Short down jacket how to match pants shoes


Winter short down jacket is really too good, many people ask how to match the down jacket to avoid mediocrity? Personally, I must first choose a good version, down jacket can wear 80% is determined by design and workmanship, and the remaining 20% ​​is match!

So how do you look at your short down jacket? Let’s take a look at a set of fashionable winter short down jackets.

LOOK1 tube green short down jacket + inside white sweater + black tights + black knight boots


This Ai Lei model series wearing is very thin, and the short version is more slim, and excellent workmanship is also a lot. Matcha green in a gray autumn and winter, it will be relatively bright. I also like TA’s hat design, unique goggles design comes with sprout, super eye, and choose a white sweater to overlapping, putting black tights and black knight boots, is a handsome woman The wind, super cool, the best in early winter is wearing this.


LOOK2 gray short down jacket + inside black bottom sweater + rice white knitted pants + blue scarf

Finally arranged the down jacket, the nearest weather is really cold, this gray down jacket is very good, the style of the work is super warm and safe, and it is a black Sweater bottom, you can choose rice white knitted wide leg pants, and casual flat shoes, blue scarves and black berets increase warmth.


LOOK3 khaki shorts down jacket + inside white high collar bottom knit + light blue jeans + canvas shoes


Dimension, today is a down jeans, and a lot of sports shoes are very aged. Sports, very likes, it is also suitable for the travel of the weekend, the weather is cold, then add a coat, it is very ok, good-looking and warm.

LOOK4 yellow shorts down jacket + inside white long sleeve bottom + dark straight foil jeans + casual shoes

Yellow down cotton clothing is a wide loose loose dress. This goose yellow is still quite brush. In winter, it really needs this settlement design, keep warm a few degrees, wearing a black and white to a bright yellow is also good, A white long sleeve is undergoing a brunette flaps, and this dark trousers have cashmere. The upper body is not cold, mainly very legal, roll Side can also be put down.


LOOK5 black down jacket + inside white long sleeve bottom + gray plus velvet sports pants + casual shoes

This black down jacket is also a relatively thin down jacket, the embroidery logo is very nice, short or quite suitable for small children, the upper body is very warm, it is very cool, and it is a white long-sleeved T-shirt, which is a gray plus. Sweaters, there is still a plus velvet pants in winter, comfortable and warm, the version is not picking up, but it is too real.


LOOK6 green down jacket + inside the light knitting open sweater stacking rice white high collar bottoming sweater + plaid dress + white retro shoes

If you are in the quarter of the south, you have already wearing a short down season. This new green down jacket is too fresh, and the light-colored knit cardigan is launched. Put the lattice skirt, the skirt is good and very covered, but the light leg can be cold, so we must wear the light leg artifact, the white shoes are a bit retro style, autumn and winter with socks are also good!

LOOK7 black short down jacket + inside black tight sweater + blue high waist jeans + black tube Martin boots

Autumn and winter down jacket, the short-term short black system is really less, this is more special in the fake two, the hair and the duvet match, the hair is a suit, and the down is hot this year. Probe design.


Inside the inside, the short black tight sweater is selected, and the blue high waist jeans and black Martin boots are mixed. The high waist pants are very legged, the Martin boots high 38cm shoes with 3.5cm, soles have increased The effect is not tired, the perfect package is wrapped in the calf belly, the legs are fine and straight.

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