Multi-function three-layer large-capacity design small steamer only 24 9 9


The healthy nutritious breakfast is supplied to us most of the energy. As the saying goes, “eat well, eat at noon, eat at night”, long-term breakfast can also cause lunch to overeating, increase obesity or high blood pressure! Its importance is conceivable. Nowadays, the fast-paced life seems to make us have no time to eat breakfast. Just buy it early in the street, I am worried that it is unhealthy. So it is better to use a gadget to make a simple and convenient nutrition breakfast at home.

多功能三层大容量设计小蒸锅 仅需24块9

But what should I do if I want to eat egg tarts? It can be considered this property and cheap multi-layer small steamer. You can simultaneously steam, dumplings, sweet potato or corn, you can save a lot of time and energy consumption in hot milk soy milk.

Three-layer large-capacity design, one-time can be customized, to ensure the use of heating, single-layer three-layer can be combined according to its own needs, saving time and effort.

After the water is baked, it will automatically power out, so you can guarantee safe use. The steam hull is used in food grade PP materials, health and safety, can be used with confidence.

多功能三层大容量设计小蒸锅 仅需24块9

Home dormitory artifact, nutritious delicious breakfast, start here ~

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