Seasons, you are the most beautiful! 9 “Short Suit” is elegant, 40+ middle-aged women are not wrong


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Hi, I am Luo Wei, continue our fashion to wear a trip, and become beautiful and never get lost.

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In the early autumn season, what jacket is wearing?

During the speech, autumn is coming. The wind is nothing to talk about five senses, the point of view, the ear is ringing, the nose is smelling, the taste of food, feeling …

Everything is proved to prove one thing: autumn is really coming. From quietly hoping, until now, the Qiu Town is gradually beingat, it has already defeated the summer girl, steady to change the season.


There is nothing in the season, it is difficult to know what to wear. Under such a cool, what jacket is most suitable? Luo Wei organizes 9 large women’s coats to wear, I hope to give you some clothes.

Wear one



Casual shirts are particularly loved in this season. Its most accomplished wearing is to be a coat, a lightweight T-shirt or bottom, and even a thick knit sweater is also its best partner. Come with pants or skirts, sweet, casual, and cool.

This set is


Beige shirt

, The black color line is simple, but it is reflected in the beauty, which is reflected? Affirm the pants of this glossy fabric. Direct, nine points, elegant fabrics, instantly enhance the overall texture.

In addition, the golden bracelet and the black high-neck sweater sparkling necklace, as well as brown exquisite bags, the creation of these exquisite atmospheres, is a key to the beige shirt.

Wear two: no collar short coat

There is a very small double-sided wool, which is very suitable for the early autumn. The style is elegant, the thickness, texture, grade, very suitable for paying attention to the style of the style. For example, this piece


No collar short coat.

There is no collar, it is the key to the early autumn coat. Inner miles can be used with lapel streamers, or you can come to a white T-shirt as shown. As long as the pants are profit, the overall texture is equal to the ticket.

Gray, white, brown, black, common foundation, is fashionable due to its style. In addition, jewelry with brown clothes is



, Metallic colored light can make rice brown light color.

Wear three: medium and long splicing top

In the early autumn, some people like the middle and long top of the stitching. Not a jacket, the fabric is to be thick, the most common is knitting


Mesh or lace material, like the top of the picture below. There are thick fabrics splicing, compatible with summer and autumn traits, and special views in the season.

When wearing it, the following is equipped with a white pants, jeans, wide-legging pants, and just wear a seasonal landscape. For the big woman, the chic wide-leg pants is a must. Just a pair of round head shoes, the inner cute play is emerging with the necklace.

Wear four: baseball

Remember the popular baseball clothing coat? Fashion is really a loop. Baseball clothing, from a specific occasion, after modification, it is applied to fashion garments, bring your own


Grasp this point, please remember to match


It is the fashionable effect it most. What kind of skirts? Naturally, the style of gorgeous wind. Ink green gold velvet, autumn and winter, the most ladies, with its deceived, resolve the leisure of baseball, just right.


: When wearing a baseball suit, please open it, it needs a chic attitude to wear a good look.


Wear five: hooded jacket

Do you think this black jacket and baseball suit are very like? Unfortunately, the difference is a thousand miles, the same leisure wind, but there is a difference between the collar. That is:

Hooded and non-collar


Hooded coat, whether it is sweater, or other categories, all have youth age-age, giving leisure and lively, is the most popular comfort element.


Similarly with a skirt, it is a gray blue lace style, a highly full woman taste with handsome casual winds, which makes people sigh: it is also beautiful. When wearing, the zipper is half, you have to say true handsome!

Wear six: tooling coat

The tooling wind jacket is similar to 2 above. Slightly different, the tooling is more man, more favorable, and the corresponding casual feel will be reduced. and

Tooling wind

Also suitable for the workplace, and the other 2 is not suitable.

White short, handsome, come to an elegant gray skirt with it. The short lower length, straight down, it can be fixed into a template, not wrong, do not pick people.

: Advanced gray requires a little personality, and the glossy fabric is just improving the texture. This is a payment with the pointed high heels, which is higher than the harmony.

Wear seven: leather


Want to make the leather, please don’t choose a locomotive! Although it is a classic style known by everyone, it is because so, there is no identification, not enough texture. Besides, the locomotive leather is dominated by tidal, and is of course far from elegance.


Keep a simple lapel + vertical button design + textured skin + short, is the most

Senior leather

Collection characteristics. Such a style is at least 5 years. When matching, skirts, dress, trousers, come together.

Wear eight: Type A short coat


Remember the gray collar coat above? Compared with this rice-white bus, the material is the fine double-sided wool or cashmere. But in


There is slight access: a leisure, a refined, and the A type is like love.

No collar small round neck, suitable for tall tabs or sweaters. A slightly scattered A version, age-age, suitable for appearance, suitable for pants or skirts. This set is combined with handsome and wide legs, highlighting the inner appeal of the big woman.

Sneakers and exquisite metallic bags, except for color synergies, the style is more contradictory. Light gold or silver is gray, and it is the best colored color of beige. How do you have a wonderful thing of the shoe bag?

Wear Nine: Lanar Short


Large lapel, cashmere, short, 3 keywords will call the most classic shorts of autumn. I believe you have this one, but do you know that it is a secret? the answer is:

Loose version

For example, the Korean version of these years has been popular.

There is a wide range of space between the version is loose, and there is a wide range of space. On the one hand, it will not be bloated, and on the other hand, the age-age. Most people are rushing to the last one.

Take a white t-shirt or sweater, below with a gray conical pants or wide-leg pants, foot gorgeous old shoes, set less than casual, how can you not call people?

Ok, the above is the 9 big women’s coats in the fall. I hope to have a little inspiration to you!

I am Luo Wei, regarding the management of the image as the homework you have to do, use the beautiful image, the beauty of the mood to meet the bloom of every day in your life.

I am not only sharing, but I hope to help you build your inner aesthetic system and mental nourishing system. Internal and external repairs, it is beautiful!

If you have confusion, you can privately, welcome to leave a message, we grow together on the road to become a beautiful road!