Audi new A6 real shot! Take 3.0T + 48 volts, the interior is more luxurious.


Recently, overseas media exposed a group of Audi new A6 Design 50 TFSIE quattro model real shot, new car has been launched in overseas markets. It is reported that the new car power will be equipped with a power assembly composed of 3.0T V6 turbocharged engine +48 volts, the maximum output power can reach 250kW, peak torque 500N · m, transmission system matches 7-speed dual clutch speed The box and equipped with quittro four-wheel drive system.


Audi new A6 Design 50 TFSie quattro front face is equipped with a polygon metal banner chrome grille, both sides simultaneously assembled the LED headlight group, and the lower side of the bumper also provides a gun gray trim to embellishment. The side of the body is equipped with a gun gray multi-microdynamic alloy wheel, and the door frame trim is also created by metal chrome. The tail is the next larger bilateral fake two-proof exhaust layout, and a thick metal chrome-plated knitting strip is added above the tailgate and connects both LED taillights. At the same time, the shape of the new car tail door is slightly raised, and the model movement is greatly improved.


Audi new A6 Design 50 TFSIE Quattro model interiors are equipped with a four-wire multi-function steering wheel, a liquid crystal instrument, an embedded liquid crystal central control, and a liquid crystal air conditioning adjustment three large screens, further enhances the interior luxurious atmosphere. In addition, the new vehicle control unit also provides a femto electronic shifting mechanism, and the partial region also adds a metal chrome-plated trim to the garment.