Welcome eight parties Tianjin Binhai New Area over the New Year


Teda Aircraft Carrier Theme Park

恭迎八方客 天津滨海新区过大年

It’s going to come to the Spring Festival 2019. In these days, the tourist scenic spots in Tianjin Binhai New District, the venue is very lively, not just the overall set of lights, “Red Fire”, the project launched is also a feet, including ice and snow There are dozens of floral, and the merits, and the temple fair have blended a festive activities of the coastal characteristics, and guests to welcome eight guests to the New Year.

TEDA Aircraft carrier welcomes the new year’s multi-purpose activities ready

TEDA Aircraft Carrier Theme Park has been carefully planned and prepared, and the current welcoming activities are ready. The reporter saw in the garden, the window flowers, blessings, and auspicious pigs in the garden. It can be seen everywhere. The old European-style Russian style street is equipped with the traditional Chinese elements of China. Don’t have a charm, it is more zone. . During the Spring Festival, the “Aircraft Carrier Form” three horses: “Kiejia” aircraft carrier, “Chongqing” destroyer and “Great Wall 175” torpedo, will open all day for tourists; Zhong Shuwu Hollywood large-scale real scene “Speed ​​Technology” “In addition, the scene will meet the needs of the day, and the first month of the first month is two times; at the same time, the super-large snow field that is popular will continue to benefit the people, the snowman, snowballs, ski circles, visitors can feel this Carnival fun.

In terms of theme activities, “New Year Paper” “Fortune Tour”, “Fun Game”, “Lucky Turning”, etc. will be simultaneously launched in more than one point in the park. Here, visitors can learn to cut paper with the inheritance of Tianjin non-hewilled paper; in the atmosphere of the gongs, watching Jinlongteng empty lion dance, grab the blessing candy sent by “Yangcheng God”, and “Yangxian” fancy … … at the same time, the park has added “hop” and “giant chess” game area, and all people can jump. In addition, the “lucky big turntable” link is more than 20 kinds of tourists, and tens of thousands of aircraft carrier parks are exclusively customized, and they will win.

“Every year, the aircraft carrier park will usher in the peak of passenger flow. To this end, the park has been prepared, ensuring that visitors can be able to view the ‘steel giant’, and enjoy the magnificent” Aircraft carrier “, and see thrilling” Speed ​​”performance, but also experience other wonderful projects that cater to the festival.” The person in charge of TEDA told reporters.

“People ‘s Fish Grand Pig” “Ocean Animal Year” Qi debut

In order to welcome the upcoming lunar calendar, these days, Tianjin Haichang Pagoda Ocean Park “airborne” has a lot of Mengmeng “small powder pigs”, they and “Happy Seven Meng Group” to send the tourists Festive and blessings. At the same time, the beautiful mermaid will be together with the seabed auspicious pig, staged a new year of the “Person’s Play Sog”; “Star” sea lion, the seahorse also rented a new “Ocean Animals” performance, will be on the Spring Festival Meet with the audience during the period.

恭迎八方客 天津滨海新区过大年

In addition to the museum, from February 24, Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean Park held the “Haichang Polar Ice Festival” in Artificial Lake to create a winter outdoor ice and snow project of “Iveless Snow Truely”. Not only that, but there is a lovely doll on the square, and the group of white pigeons is intimate interact with tourists. It is understood that the tourists of the Year of the New Year to the 15th of the New Year, the tourists of Zodiac is purchased by the Tour of Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean Park with the valid ID card, and also enjoy the 19.9 yuan preferential price.

Bear, no theme light, first debut, Jincheng

In the first month of the first month, “Bear’s Nothing Fang Shi Lantern Festival” will open the curtain in Tianjin Fangte Happy World, this is also the first time in the first time, 15 days. It is understood that Tianjin Fangte Happy World specializes in building a bear with no theme light sea, covering 400,000 square meters. It is worth mentioning that more than 100 Zigong non-genetic passengers have laminated more than 20 sets of large floral lights in the park. At that time, “Xiong Xingsheng”, “China Kung Fu Bear”, “Bear Magic World”, will meet tourists, during the Spring Festival, visitors will follow the footsteps of cartoon characters in the lights, open a childlike fun. Happy adventure.

Tourists can also participate in the New Year Temple Fair, guess riddles, and 100 meters red envelopes such as the park. Among them, the New Year Temple Association will bring together hundreds of food snacks to meet the taste buds of tourists from all over the country; In addition, Tianjin Fangte Happy World has also prepared a series of performances: the Feta compatriots celebrate the new spring with enthusiasm, “various gods” parade, etc. Not only that, the tourists can play all kinds of classic amusement projects in the distance. It is understood that February 5th to February 19th, Tianjin Fangte Happy World will open the night, from 16:00 to 21:00 every day.

Spring Festival shows a cultural year

Dalukou Forte Site Museum is from March 30th will hold children’s knowledge in the world – new era New Hope Children’s paintings, aim to enhance children’s ability to appreciate the beauty and create beauty, let each child becoming the benefits of Binhai Art Culture By. Since the notice of this painting exhibition, the enthusiastic response and active participation of the majority of students in Binhai New Area have been obtained. Nearly thousands of children participating in the contribution use their own brush to show life from different angles, depicting a beautiful city. Not only that, during the Spring Festival, the Binhai Cultural Center will also hold a prosperous thousand years in the Binhai Art Gallery – Dunhuang Art Exhibition. This is also a New Year’s Day, which is the New Year’s Day of the Binhai Art Museum. It is designed to provide a close-distance appreciation. Perceive the platform of Dunhuang Art. The exhibition includes two parts: the second floor of the Art Museum is the “Dunhuang Impression”, the two-story South Side exhibition area of ​​the art galler, and the three-layer exhibition area is “Shahai Remithing”.

In the first month, I visited the Temple Association.

In the SM Tianjin Binhai City Square, located in the airport area of ​​Tianjin Port Bonded Area, an old Jintan Temple Association will be held in the courtyard in the first month of the first month. At that time, clay wealth, Chinese knot, paper-cut, New Year couplet, sugar, sugar painting … numerous folk minority and traditional craft booth will concentrate, the year of dance dragons, wealth paradise, electric three princes, lucky draws and other interactive activities Inserting it, bringing pure Jin Yunjin tastes for the public.

In the first month of the first month, SM Tianjin Binhai City Square will hold a flower inspection activity with the theme of “Flower and Flowers”. In addition, during Sunday, SM Squa will hold weekend parent-child park activities, including 6 parent-child series interactions and 1 artistic performance.

“Little Sikley” Theme Room Line

In order to make a good service to the new district tourism market, the tourists who come to the New District have lived well, the new district hotel, the hotel has built a chic warm living environment for tourists. Among them, Hilton Hotel, located in the Sino-New Tianjin Ecological City also specially designed children’s fun-in-one, and this is the “small small racer” parent-child theme room.

It is understood that the hotel has been upgraded based on the original room. In addition to the different preferences of men and women, there is a variety of tones such as blue, gray, powder, etc. in the room inside, and also adds hand-painted cartoon wall paper and a variety of time. Mini racing and equipped with the alarm parking area in the world, driving lanes, traffic signs, etc. Children can use the mini-racing car for driving hotels after check-in. The room also matches the subject bedding, curtains, mini children’s tents, painting sets, racing clothes, care sets and children’s bathrobes, etc. . (Reporter Wang Rui Meng Xing photography Wang Tao)