Flash! These 6 sets of Spring Festival skirts are in the formula, from the beginning of the first beauty to the sixth


# 理 想 Spring Festival dress #

Sisters, this Spring Festival, are you choosing to return to the New Year or in the New Year?


No matter where you are, you have to wear beautiful, for fashionable, there is no skirt, only the winter of the trousers is equal to the white. A suitable


More modified than pants, don’t expose the crusts and legs, and the inclusiveness has not been said.

So I will share 6 sets of 6 sets today.


Half-length skirt

, Arrange the holiday clearly.


01 half length skirt + coat



Brown coat


It is the most beautiful open mode in winter. Wear a black in the coat, it is very good




A word version

The skirt has strong inclusiveness to the entire lower body, which can be said to be all of them. The coat is shorter than the skirt. It can also be weak and long.

How can I don’t wear a powder tender coat! Inside

White high collar sweater

It is very good to put the color. Dark skirts are colored with coats, very eye-catching.

02 skirt + lamb hair

How can stylish winter?

Lamb coat

Ah, whether it is soft texture or a warm feature, all have won the favorite girls.

Use it with one


A word skirt

In addition to increasing a woman’s taste, there is a feeling of privacy.

White lamb coat is very popular, take a black hairy skirt, instantly help you improve the taste. It is my favorite “


Black and white

When choosing a skirt in winter, try to choose this

Wool material

If you can help you resist the cold, it is more distinct.

03 skirt + down jacket

In addition to wearing a tights, it can weaken the bloated sense of the down jacket, the skirt can also do it. for example”

Outer short

“Matching; revealing an ankle legs long mission.

I feel that the black down jacket is too deep in the New Year? You can also come through the woman’s taste half-length skirt ~



Down vest


The city is better than the down jacket, and the front chest is warm in place, and the two arms activities are more free.


turtleneck sweater


It is black, and the pink down vest is shallow color, the slimming effect didn’t say.

04 half length skirt + small wind jacket

Many people are worried

Small fragrant wind jacket

Is it not worn in winter? Don’t worry, Netiqi down fill can give you enough warmth.

A soft skirt, if you have a blind date, this is very suitable, especially

Small child


Self-contained small fragrant wind jackets are more suitable for opening the spring, and it is a bit thin, and it is as good as a skirt.

05 skirt + sweater


You are at home,

Half-length skirt + sweater

It’s too suitable,


Can help you pull your neck and your face. The loose version is not eaten, and some people will not find.

Anyway, in the room, don’t worry about cold, so a

Floral skirt


More you can highlight your elegant temperament. It is not easy to go wrong in the eyes of the elders.

How can vitality, how can you not wear a piece of tattoo, very compliant with the positioning of young people.


06 skirt + shirt


If you are ready to visit his parents in the holiday, no matter whether it is a coat or a down jacket, it is recommended to take it.

Shirt + half length skirt


You will be very satisfied with you.


Knit vest wall shirt, put a short pants pleated skirt, this is more suitable for female students, the clever and cute.


This 6 sets of skirts are doing, which set do you prefer?