big man on the screen, but they have to mention his son Kang Kang, since finished After Dad’s show, Kang Kang is also very little show, but every time you appear, everyone will be scared by his son, and he has deeply got his father’s genetics.


Take a small knowledge: black hooded down jacket, warm and fashionable

The down jacket is indeed very rich, but it is also a hooded long version. This type of keep warm effect is naturally not said. In fact, this piece is also very charming, slender version, it looks very good. Conservative, but in addition to this other fashion effect is also very good, so I have a deep favorite.

This time, Hu Jun rare, 12-year-old Kangkang super filial piety to explore the old father, because the place is, the temperature is low, so he also chooses a hooded black down jacket, and the long version of the warmth effect It is the ultimate, standing on the film, especially grabbing.


Wear a small knowledge: taking the bright colored bottoming shirt to avoid dull shape

Whether it is a boy or a girl, it is a suit of the jacket, which is uniform, such a wearing method, can avoid monotonous shape, as much as possible, actually, in fact, it is a piece of body, it can be Good to beautify the body and improve the beauty of the overall shape.


It can be seen that the 12-year-old Kangkang is taking, choosing a hunger-changing bottoming shirt, and the classic pattern is integrated into the bottom shirt, which can make the shape more amazing, and the open down jacket has formed a distinctive Comparison, rich shape is also a sense of level.


Take a small knowledge: tight combination, highlight the body slim

When the basic single product is in the premise that the clothes cannot be changed, it is important to choose the way to dress, and the good clothes can avoid the cheap clothing of clothing, but also shape more stunning. This is that a boys or girls are all available, so they can control basic single items, they must have the next effort.

Hu Jun, this son changed, it is really big, you can see it, it is very organized, choose brightly loose jacket, you can dress is a slim pants, classic tight combination, highlight the perfect figure, plus down jacket Thickness, this dress is very good, especially this body, 12 years old, is almost like the old father, 180 properly, even higher.

Wear a small knowledge: 5 inch pot cover, handsome

Little young, the degree of love for hairstyles can be said to be larger than the clothes, so you can see that they have a more identification, this is better than women, especially young little boys, all kinds of flowers, all kinds of flowers, is to win the public For his eye.


It can be seen that the 12-year-old Kang Kang cut a 5-inch hairstyle, two sides were cut, it looks very beautiful, close, and the five senses face is exactly the same as Dad, plus this body is very good, handsome .

QS: What are the 12-year-old Kang Kang life?

Choose TIPS: Vitality Sports

Male can choose less clothing, plus age limits Nature have also been limited, like sports, and at the same time, the style is also enough, which is fully able to meet the dress of the little boys. Kang Kang This t-shirt troupe pants sports dress, healthy, clothing seems simple, but the overall fashion is very good.


Choose TIPS: Daily Wild

The least lack of life is the basic single product. This kind of single product is simple, but it is still quite good in resistance. If you take a T-shirt, you can still meet their wear demand, and match it or It can shape different points. This T-shirt selected by Kang Kang, the color is clear, the classic black and white plus pattern is very good.

Select Tips: Trendy Personality


The little boys do will be affected by clothing. It has become simple in dress, but it does not mean that they can’t wear the charm, picking bright colors, like mature men, smilling, can also show no The custom fashion effect. In this way, with Kang Kang, you can see a dark casual bottoming shirt and pants that are biased as bright colored jackets. Color is clearly seen, wearing this age is not charm.

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