Spring Festival purchase music is full


Source: Luliang Daily – Luliang News Net

The red lanterns are highly hanging, and the joy is on the gates. The Spring Festival is often starting from the beginning of the Spring Festival.

At the afternoon, the new year market in Yanchang Road, a Spring Festival is sprinkled, a lantern is booming, and there are Chinese knots, paper-cutting window flowers, etc., and the market will dress up to make people.

The reporter visited the market to find that with the traditional holiday of the Spring Festival, the traditional holiday festive jewelry and other traditional festivals such as the Spring Festival have begun to sell well. “” Jinhu sent Fu “, etc. The most beautiful auspicious blessing is in the conspicuous position of various ornaments, making it a” protagonist “that is not allowed.

Walking in the market, the annual taste in memory is awakened. “Boss, how much is this Spring Festival?” “With this Spring Festival couple with fluff, I want to red, the golden word.” Before all booths, it is more than the shoulder, the people are crowded, and the people who come and purchase the new year’s goods are endless. Looking around, colorful Spring Festival jewelry brings new year blessings to the public, and passes the festive atmosphere to the city’s streets alley.

“Post Spring Festival, hanging lanterns This is an essential custom of Spring Festival. This is not, I just bought a pair of red lanterns, ready to buy a few Spring Festival couplets, the New Year is posted on the door, I also hope that the new year will pass More red. “Mr. Zhang, who is picking the Spring Festival, said.

It is understood that there are already many citizens who have begun to pick up and purchase the New Year’s supplies, but when they have not arrived the most popular, the lunar calendar twenty-three will enter the real peak period.

“I am mainly selling the Spring Festival, window flowers, lanterns, red envelopes, and I am not too busy with these two days, otherwise it is not enough for a few days ago! “I am busy with the lantern store, Mr. Ma, laugh, said.

From “Reform the Spring Breeze Blowing Land, the Enriched Policies” to “Spring Hole Miao Zhuang, People New Rice”, and then “Tianzheng Years Human Qifeng, Spring Man Qiankun Fuli Gate” “Shengshi Qianjiale, New Year Baijiaxing “…” The fun of hardworking is always a year of harvesting concentrated in the launch of the new year’s goods after the Laba Festival, and the coming of the coming year is put on the Spring Festival of the door.

Full of Dangdang New Year, not only makes the nature of the taste, but also carrying people with the Yin Yin expectings of happiness life. With the overwhelming “China Red”, the rich ends are filing in the streets of the city …

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